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Team SuperCheats Posted at: 04:38 Nov03 2010 Post ID: 2923281
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Written by Chris Boots-Faubert for SuperCheats.com

Introduction and Synopsis

The sequel to Infamous (2009), Infamous 2 is one of a handful of games that include built-in full support for the new Sony Play Station Move motion controller system, and features the continued adventures of protagonist and main character Cole McGrath.

Fans of the original game will recall the origins of Cole, a bicycle messenger who is accidentally caught at the epicenter of a disaster that destroys entire city blocks, and leaves him stunned but alive, and now imbued with electricity-based super powers that he must learn to control, and that make him a potential target of other abnormals depending upon the choices that Cole makes within the karma and alignment system of the game. These choices also effect how the population views and treats him, and how he is perceived by law enforcement. Cole can use his powers for good -- and help rebuild the city as it recovers from the disaster -- or not.

As the game progressed McGrath has the opportunity to acquire more powers, and to refine them using the XP system of the game, while learning how to use the powers and hone them to a razor edge of skill combined with technique.

This open-world based adventure takes place in the city of New Marais, a rich and vivid mixture of architecture and terrain that is based upon the real-life city of New Orleans, where McGrath will face off against The Beast, who very nearly kills him as the game opens. McGrath retreats to New Marais to recover from his injuries and prepare to face the Beast again, but his stay in the city is marred by the active efforts of a shadowy organized crime group called The Militia, which has taken over New Marais and instituted an anti-abnormal campaign that is targeted specifically at super-powered humans.

McGrath must contend with the Militia while he recoveres his physical health as well as his memory, acquires new powers and learns to control them, and finally prepares for his re-match with The Beast, who he must vanquish this time. Regardless of the outcome, the next time that he faces The Beast, one of them cannot leave the fight alive!

Game Play

Infamous 2 is an open-world video game that combines platforming, shooting, role-playing and morality with puzzle elements and a karma system that is designed to reward the decisions that the player makes -- good or bad.

Players of the original game will likely recall that certain elements of play -- in particular the reaction of the citizens of the city -- were rather two-dimensional, and tended to reflect a lack of depth and emotion that often served as a buzz-kill making immersion difficult. Those numbered among the most criticized aspects of an otherwise well-received game, but if you are among the gamers who shared that impression be prepared to feel joy!

The folks over at Sucker Punch heard your concerns and verily, they hath listened! Infamous 2 contains a completely revamped background system with a lot of TLC applied to the environment and, in particular, the elements that help to support the feel of the game as major and minor events unfold. Particular care has been taken to improve the melee fighting system, with the old system being completely tossed out, and a new system that is designed to be more fluid and immersive.

The main character has also been given carefully considered treatment, though the studio backed away from some of the more radical changes that made him feel like a different person in response to the discomfort expressed by fans of the series. Gamers will notice that Cole's appearance and voice are different -- Sucker Punch explains that replacing the voice actor was imperative because of its use of motion-capture technology in creating the sequel. They needed an actor who could perform all of the motions as well as the facial expressions for the capture process, which necessitated a change in staff.

One of the more obvious improvements in the game are the cinematic cut scenes that now bridge the episodes, creating dramatic transitions and backstory elements that are made even more compelling by the use of the motion-capture technology.

Players will now notice that Cole's -- and other abnormals -- use of powers has a palpable impact on the surrounding area, including buildings, trees, people, and even power lines, all of which should naturally be effected by these forces. Considerable effort has gone into improving the immersion quality of the game in order to improve the game play experience and shorten the time that it takes for the player to suspend disbelief and get into their role as Cole McGrath!

Infamous 2 is a Play Station Exclusive title, and is set for release in Summer/Fall 2011.


Street Date: Summer 2011
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Focus: Single-Player
Platforms: PS3
Genre: Open-World Action-Adv
Official Content Ratings: ESRB Rating: T BBFC: 15+
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