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DM Seeking Group: Looking for people who would like to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, or the like

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FrankJaeger Posted: 17:41 May10 2015 Post ID: 3378192
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Hello everyone.

So first off, name isn't Frank, it's actually George.

Second of all: Yes, I've been absent from the boards for a few years. Fell out of the community as a whole but decided to come back over and give the area a try again. Hopefully I'll bump into some more like minded individuals.

Third, and most importantly: This thread.

I'm looking for some role play. But not any role playing will suffice. No, no, no. I'm looking to run some classic table top style RPG. Nothing huge. Not trying to start a full on campaign that will last months. I'd actually like to find some people who haven't played any games like this before, teach you the basics, and get my thoughts in order for a game I want to run at my home.

I'm looking for mature minded individuals. Age isn't a concern, so long as you're able to remain focused to the game, not derail to easily, and open (and willing) to learn to play the game by the intended rules.

If anyone has had an interest in learning about Dungeons and Dragons or similar games, please let me know. I'd be happy to explain it to a few people and find a group that's ready to jump in and play. I've got an idea for a story already and will gladly make the character sheets once you tell me a little about what you want to play as.

Thanks for checking out the thread, and I hope to hear from some excited community members soon.



The Loyal Underhand of the Emperor
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