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Post ID: 2070077 Posted at: 07-Jan-2008 22:03:07
Joined: 7 Jan 2008
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This is a cheat free system.
There are no cheats available.
There is no free credits no free coins or free Habbo club memberships.
This is a teen 13+ friendly game for any one heo knows how to click and type on the computer.
There are some places like guest room where vulgar language is used, but, it has a very high control on what you read when people enter the text on
so if you typed the F word Or called some one the B word... you will see BOBBA.
Like If you said he or she is a sh** head... when you press return and the message pops up in a little text bubble as she is a BOBBA head... lol... this is great!
But you can always report some one for being mean, threatning you, or continuing to use vulgaritys in the room your in, or you can just ignore the user...
Over All This Site Rocks!
There are many many more fun and exciting features available on
Please Go Check Out This Interactive, Multiplayer, Web site!
And do not log in or use your screen name or your password on any other website than or you may lose your account to hackers... and there are highly intelligent people both asking for your password and screenames as well as developing fake log in sites to take both your password, personal information, and your habbo account.
My point of View On hackers is.... trust no one... any one of any age can be a hacker and ruin your internet life as well as take and use your personal information for illigal un unjust perposes.
thanks for reading my post!
!!!! villeshimsweetie80 !!!!
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Post ID: 2070151 Posted at: 07-Jan-2008 23:07:02
C:\Program Files
Joined: 23 Feb 2007
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villeshimsweetie80, careful with the advertising (I'll leave this, since we allow Habbo discussions/topics here as well)

Also careful with the caps

Hyperfox: >_>
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Post ID: 2071141 Posted at: 08-Jan-2008 17:36:05
Joined: 21 Jul 2005
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so its a game where you walk around and talk to people?
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Post ID: 2073444 Posted at: 10-Jan-2008 14:48:19
Joined: 14 Oct 2006
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Yeah, you talk to people and stuff, like a graphical chatroom. I've played this, but my pool is closed for this game. =D
And so he said, "and there will be delicious cake", and with those words, I said, "I see what you did there..."
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