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Post ID: 2860511 Posted at: 15:04 Jun25 2010
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I am \R\Skippy a leader of our clan; The Revolutionists

Anyways, we've been a clan for 3 years since 2007 and still play Mario Kart Wii and Brawl competitively.

For mkwii, we participate in the WCL (World Clan League; a huge competition for the best mkwii clans all over the world to see who ranks supreme) We are looking for more great racers to join us in this competition and our clan itself. We have wars every Sunday at 2EST or 3EST for this as well as other wars throughout the week respectively.

Yes, our clan is active. We have 30+ members in which about 15 or so play mkwii and the rest play brawl and other wii games. Our chat is active everyday usually at all times; no dead chat boringness =P

We also hang out with other clans in our chat, so we're not foreigners to the system of clans of mkwii. We are skilled and take pride for what we do when accomplished.

If you are interested in joining our clan or joining us with WCL you can:

Message me on Skype: MagicMilk17

Go to our site and find our chat:

Easy link to Chat: (most preferred)

Btw, we would like nice racers who averagely have a VR over 8500 and at least a Star Rank. If you dont go WW or RR much for VR, I understand lol. This isn't a full-out requirement---Just a guideline.

Interested or not, Thank you for your time for those who have read this. Greatly Appreciated.
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Post ID: 3237664 Posted at: 08:44 Apr18 2013
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Forum Guest
Can you war now?
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Post ID: 3306358 Posted at: 17:50 Feb22 2014
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Wants your FC
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