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Pokesav Request

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TheMoonisHere Posted at: 19:05 Sep06 2010 Post ID: 2897636
Joined: 19 Aug 2010
Posts: 81
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hi im looking for the code for this

Pokemon Name: Dragonite
Pokemon Nickname: none
OT: idc
ID : idc
Secret ID: idc
Level: 100
Nature: adamand
Ball Caught in: pokeball
Ability: inner focus
Trainer Gender: Male
Pokemon Gender: Female
Item: Lum Berry
IV's: maximum
EV's: 255 in attack 255 in speed
Attack 1: Dragon Dance
Attack 2: Extremespeed
Attack 3: Outrage
Attack 4: Fire Punch
Met at Level: egg hated
Where Met: egg hatched
Pokerus: idc
Cured: idc
Shiny: yes
Friendship: idc
Date Met at: idc
Hatched at: idc
Ribbons: none
Contest Ribbons: none
Contest Stats: none
Comes as an Egg: no
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ShadowPika Posted at: 12:57 Oct26 2010 Post ID: 2919953
Joined: 19 Jan 2008
Posts: 93
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Here ya go, tell me if there's any problems ;)

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC A506A507 106F0000 76E0E8D5 CF34E593 7B29CCFD 98FEAEEB 6278809A CB9EDFEB E75B3FDF 774F790A 6C829F50 536244F5 8B007127 6E2F4433 38F174F6 B36FFD9D E4F8D249 576C4FAC 0B3B7815 A3968BBE 7955A011 54C43EB9 A98AECF3 EEF02CD4 34FACD69 2853953B 498078BD 773A9992 8D22FE2E 0E09CEEB 03FA92E1 DAEC9A91 6117409A EB42C5CB 54ECB486 D269F5A4 3ECFF4EB 96807739 46FB53DF F8616E31 C7CD15B0 72502F99 9126CE7B 4266F462 E13E93F2 01DC13BC 41505844 66E0B356 23B09B8D 3EA9CD47 7DFEFE58 F4CBB031 D2987864 3BCB5DA3 5D5037AB AAF66ABF 575E6B9F 656D471C 869780B6 00000000 D2000000 00000000
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