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Post ID: 2777637 Posted at: 22-Dec-2009 23:28:18
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Put your ideas for Fallout 3 DLC here!

Note: This thread may contain spoilers, if you haven't finished Fallout 3 and wish to have the ending be a surprise, do not read posts in this thread.

Okay, my idea is called: Return to Tranquility Lane. This is basically the good version of Operation: Anchorage.

Basically, it takes place during Broken Steel (One downside to this DLC, you must have Broken Steel to play it). The water purifier is breaking down, and no one knows why. The Rivet City scientists know the problem to be with the G.E.C.K., but beyond that, don't know how to fix it. If nothing is done, the water purifier may be lost forever. To save it, you must go and find the one man who can help you: Dr. Stanislaus Braun.

You return to Vault 112 and enter the Tranquility Lounger. Depending on how you handeled this quest, his response to you will be different. If you did as he said and amused him, he'll help you, but only if you're willing to entertain him by playing along with the simulations and playing some games with him. If you killed everyone in the simulation and left Braun alone, he'll be agressive, and try to kill you himself, now that the fail safe is activated, death in the simulation is now real death.

In this simulation, it'll be more agressive or more objective based depending on which category you fall in. Objective based for the former, agressive for the ladder. This will take you to many places and times (If you'll recall, Braun mentions how there are lots of different simulations in Tranquility Lane, but he simply got bored of all of them except for the one in the original quest) like the Wild West, the Dark Ages, Prehistoric Times, the future, or even "present day".

At the end, you'll be given the information you need, and the entrance to the vault's "real" armory will open. This will have the weapons and armor for the simulation, like medieval armor and swords, old west revolvers, or whatever.

^Aka, Darkest of Days minus the suck.

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Post ID: 3311696 Posted at: 24-Mar-2014 22:09:58
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Title of DLC: The Myth.

Description: Set it Montana,your Pip-Boy 3000 receives a emergency frequency telling you to go to a tunnel leading to Montana.As you arrive you discover The Pint sized slasher is not a myth,but real. You must save the people of Montana.But do you have the guts to get close to that creep?
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