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Xeta Posted at: 16:34 Feb29 2008 Post ID: 2138904
Joined: 26 Apr 2007
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Here they Are

Anna Williams
Armor King
Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San
Bob (New character)
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury
Craig Marduk
Christie Monteiro
Devil Jin
Eddy Gordo
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima
Jack-6 (The newest Jack)
Jin Kazama
Julia Chang
Kazuya Mishima
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Leo (New character)
Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law
Miguel Caballero Rojo (New character)
Nina Williams
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.
Sergei Dragunov
Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei
Zafina (New character)

There is one spot left, alothough it will prob'ly be the Boss's.

ozzo said:xeta actually makes a lot of sense most of the time

if everyone agreed with him more often we wouldnt have this problem
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TehFluffMan Posted at: 01:40 Nov07 2009 Post ID: 2761441
Joined: 9 Feb 2009
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The Boss Is Azkurael Or Something Like That.
Get To The Final Level In Arena In Cinematic Mode, He Is Like A Shiny Dragon. Ive Bet Him Twice With: Dragnouv and Armour King.
Rawr Rawr Rawr.
"If Your Going through Hell, Just Keep Going"
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Hamaad Posted at: 10:12 May06 2010 Post ID: 2841140
Joined: 27 Mar 2010
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The Boss is "AZAZEL"Thumbs Up
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Forum Guest Posted at: 17:47 Jun13 2012 Post ID: 3119562
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
how do you unlock him
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Forum Guest Posted at: 05:00 Jul18 2012 Post ID: 3130505
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
The boss is "Nancy"
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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:21 Sep15 2012 Post ID: 3149913
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
hay i press those Cheats did not work
Not Talking
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Shane7779 Posted at: 13:07 Mar21 2014 Post ID: 3310809
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Joined: 21 Mar 2014
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I have gotten all the trophies, love and will continue to play this and all the rest I have in the series. Getting flustered in trying to uncover the last two characters in the Arena. Any help there would be greatly appreciated. With patience and effort all things are possible.
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