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Fable: The Lost Chapters

books to donate

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newton23 Posted at: 10:58 Jan13 2007 Post ID: 1290460
Joined: 8 Jan 2007
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I'm trying to get all the books to the school teacher in oakville, to get the silver key.
Does anyone have a list of books?
And I keep trying to donate books, but my charater keeps trying to donate the book of spells. How do I get rid of that book?
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blupoo93 Posted at: 20:51 Feb07 2007 Post ID: 1349721
Joined: 5 Feb 2007
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heres a list of the books to donate.

Creatures of Albion Book 1 - Hero's Guild Library.
Creatures of Albion Book 2 - Hero's Guild Library.
Creatures of Albion Book 3 - Hero's Guild Library.
The Dragons - Hero's Guild Library.
The Northern Wastes - Hero's Guild Library
The Old Kingdom - Hero's Guild Library.
The Other Land - Hero's Guild Library.
The Pale Balverine - Hero's Guild Library.
A Love Story - Hero's Guild Bedroom and Witchwood Stones Demon Door.
The Tale of Maxley - Hero's Guild Bedroom.
Jack Of Blades - Maze's Quarters.
The Tale of Twinblade - Hero's Guild Library.
The Repentant Alchemist – you need to steal it from bowerstone south clothe shop
The Sock Method - Oakvale shop.
Windbreaker Rule Book - Oakvale shop.
You Are Not a Bad Person - Darkwood Camp Trader,
The Sock Method - Oakvale shop, Bowerstone North Shop.
The Guild of Zeroes - Witchwood Cullis Gate in a barrel.
Eyes of a Killer - Twinblade's Camp Trader
The Balverine Slayer - Stolen from the house to the right at the top of the hill in Knothole Glade.
The Tailor's Tragedy – steal it from a house in Bowerstone North.
Making Friends - Library Arcanum, or Oakvale Shop
The Arena - Hero's Guild Library.
The Oakvale Raid - Stolen from a house in Oakvale.
The Ugly Guild - Twinblade's Camp Trader.
The Trials of Aarkan – steal it from a house in Oakvale.
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etiquette Posted at: 20:15 Jun13 2007 Post ID: 1657316
Joined: 13 Jun 2007
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I have a problem with the book quest. I have succesfully found ALL the books neede to complete this quest. The only problem is that when I try to give him my last two books: The Creatures of Albion book 1, and The Guild Of Zeros, he keeps metioning The Book Of Spells. I'm not trying to give him that book; I know he's not suppose to have that book. I think this is because I got those books before I got the book of Spells, and when I got that it enabled me to offer those unless I get rid of the stupid book in front of it. I tried to get rid of it at the donation place in Snowspire, but the person won't take it.
Is there any way to be rid of this book or move it so the game will let me give it the last two? PLEASE NOTE THAT I DON'T NEED A LIST OF THE BOOKS, JUST A WAY TO MAKE MY CHARACTER GIVE HIM THESE LAST TWO BOOKS TO GET THE SILVER KEY.
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