Super Mario World:Super Mario Advance 2 VBA Gameshark Codes

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Post ID: 3198938 Posted at: 12-Jan-2013 20:06:12
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Share and talk about codes for the VBA.I fsomehting went wrong,leavea comment.Here are some of mind:

(M) Must Be On 9687210BC275FAFA
Invincible Mario Brothers Classic. Turn the GameShark switch OFF when starting a new level and finishing a level. 8BDFB3607B580F35
Inf Lives Mario Brothers Classic 83D24D8F7C84FD2B
Max Score Mario Brothers Classic 565D0A8B854E34EF
Phase 50 Mario Brothers Classic 598FD46FCE1133C4
Phase 99 Mario Brothers Classic 13067C2208D883AA
GS Button For Mega Jump Mario Brothers Classic NOTE: You must hold down the GS button while you press the jump button. EC423AA113B097D9
Inf Lives Super Mario World 9363EC1300EDB208
Inf Time Super Mario World BC622F4514E92BFE
Always Small Super Mario World BDB1A787F6F37968
Always Big Super Mario World 3DF9EB6A0B8686A5
Always Fire Power Super Mario World B01020C11D5B15E4
Always Cape Power Super Mario World 9FFEA16CF4FACBE2
Inf Mushroom Reserve Super Mario World 12627495F278C3B8
Inf Flower Reserve Super Mario World 3F8884DCD8DCB9F4
Inf Star Reserve Super Mario World EC5A829E08C0484D
Inf Feather Reserve Super Mario World DCE266611CDD64F4
Inf 1up Reserve Super Mario World DCB3600B0FE4A34F
Invincible 7E5632E7A265EF89
Press GS Button To Hover NOTE: Press and hold the jump button and while in air pres and hold GS Button. A194D528349DBBD6
Always Mario DFD8C2C0274D9DF5
Always Luigi 7A21C152B1CF670A
Always Star Power DE5E0C6A8336978D
Quick Speed Up NOTE: Press the B button whle walking to instantly speed up. 28308B77D5F8DD16
1 B. Star For Bonus B9DF69BAAC106B96
1 Coin For 1up A5921E3EF2F588EC
Always Start level with Yoshi F7336DDAB33801B2
Light Yellow Yoshi With Flight Ability 009E380C27D3C225
White Yoshi With Pound Ability 4B23EF2EA8D1ED0A
Yellow Yoshi With Pound Ability B81E20C03F842532
Blue Yoshi With Flight Ability F103BDF3BF17089E
Red Yoshi 12845CAE1B5090E9
Green Yoshi 6061519E1144C056
Grey Yoshi With Pound Ability 6871FB87B47E68B4
Light Blue Yoshi With Flight Ability 69BDA5CB810881F5
Press GS Button For 4 Dragon Coins NOTE: Press GS Button for 4 Dragon Coins collect just one more to have all in level. 6EF3D29D8D57CBC3
Zero World Time C404EFC691C557A5
Crazy Eating Yoshi NOTE: Do not eat the berry just let yoshi's mouth on the berry and he will keep eating it until he has eaten enough for a bonus. 29704C1765C1E8A9

If your going to call me a lier,vist this video.This is where I got the codes.
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Post ID: 3310247 Posted at: 17-Mar-2014 15:14:55
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
?sorry to bother you but the cheats will not activate but good effort on the cheats hope you can make more ????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Post ID: 3364919 Posted at: 22-Dec-2014 20:59:23
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Post ID: 3373047 Posted at: 06-Mar-2015 10:21:49
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
These cheats don't work!!!??
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