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Should not breed?

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Dendro Posted at: 00:59 Mar07 2010 Post ID: 2811533
Joined: 7 Mar 2010
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Hi, this question has been on my mind for a while. Recently I bought a Action Replay DSi for my DSLite. I was punching in the codes for the AR and happened to notice that in one part of the codes it mentions "Do Not Breed!" The other day I bread a male Ninjask (formally a Nincada) with a female Scyther (both obtained through AR) and it produced a normal eggg that hatched and didn't harm my game when it hatched and had the Egg moves that I was wanting to give to it to breed. I didn't save, but I thought that I'd as the following question just in case.

All in all, does it matter if I breed Pokemon obtained with AR in the game and doesn't cause any problems at all (that is if I save)? Or does it actually harm the game.

(This has nothing at all to do with trading others. I was just testing this out since I was planning on EV training a Scizor with certain moves that required them to be breed)

Here is the site http://uk.codejunkies.com/search/code...-3___.aspx

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bowow Posted at: 01:09 Mar07 2010 Post ID: 2811537
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i think breeding with pokemon obtained from using a AR is completely harmless

seeing as i have done it plenty of times before


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