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Ragnorak III:

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KOG Posted: 06:40 Mar06 2020 Post ID: 3449906
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This place looks barren now. I hope people are still around to see this. I don't even know if people will sign up, but it could not hurt to give it a shot.

Welcome to the third installment of this RP series. First off all, thanks for checking my story out. If you're new to the series, I HIGHLY recommend you catch up by reading the previous two installments. It is not necessary to sign up though but it could really help make it more exciting. It's a long story but definitely worth your time.

Ragnorak I: https://forums.supercheats....c=101915
Ragnorak II: https://forums.supercheats....c=115264

As usual, there are rules to be followed and everyone who signs up must wait until I accept their profile before they are allowed to RP. Also, you must follow these rules:

1. No God-modding. During battles any exaggerated and absurd attacks like 10000000000 knives from the sky is unacceptable. Make your posts as realistic as possible.

2. No controlling the flow of the story. No one is allowed to determine what happens in the story but for me.

3. No invincibility. You cannot dodge every single attack that comes your way. Everyone who role-plays must learn to take a hit.

4. No flaming/insulting/demeaning. If you flame and you do it consistently, I will ask you to leave. Just be cool.

5. You may only control up to two characters. I'll be controlling multiple main characters and other major/minor characters (villains and heroes) for the sake of the story.

6. No controlling the direction of the story. That privilege belongs to me and only me. If I am not on to continue the story, then either build on where the story is now or just wait.

Thank you and enjoy it.


In the beginning, the universe was ruled by two gods. First was the God of Light, Jovalin. The god who watched over the meek and blessed those of good heart. His light bathed the universe in laughter and love and brought joy to all worlds. Then there was the God of Darkness, Vladimar. A god born solely to bring destruction and death. He feeds off the suffering of all beings and anoints servants to bring turmoil to the universe. Their almighty powers brought balance to the skies and prosperity to all things. Then the day came where power shifted far too greatly over to the darkness and the seven sins were born: Pride. Avarice. Greed. Envy. Wrath. Lust. Gluttony, and Sloth. These sins consumed humans and all other living creatures, breading hatred amongst each other. As a result, these sins manifested into the seven spirits of Vladimar and he obtained more power than ever; so much power that it disrupted the very balance of our universe. Worlds were imploding, comrades were fighting one another, and darkness covered all. The inevitable battle between Jovalin and Vladmir was at hand.

Such a battle shook both the physical and spiritual realms! The skies lit up with flashes of light and our planet quaked under its magnitude. When it was all said and done Jovalin stood tall as the victor and shed away the excess of power. He restored the universe to its peaceful harmony and banished Vladimar to the dark realms. This is what is told by the prophecy. This was millenniums ago.

Decades ago, a group of warriors, accompanied by a princess, sought out the seven spirits of Vladimir and fell victim to a dictator posing as the High Priestess of the land. Naomi. She wiped their memories, scattered them throughout the land, and aided her beloved Maester in his quest for a new utopia. A story was fabricated in their defeat, claiming the heroes killed innocents and bringing about The Great Massacre. Naomi and Maester Benjamin eventually apprehended all seven of Vladimir's spirits and transformed into the physical embodiment of the dark god. According to legend, a man once known as an assassin took up the sword a Jovalin and slew the evil dictators. Upon defeat, Benjamin's soul is trapped inside the belly of a Viridian Six revolver; the celestial home of the assassin family known as the Falcons. Meanwhile, Naomi's soul is lost in the annuals of time.

In our modern-day, Queen Teya Lovette currently rules over the kingdom once occupied by High Priestess Naomi and Maester Benjamin. Unlike her predecessors, she covets the sick and protects the weak commanding the Holy Knights, led by Lieutanant Eva and her young Captain, Johan. She is aided by the wisdom of the new Pope who rules over all the lands of Bednia -- Eliah Orpheus. He stepped into the role following the untimely death of Pope Xeus -- the father of Benjamin. The whereabouts of the other warriors are unknown at this time, including the suspicious disappearance of one Manuel Frenx aka "The White Knight" Striker.

Sadly, peace is never permanent and our warriors will face a being more powerful than anything they've faced before. A being that, if not stopped, will surely bring about... World's End.

Ragnorak III

Name: Captain Johan Windchaser
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'4
Weight: 235 lbs.
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist
Weapons: Dual Long Swords. He carries around with him two Zwihanders on his back. One long sword would usually require two hands to yield -- but being able to wield both at the same time showcases his strength and versatility in the arts of sword fighting.
Appearance: Hazel eyes with long blonde hair and a huge muscular frame. He is extremely dedicated to his work and usually wears the trademark full knight silver armor of the Holy Knights.
Personality: The Humble Defender. A personality of understanding and compassion. He is not a man who bleeds hyper-masculinity. Instead, he inspires to be a role model for not just his fellow knights, but the townsfolk he protects. His main goal one day is to be just like Striker -- only less cocky and not as funny as he would say. The biggest trait Johan possesses is his sheer perseverance. He never gives up and always finds a way to overcome every obstacle no matter how daunting it is.
History: At a young age, Johan was an unfortunate victim of Vladimir's dark magic. He would transform into a raging beast to wreak havoc unless tamed by a high-ranking Jovacaster. Luckily for him, he found one in Swobota -- a long time friend of Queen Teya and Striker. Following the deaths of Naomi and Benjamin, Johan aspired to be a Holy Knight and took up training immediately. The boy, unfortunately, was not naturally gifted at combat and it took him almost a decade to master the art of swordsmanship. But he never stopped trying and, eventually, reached a status of knighthood at 22. It's been three years since he became Holy Knight and the land of Bednia has been safe ever since. The public loves Johan and he always enjoys visiting townsfolk to help out where he can. Now at the age of 25, his innate abilities have led Lieutenant Eva to offer him the role of Captain of the Holy Knights; a role which he proudly accepted at the young age of 25.

Name: Manuel "Striker" Frenxs
Sex: Male
Age: 54
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220 lbs.
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist? Maybe. He doesn't know ...
Weapons: Dual swords. Arabian Sword and Jovalin's Blade. The Arabian sword was acquired from an Arab Swordsmen after killing him at the age of 22. Jovalin's Blade was acquired during his previous journey. He obtained the sword from the lost island
Skills: 1) Ninjatic abilities. When attacking, he moves at speeds one might say mirrors the speed of light and flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 2) Assassin's Stealth: He can wall run, hang from ceilings, and hide in the shadows. He learned these techniques from years of killing as the Red Assassin. 3) The White Knight. At will, he can transform the "human embodiment of Jovalin" with impenetrable knight armor and large white wings. In this state, his body heals at an alarming rate and his skills are maximized to their utmost limits. Striker rarely uses this form, deeming it "too powerful" to use often in fear he will fall victim to the same lust for power that consumed Maester Trevor Benjamin.
Appearance: He has long brown hair, a red scar over his right eye, and green eyes. He wears a scarf over his face to hide his identity. Wrist bands, black chest plate, red belt, black pants, and combat boots.
Personality: He is calm, laid back, and has a wacky sense of humor that is an acquired taste for many. He has lived a life of trusting no one ever since watching his father die in front of his own eyes -- but after finding love with Queen Teya and his comrades, he has built a new lease on life.
History: The proverbial chosen one. A man who spent his life killing for money and making jokes about it. Manuel Frenxs was born in a small village where he grew up learning the ways of the Ninja. However, at the age of 15, he and his family were kidnapped by the forbidden foreigners and were enslaved for the next 3 years. Over those years, Frenxs skills grew more. And when the time came when he turned 18, he and his father, the world-renowned ninja Treven Frenxs, fought the foreigners head-on, allowing his mom and brother to escape. Unfortunately, their forces were too much for both of them and Treven Frenxs was forced to sacrifice himself for Manny's sake, ordering him to run while he still could. Being left with no choice of the matter, Manuel retreated and escaped safely. Unfortunately, his eyes watched in horror as the foreigners brutalized his father to a bloody pulp. The man who laid the final blow is unknown but has since resided in Manny's mind. The day finally came when he finally got his revenge, striking down the foreigner who killed his father. Ever since then, Manny has traveled his homeworld earth alone, taking up the name "Striker." In our last story, he defeated the evil embodiment of Vladimir and brought about peace for all the lands. Recently, he disappeared and no one has any idea where he went.

Name: Queen Teya Lovett
Sex: Female
Age: 48
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 122 pounds
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist
Weapon: The Book of Righteous. A gigantic book that is as light as a feather but powerful beyond imagination. When casting a spell, the book hovers in mid-air and flips to the page the spell is on.
Appearance: Even in her older years, Teya still has the complexion of a beautiful young lady. She has angelic blue eyes and silk long blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders. She wears an all-white dress with a white tiara on top of her head and matching white glass heels. She carries a necklace around her neck with a "J" symbol to symbolize Lord Jovalin.
Skills: Spell Caster. She cast spells of light to vanquish enemies of darkness. Her abilities ranging from energy beams, healing, illumination, and force fields at the expense of using up her energy.
Personality: Innocent, soft-spoken, and timid. She has a good heart and highly sensitive. Smiles to everyone and has high moral values.
History: The princess who then became Queen of Bednia. Born as an heir to King Henry Lovett the fifth, Princess Teya Lovett grew up inside castle Odom. Throughout her young years, she was trained by her mother, Yolanda Lovett-Greens, in the art of spell casting. She received education from personally appointed teachers by the King himself, which gave her little time to ever live a life outside her castle. After a while, the dad by day kingship living began to bore Lovett, as she yearned for something more. Upon turning 18, the curiosity of the young princess begins to take over and her urge to venture out into the world had grown. Once in awhile she would sneak out of the castle to explore cities around and keep her identity as a princess hidden. She eventually ran into Striker and her life was never the same. She accompanied Striker and his allies to defeat the Naomi and Benjamin, surprisingly holding her own. When her parents passed away, she took her rightful place as Queen over the kingdom and watches over it until this day.

In-story characters:

Ed Rogers - The owner of Ed's Bar in a village named Vanguard. Ed is a long time friend of Striker.

~Eva Shung - The daughter of former Lieutenant Lunar Shung and residing Lieutenant of the Holy Knights. She was once possessed by the Eye of Vladimar and has since dedicated herself to the Holy Knights as a way of atoning for her sins. She has hardened her heart over the years since taking the position.

~Tide and Flare - Also known as the Crusaders. Elemental warriors that fought alongside the warriors in the battle against Naomi and Benjamin. They now aid Eva and Johan as members of the Holy Knights.

~The Former High Priestess Naomi -- A corrupted soul whose purpose in life was to please her loved one, Trevor Benjamin. Once possessed by the Heart of Vladimir. Her whereabouts are unknown but said to be deceased.

~High Priest Maester Trevor Benjamin - The embodiment of Vladimir. Currently deceased.

~Pope Elijah Orpheus - Following the death of Xeus, a wise man by the name of Elijah Orpheus stepped into the position as Pope and has since been known as the voice of Lord Jovalin. He spent his years studying the texts in the Book of Jovalin as one of the most powerful Jovacasters in our world and is a long time comrade of Xeus. Like many Popes before him, he preaches to the masses once every month and watches over all who inhabit the lands.


Use this character template down below:

Race: (Can be anything, but nothing too abstract)
Religion: (Jovalist, Vladimorian, or None)

Once you make it, post it and wait till I confirm it.

« Last edited by KOG on Mar 6th 2020 »
vvv credit to .Impact.

Bow down to the King of Games!!!

I have a NEW RP! Join the RP Ragnorak: "The Seven Spirits of Vladimar!" We need more RPers to help out.
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seydeyurte Posted: 00:38 Dec04 2020 Post ID: 3452955
Forum GuestMember
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Cricket News said that the first ODI between Australia and India will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground. This is the first time Australia has visited the Australian capital for a test match. Shane Warne warned that India will become the worst-hit host in the first test, and the first match opponent Will Pucovski said that this was his team?s achievement in Australia. The best opportunity for good results. The Cricket News also pointed out that India's Australia trip will mark the beginning of a new era in Indian cricket history and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of the sport.

In the final cricket news, please imagine now that Kohli leads India 1-0 in Adelaide, where he scored a lot of points, but the same cannot be said for Pukowski's subsequent knockouts. Zaheer Khan once said that India must occupy Australia and shake it. You might say that good conditions helped the record-255 in the first ODI record of the Sydney Cricket Ground.
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imaloony8.0 Posted: 04:17 Feb13 2021 Post ID: 3453318
Loony and Proud
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Hey, hey! I check in on this site from time to time for nostalgic reasons, and I couldn't help but comment on this. Obviously I'm not here to actually join this. As much as I'd love to walk down memory lane, an RP with two people is just kinda weird (g33k and I did a lot of that though. Maybe I'm just a hypocrite. Who knows?), and I'm also just not interested in Forum RPs anymore. But giving some more of my thoughts on the series as a whole and just chatting about what I've been up to? Why not? It's fun.

I found it really interesting that KOG is still thinking about this all these years later, though clearly I've thought about it as well. Actually, if there was ever a time it would happen, I guess KOG picked a good time, since March 2020 was when the pandemic and lockdowns kicked off, keeping everyone home. Ah, but as I said in my old leaving post, this place is super duper dead. Very sad, but not unexpected, and it kind of doomed this from the start (though I'd be interested in hearing where KOG was thinking of taking this particular story).

It's hard to believe it's been more than 5 years since Evil Eye, and damn near 10 years since Ragnorak 2. And hell, nearly 15 years since I made this account way back when I was in middle school. Obviously I had a lot of fun with this series, but goddamn was I a bad writer.

I can't really bring myself to look back on what I wrote for fear of cringing to death, but from what I recall, in my constant attempt for one-upsmanship, I made a lot of sloppy writing mistakes. Roy was stupid a lot, I added a lot of dumb abilities and details that didn't make sense (I distinctly remember that Roy's mechanical arm had a small blade that extended from the index finger, a detail that I think is still in that Bio, but I'm not sure I EVER used it). I definitely think that I struggled with the whole "Roy is undercover" thing. Also, the whole... what was it, "Instinct/Emotions" split that Roy was going through... ugh was that a terrible idea. Led to some really awkward dialogue and exposition, and frankly the entire process ended up barely mattering for all the effort I put into it, and I damn-near retconned it out of existence in Evil Eye. Though I probably should have actually retconned it out entirely. It was that bad. I think I also remember kind of stepping on KOG's toes during the climax, which was pretty dumb of me. The real issue though, if I'm being serious, is that I misjudged how much of the story was left. I killed off Roy, thinking that the story was about to wrap up, and then I quickly realized that the climax hadn't even really begun yet. So I desperately wanted a way back in, which led to me using the Falcion Ghost plot device. While on a whole that plan kind of failed miserably, I did get a few good things out of it (including a halfway decent cliffhanger that eventually led into Evil Eye, which I assume is non-canon in the RCU).

Speaking of writing, have I kept up with that? Yes and no. I actually wrote for a trade magazine for a while as an intern, so I actually have published articles. Not that I'll actually post to them but that was kind of cool. I still update the blog in my sub if anyone actually cares about that. No judgement. I did just finish a series on my favorite video games of the 2010s. And I really haven't made a ton of progress on "The Legacy of Sky" (now with a new placeholder name: Prism). I'm still chipping away at it when I can, but honestly, a lot of it has just been preparation work. I've also been working on a superhero story made from a bunch of characters from failed Mutants and Masterminds campaigns I was a part of. So yeah, I still write, and it's still fun. Not professionally though. Obviously I'm a grown-ass adult now with responsibilities, and I work as a casino dealer now. Fun. Also PS never gamble.

Oh, but I'm rambling now. Just wanted to bask in nostalgia for a bit. Definitely had a lot of fun RPing with you guys in the past, and it's good to reflect on it sometimes. Hope anyone who ends up reading this is doing well. Maybe we'll talk again sometime in the future. IIRC I put my Steam details in my profile bio, so if anyone really wants, you can try hitting me up for a game sometime. Assuming my weird hours don't mean I'm working or asleep when normal people are up and about. Later y'all.

Wanna listen to me rant about stuff? I started a blog!
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