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Post ID: 2896996 Posted at: 06-Sep-2010 03:05:13
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Ya know when you search youtube and they say the only way to put pokesav codes on to action replay is to move the xml file into AR Code Manager? An if you use flash carts you find that the AR Pokesav codes on the Action Replay sections (D/P/Pt and HG/SS) wont work without the original xml file? Well you can just right click the xml file, click open with, then click notepad. It will show the contents of the code and the code.

EDIT: Feel free to take the code

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Post ID: 2897022 Posted at: 06-Sep-2010 05:49:57
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Kev, just don't mini-mod at all please...this is a perfect instance as to why we don't allow it. You can give them a little tip and then go on about the topic, but for a member to make an entire post specifically to tell someone off, always has been and likely always will be against rules.

For instance, Kev, the majority, if not all, the mods now know that the all caps title/post rule no longer applies. You would know this important bit of info if you were one, but for now you don't need to know, because you're not supposed to be the one reinforcing it. Get what I mean?

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