Where can I find a game's ini file???

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Post ID: 1250648 Posted at: 29-Dec-2006 16:26:56
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I'm trying to put text for enable cheats into a PC game-our first, so it's new to me-which is Hitman Blood Money. The instructions keep telling me to find the hitmanbloodmoney.ini file (which I know is an initialization file, but that's about it-LOL)in the Game Folder, and I can't seem to find it no matter how hard I try! There are tons of files, lots zipped, but I extracted almost all I think and still couldn't find it. Where are these files normally located in PC games? Even the computer couldn't find it when I let it try to search...can anyone help me with this? Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks to anyone who answers!
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Post ID: 1366215 Posted at: 13-Feb-2007 19:46:43
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Ok........All I can say is that when I was little I stumbled into this website where you could download full pc games for free! I was too little to put it on favorites or remember the name of it. PEACE
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