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SuperCheats Awards 2011/2012 Results!

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Volke Posted: 05:29 Feb04 2012 Post ID: 3091188
Posts: 9,334
Post Likes: 33
Hey guys. Here are the results. I know we had an all-time low tally of votes this year, but thanks to everyone who voted.

Best Member

1st Geezerguy (12 votes)
2nd Warrior13 (2 votes), Xeta (2 votes)

Best Moderator

1st Steelersrock01 (9 votes)
2nd Sphynxx (4 votes)
3rd Yogi_Bear (2 votes), Craizen (2 votes)

Best Super Mod

1st balthiersbit (9 votes)
2nd qwertyuio (5 votes)
3rd Jirachi X (4 votes)

Best Admin

1st Volke (16 votes)
2nd Team SuperCheats (3 votes)
3rd Cross Stinger (1 vote), testuser (1 vote)

Best Male

1st geezerguy (8 votes)
2nd Sphynxx (3 votes)
3rd qwertyuio (2 votes), Axionas (2 votes)

Best Female

1st ozzo (11 votes)
2nd balthiersbit (4 votes)
3rd Alana|D (3 votes)

Best New Member

1st Pikachugirl (4 votes), hi-im-benji-and-this-joke-sucks (4 votes)
3rd Warrior (2 votes)

Best Overall Member

1st Steelersrock01 (3 votes), Xeta (3 votes)
3rd Jirachi X (2 votes)

Funniest Person

1st geezerguy (6 votes)
2nd Xeta (3 votes)
3rd Sphynxx (2 votes), CurryMonster (2 votes)

Most Serious Person

1st qwertyuio (10 votes)
2nd Cross Stinger (5 votes), v-gamer (5 votes)

Most Missed Person

1st Jirachi X (2 votes), Superblobby (2 votes)
3rd Virtually everyone else who was a popular member and left the site at one point (1 vote each)

Person with the Best Music Taste

1st Xeta (3 votes)
2nd Jirachi X (2 votes), -linzo2- (2 votes)

Best GFXer

1st Craizen (8 votes)
2nd ozzo (5 votes)
3rd the last (3 votes)

Best Role Player

1st ozzo (3 votes), imaloony8.0 (3 votes)
3rd Xeta (2 votes), Ninetailed Fox (2 votes)

Best PXE Member Cameo

1st Benjina (6 votes)
2nd Yossy666 (3 votes)
3rd Xeta (2 votes), balthiersbit (2 votes), Volke (2 votes, on the assumption that The Arsonist voted for me when he said 'Bear')

Person You Hate to Love

1st qwertyuio (4 votes)
2nd Vicar (3 votes)
3rd Team SuperCheats (2 votes), Sphynxx (2 votes)

Most Attractive Person

1st ozzo (9 votes)
2nd geezerguy (5 votes)
3rd superbird5005, Volke, haterhateme, Xeta, killahbabeBE, qwertyuio, Vicar (1 vote each)

Best Username

1st Volke (2 votes), hi-im-benji-and-this-joke-sucks (2 votes), Impromptu Escapade (2 votes), Xeta (2 votes)

Most Active Member

1st Vicar (8 votes)
2nd qwertyuio (4 votes)
3rd Warrior13 (2 votes), ozzo (2 votes)

Most Active T&C Member

1st Ninetailed Fox (5 votes)
2nd Vicar (4 votes)
3rd Surfing Pikachu (2 votes)

Most Active Forums Member

1st Steelersrock01 (3 votes)
2nd ozzo (2 votes), Vicar (2 votes), Sphynxx (2 votes)

Best Submitter

1st Warrior13 (5 votes)
2nd Vicar (4 votes)
3rd Volke (2 votes), Xeta (2 votes)

Best Sig

1st Volke (3 votes)
2nd Surfing Pikachu (2 votes)
3rd Virtually everyone else with a good sig (1 vote each)

Best Avy

1st Volke (3 votes), Xeta (3 votes)
3rd Surfing Pikachu (2 votes), ozzo (2 votes)

Most Creative Forums Member

1st Vicar (3 votes), ozzo (3 votes)
3rd Kazualsk8r (2 votes)

Most Creative T&C Member

1st Surfing Pikachu (3 votes)
2nd Vicar (2 votes), Axionas (2 votes)

Person with the Strangest Username

1st qwertyuio (4 votes)
2nd X__x (2 votes), the last (2 votes), geezerguy (2 votes), hi-im-benji-and-this-joke-sucks (2 votes)

Best Custom User Title

1st Sphynxx (3 votes), geezerguy (3 votes)
3rd Testvirus101 (2 votes), testuser (2 votes)


Most Wins (including tied wins)

Volke (4 wins), ozzo (4 wins), geezerguy (4 wins)

Most Top 3 appearances (included tied appearances)

Xeta (9 appearances)

Most Votes in a Single Category

Volke - Best Admin (16 votes)

Most Votes Overall (all categories)

qwertyuio (47 votes), ozzo (47 votes)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Sig and avatar by Ozzo. Thanks.

link removed.
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