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Aeon-Flux Posted: 11:32 Jul19 2016 Post ID: 3415855
AvatarSuper Mod
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Forum Games Rules - REVISED/UPDATED 7/23/2016

Forward Note: If anyone breaks these rules, you will likely be given a warning and told do follow the rules. Please follow the threads rules.

Forum Games Rules

    1. Follow the threads instruction to the games being played, do not venture off-topic. Do not double post, triple post etc.

    2. No number games, or rate this/the above and beyond threads.

    3. Have fun!

General Forum Rules

    1. Spam Posts and Threads
    Spamming is useless posts and / or threads that have no meaning or contribute little to the thread you are posting in, or the forum you are creating a thread in. Examples of this might be: Saying plain "hi" in a topic, talking about General Chat material in a Game thread, saying "djndfgd", posting threads that deal with the nothing to do with Forum Games and such.

    2. Double Posting
    Do not double post. If you do we reserve the right to exterminate it / them, eliminate. Double Posting is spam, so don't do it. If you wish to add something you forgot, use the edit button(Located on the bottom right of your post).

    3. Flaming / Vulgarity
    We discourage (in other word- do not allow) members to flame- at all. Flaming includes vulgarity (swearing), or putting down another member. Examples of flaming would be: **** you *****, or any other type of swearing, calling someone "n00b" because they don't know what they're talking about. We do have a swear filter- but don't try to bypass it.

    4. Advertising
    Do not create topics for the sole purpose of advertising your forum and / or website. You are also not allowed to create threads for the sole purpose of advertising. Keep advertising to your signatures or don't at all.

    5. Mini-Modding
    Do not mini-mod. Mini modding is when you do the job that the real moderators are supposed to do. This includes saying "Hey! You just spammed! That is not allowed". Or "Moderators, close this". Thanks for trying to help out, but we don't need that. Instead, try the report button.

    6. Freedom of Speech
    EVERYONE is entitled to their own freedom of speech. You may have disagreements with others- but do not flame because of that. This includes: "Oh you dumbbell- that is incorrect and you are a ***** for saying things like that". Or "Anyone not agreeing with me is dumb".
    We look down on such people and it is best not to act like this in order to make a good impression.

    7. Bumping / Replying to Old Topics
    This is not allowed. What we mean is that if you post in a thread that has not been posted in for a minimum of one month, you are breaking our ToS. We discourage anyone from venturing past page one since by page two topics would probably be old.

This forum is NOT for the discussion of video games

The, "Forum Games" forum is for the purpose of having fun with forum-based and/or related made-up games. Things such as, "Last Post Wins" or "Compliment the user above you".

This forum is NOT for anything related to video games, anime, cartoons, or comics. If you'd like to discuss video games we have a plethora of Video Game Boards.

- Revised/Updated/Modified by Aeon-Flux - 7/23/2016

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