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Pokemon Black & White get March 6th Launch Date

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CMBF Posted at: 16:02 Dec27 2010 Post ID: 2944598
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While it is fair to say that every new Pokemon game is a highly anticipated release, with even the remakes of previous games in the series doing quite well upon release, the announcement today by Nintendo of America that the newest games in the series: Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have received a March 6, 2011 launch date for the English Regions is welcome news indeed.

The games follow the established pattern for the series, being complimentary versions of the same base game, with slightly different Pokemon in order to encourage trade and battle. Featuring an entirely new adventure, in a new region, and sporting 150 new and unique Pokemon, the games are sure to please even the most avid of fans.

Like the previous games in the long-running series the games each contain their own bog-standard Pokemon but also contain an uber rare legendary Pokemon, of which there is only one per game, and that can only be obtained through direct trade with another player.

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version let players start with one of three new Starter Pokemon -- the Grass-type Snivy, the Fire-type Tepig or the Water-type Oshawott. Until the main story of the game is complete, every Pokemon that players encounter will have never been seen before in previous Pokemon games. The games also feature original boy and girl trainers who set out on an adventure in the new Unova region.

Right, so that covers all of the official details that you actually need to know -- so unofficially if you have not had the opportunity to play in an all new region before you will finally have the chance to enjoy an experience that serious trainers first had Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with the modern Pokemon engine.

That experience was a chance to introduce old and well-loved Pokefriends to their newest cousins, and complete what has grown into a truly massive Pokedex! It does not get any better than this -- at least until the next new region and game are released!
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marvelman1 Posted at: 18:02 Jan09 2011 Post ID: 2953050
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finaly! a date is stated. thank you team supercheats :^)
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