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steelersrock01 Posted: 17:31 Aug28 2022 Post ID: 3458523
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Volke said:
steelersrock01 said:Yeah stuff like that I have no problem with. My issue is when they retcon existing characters by changing their race or gender just to pander to people. Like in the Harry Potter stage play they made Hermione a black woman. In the upcoming Lord of the Rings Amazon show they have black dwarves and hobbits. It makes no sense because the show is a prequel and there are none in the movies, so where did they all go?

Yeah, stuff like this is majorly p!sses me off. And if you say that in public, some [email protected] who overhears will choose to yell 'racist!' rather than mind his own business.

I'm not sure if I'll bother with the Lord of the Rings TV show. I wanted to watch Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, not Lord of the Woke: The Rings of Diversity.

Imagine the reaction if Black Panther country had the odd whitey here and there in the tribes. You'd never hear the end of it! That film was only so highly rated because of the whole black thing, anyway (it really is not that great).

The real funny bit regarding the new LOTR show is that it's a prequel, and there are no black dwarves or elves in the existing movies. Were they genocided? What happened to them between Ring of Power and the movies? Just hamfisted, lazy writing looking to score points and preemptively deflect criticism.

Sane thing with the new Game of Thrones prequel. A house is explicitly described in the books as looking similar to the Targaryens; pale, blond hair purple eyes. One of them is a major character in the new show - let's make him a black guy with silver dreadlocks. Just silly.
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