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SuperCheats Annual Awards 2010 ~ Results

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v-gamer Posted: 15:47 Jan23 2011 Post ID: 2957476
y so srs?
Posts: 18,379
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2010 is a year that came and flew by with many changes to the site and many members making many achievements. I'll leave the overview of the year to the Newsletter: Volume 2010. But the Awards that come at the conclusion of the year are made to recognize the members of the SuperCheats community.

Before I present the awards, I just want to comment on a few things:

Firstly and most importantly, I would like to personally thank Rich (Team SuperCheats) for allowing me to post this in the Announcements forum, as well as every one who had voted in the awards.

Secondly, each first-place winner in every category receives a Badge that they may feel free to fit into their signature or bio. Some of the non-member awards, such as Best Forum Topic, may be placed accordingly wherever fit and necessary.

Thirdly, because I am presenting all the badges with the results, I have to split up the results into four posts due to the limit of 18 images per post.

Fourthly, a lot of members received one vote in many categories. Because of that, I have decided not to list every one who received one vote in a category who would otherwise have placed into the top three in that category (this is why you'll see many categories without second- or third-place winners).

Lastly, the results are not based on fact. People have voted for these members, so the results based on the general consensus and not on individual opinions. Please do not be disappointed if you did not win an award or if some one you don't like wins an award.

If you wish to comment on the Awards, please do so in the Discussion Thread found in General Chat.

I think that's enough talk, now for what you've been waiting for. Without further ado, I present to you the results for the SuperCheats Annual Awards of 2010! Congratulations to all the winners. Smile


Best Newcoming Member

    1st: a100_sausages (3)
    2nd: Axionas, Surfing Pikachu, Teh Kitteh :D (2)

Best Member

    1st: Vasco (12)
    2nd: CRAZY CHEATS, hatershateme, nightmare2 (2)

Best General Boards Moderator

    1st: geezerguy, sphynxx (9)
    2nd: superbird5005 (2)

Best Video Games Moderator

    1st: coachcline (13)
    2nd: zeldafan11 (7)

Best Overall Moderator

    1st: sphynxx (7)
    2nd: superbird5005 (5)
    3rd: coachcline, geezerguy (3)

Best Super Moderator

    1st: Forgoten_Scars (8)
    2nd: v-gamer (7)
    3rd: qwertyuio (5)

Best Administrator

    1st: X__x (16)
    2nd: Team SuperCheats (8)
    3rd: Cross Stinger (7)

Best Overall Staff Member

    1st: Catharsis (6)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars, Team SuperCheats, v-gamer (4)
    3rd: geezerguy, qwertyuio, superbird5005, Volke (2)

Member Most Likely To Be Promoted From Their Current Rank

    1st: sphynxx (7)
    2nd: superbird5005, Volke (4)
    3rd: Forgoten_Scars (2)

Best Overall Member

    1st: v-gamer (5)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars, Vasco (3)
    3rd: geezerguy, Team SuperCheats (2)

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Thank you, Vasco <3
v-gamer Posted: 15:49 Jan23 2011 Post ID: 2957479
y so srs?
Posts: 18,379
Post Likes: 4

Favorite Video Game of 2010

    1st: Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption (6)
    2nd: Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold (4)
    3rd: Halo: Reach (3)

Most Memorable Moment

    1st: Fwank's Leave (4)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars's Promotion to Super Mod (2)

Favorite Forum

    1st: General Chat (11)
    2nd: Graphics and Artwork (5)
    3rd: Forums Games!, Music Forum (3)

Favorite Forum Topic

    1st: General Graphics Discussion, Play It or Delay It (2)
    2nd: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, Signature of the Week, What Song Are You Currently Listening To? (1)

Favorite Team or Clan

    1st: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Story (7)
    2nd: Gemstone Order, SCBF and GF making team (3)

Most Active Member

    1st: Forgoten_Scars (25)
    2nd: Ninetailed Fox (2)

Best Main Site Submitter

    1st: superbird5005 (5)
    2nd: Alexzander (4)
    3rd: sphynxx (3)

Best Forums Poster

    1st: sphynxx (7)
    2nd: v-gamer (5)
    3rd: geezerguy (4)

Best Teams and Clans Poster

    1st: Forgoten_Scars (12)
    2nd: Ninetailed Fox (6)
    3rd: Waffersforever (2)

Best Debater

    1st: Catharsis (9)
    2nd: _amo_ (5)
    3rd: Volke (2)

Best Role Player

    1st: imaloony8.0 (3)
    2nd: Axionas, CurryMonster, Forgoten_Scars (2)

Best Fan Fiction Author

    1st: CurryMonster (7)
    2nd: Dagron, Sodacan, Yogi_Bear (1)

Best Graphics Artist

    1st: Vasco (11)
    2nd: Craizen (5)
    3rd: Layne., v-gamer (3)

Member With The Best Taste In Music

    1st: Repner (5)
    2nd: geezerguy (3)
    3rd: Jirachi X, Symphony, Vasco (2)

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Avatar: In memory of ieatwyverns <3

Thank you, Vasco <3
v-gamer Posted: 15:51 Jan23 2011 Post ID: 2957482
y so srs?
Posts: 18,379
Post Likes: 4

Favorite Male

    1st: sphnyxx (5)
    2nd: v-gamer, Volke (3)
    3rd: geezerguy, superbird5005, Vasco, Waffersforever (2)

Favorite Female

    1st: balthiersbit (13)
    2nd: Nic21 (3)
    3rd: Ninetailed Fox, Symmetry (2)

Best Username

    1st: peanut butter ownage (6)
    2nd: CurryMonster (4)
    3rd: geezerguy, hatershateme, qwertyuio, X__x (2)

Best Signature Space

    1st: tbug2007 (3)
    2nd: v-gamer, Vasco (2)

Best User Bio

    1st: Vasco (6)
    2nd: Alexzander, v-gamer (2)

Most Missed Member

    1st: Layne. (6)
    2nd: cheating-is-good, neptis, Ziggoratt999 (2)

Friendliest Member

    1st: neptis, sphynxx, v-gamer (4)
    2nd: dx_hbk, qwertyuio (3)
    3rd: geezerguy, ShadowStriker64, skymin, Symmetry, Vasco (2)

Most Helpful Member

    1st: qwertyuio, sphynxx, v-gamer (5)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars (3)
    3rd: Vasco (2)

Funniest Member

    1st: CurryMonster (6)
    2nd: geezerguy (5)
    3rd: Vasco (3)

Most Random Member

    1st: tbug2007 (6)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars (5)
    3rd: Symmetry (3)

Most Serious Member

    1st: qwertyuio (10)
    2nd: Volke (5)
    3rd: Forgoten_Scars, v-gamer (4)

Most Sarcastic Member

    1st: CurryMonster (15)
    2nd: Volke (4)
    3rd: Xeta (2)

Most Original Member

    1st: ozzo, Volke (3)
    2nd: Forgoten_Scars, v-gamer (2)

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Avatar: In memory of ieatwyverns <3

Thank you, Vasco <3
v-gamer Posted: 15:52 Jan23 2011 Post ID: 2957484
y so srs?
Posts: 18,379
Post Likes: 4
Based on these results, extra awards are also presented to the few who have stood out among others in the categories. These are Miscellaneous Awards, which are hidden and not voted upon. I decided to keep it simple, this year, so there will be only three extra awards:


Most Categories Won

    1st: sphynxx (7)
    2nd: CurryMonster, Forgoten_Scars, v-gamer, Vasco (3)
    3rd: Catharsis, qwertyuio, tbug2007 (2)

Most Votes in a Single Category

    1st: Forgoten_Scars (25 in "Best Teams and Clans Poster")
    2nd: X__x (16 in "Best Adminstrator")
    3rd: CurryMonster (15 in "Most Sarcastic Member")

Most Votes Overall

    1st: Forgoten_Scars (74)
    2nd: sphynxx, Vasco (49)
    3rd: v-gamer (47)

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Avatar: In memory of ieatwyverns <3

Thank you, Vasco <3
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