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Fan Fiction & Role Play Forum Rules(READ BEFORE POSTING) REVISED/UPDATED 7/19/2016

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Aeon-Flux Posted: 20:20 Jul19 2016 Post ID: 3416016
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Written by: TestVirus101
Revised/Updated 7/19/2016 -- By: Aeon-Flux

The Rules

General Notices

1. The FF&RP Moderator Team may remove any member from a Role Play if they break the rules. The Topic Creator can also do this.
2. This RPing format is OPTIONAL, HOWEVER if the Role Play Creator uses it, his members must as well.
"Hello," said John.
Steve grinned, recognizing his old friend.
"How are you?" replied Steve.
3. Double posting in YOUR fiction to add a new Chapter is acceptable
4. When bumping (posting in topics that haven't been posted in for a month/ that are past the 3rd page) do so ONLY for the following reasons:
-Fiction: You are the topic creator, adding a new chapter.
-Role Play: You are allowed to bump it once and only once after 24 hours if people are not joining and it is near the bottom of the page or has fallen out of page 1. If people aren't joining, try the FF/RP Discussion thread and advertise.

Fiction Rules

1. Any fiction posted are the sole property of the author, and may not be reproduced or posted on another site without the author's permission.
2. No explicit sex scenes under any circumstances. Hugging, kissing and other non-graphic acts of romance are acceptable.
3. Keep details of violence and use of swearing to a minimum and suitable for a family-oriented site.

Role Play Rules

1. If it is a productive post, you may make a post without interacting with other characters
2. No God-modding: no member of a Role Play may be immune to harm, or inflict damage on other members without their consent. Also, do not engage in a fight where the characters involved continuously dodge every attack; you need to take hits at least every now and then.
3. No remote control of the characters. In other words, you cannot exert any control over any other member's character without their consent.
4. No hijacking of the plot. Basically, you cannot change the plot of a Role Play unless you are the creator of said Role Play.
5. Non-player characters (NPCs) may be controlled by any member and attacked at will.
6. No character may be immortal, invincible or unkillable.
7. When posting off-topic comments, use ((double brackets)) to separate the off-topic part from the rest of the post.
8. All characters must be approved by the Role Play's creator before beginning. The creator does NOT have to accept everybody.
9. All Role Plays must have a plot
10. Language and content of a Role Play must be kept appropriate for all members.
11. If a Role Play is closed, contact a moderator if you wish to appeal this decision.
12. A Role Play should not have excessive amounts of posts containing only ((out of character)) writing.
13. More than one Role Play on the same thing (eg. Pokemon) is allowed only if each Role Play has a plot that is different from one another.
14. A character Biography (Bio) is OPTIONAL. If the RP creator (RPC) uses a Bio, all members must also use a Bio (and it must be in the same format as the RPC); if the RPC does not make a bio, it is up to the members to decide whether or not they want to use one. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that the creator chooses to use a Bio.
Some of the fields that need to be filled out can be changed to reflect the different types of Role Plays. For example, a Pokemon Role Play wouldn't need Magic or Weapons or perhaps even Skills if the trainers weren't good navigators or whatever it was that they chose as their skill, but would instead add fields like: Pokemon#1, Pokemon#2, etc.

Example Bio

For Teams users, these rules apply to any role plays conducted on Teams as well.

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