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Forgoten_Scars Posted: 01:14 Mar20 2013 Post ID: 3226787
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Describe your different personas.

1) Private Persona - What's your persona when you're alone?
2) Public Persona - What's your persona when you're in public?
3) Group Persona - What's your persona when you're in a group?
4) Impersonal Persona - What's your persona through internet/phone?
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stormform Posted: 11:45 Mar20 2013 Post ID: 3226913
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1) I do talk to myself a lot, but and tend to do a lot. So I guess I'm kinda active.

2) This really depends on my mood, if I'm in a good mood I'll probably be all polite but try to mind my own business. If I'm in a bad mood, you may not want to get in my way or look at me in a wrong way.

3) If I'm in a group I'm usually joking around, but still take things seriously if needed. I do tend avoid talking if I'm in a bad mood though.

4) Online can be combination of everything. Usually I'll try to get involved with whatever is happening, occasionally I'll just stick to lurking though. If I know the people though, I tend to revert back to my group persona.

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steelersrock01 Posted: 16:47 Mar20 2013 Post ID: 3227000
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1)I'm usually pretty quiet and subdued when I'm alone. I really don't like being alone or isolated.

2)Depends where I'm at and how I'm feeling. If I'm in school and feeling good I'm usually pretty talkative and approachable. If I'm just in random public places I mind my own business unless I've got a reason to talk to someone.

3)In a group I try to be talkative and keep everyone in a good mood, because I hate when one person is having a bad time and it ruins the fun for everyone else.

4)On the internet I'm pretty much how I am in a group; I don't have much to hide from you guys. Though I am a bit more restrained with what I say.

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sphynxx Posted: 20:01 Mar21 2013 Post ID: 3227200
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1) Private Persona - quiet, stress free and contemplative.

2) Public Persona - boisterous, friendly etc
3) Group Persona - as above
4) Impersonal Persona - as above alightly more open in what I say with opinions etc but still mostly the same :D

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