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The Temple Of The Forgotten

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FrankTheFrank Posted at: 15:44 Nov01 2010 Post ID: 2922703
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Hello all! Upon entering the Temple of Euryale after fighting the Cyclops, there's the Temple of The Forgotten. To enter the gate there's an object you must move out of the threshold. As you move the object from one side to the other the platform rocks back and forth, this does not stop you from advancing in the game but it's obviously there for a reason. Does anyone know what that reason is? I also noticed while looking over all the trophy's I noticed there is a trophy for toppling the a Temple is this what they are referring to? I hope someone can help me with this, Thank You in advance.Smile
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balthiersbit Posted at: 16:29 Nov01 2010 Post ID: 2922726
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Thanks any way guys I figured it already and got my trophy.

Next time just use the edit button hun. Have a read of our rules so you can see what is allowed here and what isnt. Double posts are usually deleted just so you know.

Im glad you figured out what you had to do to gain your trophy.

Post deleted and remember to edit your post next time.

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Thanx to Craizen for the sig, love ya babe, Hubby for the avi.
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