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Post ID: 3159661 Posted at: 06:01 Oct12 2012
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Render/Stock ~ Kirito - http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...5dj8gv.png (If the image needs to be rendered or needs to be edited a little, please do so)
Text ~ No text please :3
Style/Colors ~ Hmm. I would say black and blue colors around the render, and possibly some dark blue colors that are not so close to the render (More to the left side of the signature)
Size ~ 500 x 150
Other ~ An 8 pixel border on top of the signature, and on the bottom. Not on the side. I would like the render to be placed on the ride side of the signature, so please do so :3 I would also like the render itself to be scaled to the pixels 300 x 375. The top sword (black) can kind of show, since I don't really mind it

I'm sorry if the request wasn't very detailed v_v I do my best though :3
I always give credit, so any professional signature maker that has the time to make this, I'm sure you'll have fun making this~ Thank you in advance :3

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