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Post ID: 2850430 Posted at: 30-May-2010 15:01:41
Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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Is there a code to change the nickname of a Pokemon that is someone else's?

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Post ID: 2850447 Posted at: 30-May-2010 16:40:00
Joined: 23 May 2009
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no there is hardly any ar codes for HG SS, but here is my friend code:1291 0408 1829. Name: T.J. if you get back on just tell me here and i'll meet you on wi-fi.

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my friend code for heart gold:1291 0408 1829. Name: T.J.

beware of these six pokemon

titanium (venusaur)-lv. 100 non shiny
charizard-lv. 100 shiny
feraligatr-lv. 100 non shiny
empoleon-lv. 100 non shiny
nidoking-lv. 100 non shiny
leafeon-lv. 100 shiny
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