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Cross Stinger Posted: 17:16 Jun15 2009 Post ID: 2646721
Cross Stinger
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This forum concerns almost all kinds of music. The following rules must be followed when posting anything in this forum:

• Video game, television and film soundtracks can be discussed in this forum; talk of other aspects of said franchise should be avoided within the thread.

• The discussion of music of an intentionally pornographic, racist, or propagandistic nature is not permitted. (This means you too, Animefreak.) (This does not preclude the discussion of religious music, e.g. Christian rock or Qawaali music.)

• Do not post any links to music that has been uploaded without the express permission of the copyright holder or performer. (Music videos on YouTube may be posted as long as they come from the band's channel.)

• Parody music is allowed as long as it is tasteful.

In addition to the above, the sitewide forum rules apply.

Thank you.
qwertyuio Posted: 20:53 Jul22 2009 Post ID: 2684304
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The posting of forum style games related to music is not permitted and will be moved to the Forum Games forum.

Note to the moderators: Our current game style music related topics are to stay in the music forum.
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