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Waffersforever Posted at: 09:05 Sep13 2009 Post ID: 2732818
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Ok, I'm just curious...Who has beaten the Proto-Babil WITHOUT cheats? I have ^_^

It took a extremely long time of training and leveling up, but I finally did it back before school got out last May. You'll need EVERYONE at Lv 96-99(But with them being so close to 99, just go ahead and level them up, although you wouldn't get to enjoy the 2,000,000 EXP the Proto gives off. At least you'll still get the 99,999 Gil though ^_^) This is my set-up(In abilities I mean):

Draw Attacks
(That's all you need on the poor Paladin.)

(Simple...Cry, Bless, then JUMP!)

MP+50 percent
Fast Talker
(Start with Slow and Haste, then Protect and Shell, and then put Reflect on party. The reason for Reflect is so that the Proto's Ninth Diminsion will be reflected back at him, although he won't die, and the target won't be OHKO'ed)

MP+50 percent
Fast Talker
Limit Break
(Just start off with Bio to give Sap Conditions, then spam Meteor)

Limit Break
(Run to the Hills! Hide, then throw those Fuma Shrikens like no tomorrow!)

The Proto has 400,000 HP, so it will be a long battle. When it gets down to about roughly 1/2 down, It'll start countering with Object 99, and always does 9999 Damage with it, rending you to OHKO's. He can Heal himself for 20K HP too.... He'll also start using Divine Judgment, dealing ALWAYS ABOVE 6000+ Damage NO MATTER HOW MANY BUFFS AND THE ARMOR YOU ARE WEARING! This is where Cecil's Brace, Edge's Hide, and Kain's Jump can help. With the right armor, Protect, Shell, and Reflect, with the combo of Brace, Cecil should live with a good 1 to 2000 HP (Considering my Cecil has only a little over 6100 HP at Max ._.) and revive Rosa. If Edge was Hiding, then you'll be safe, and be able to continue to throw Fuma's at the boss. Kain's in the Air, so he'll be safe. Just keep Kain's MP full, Edge in hiding, and the Bio Status, and you should win in about 20 minutes of fighting. Good luck!

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