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What School do you go to

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steelersrock01 Posted: 17:06 Jun13 2022 Post ID: 3458261
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Lol, maybe where you went to school. Everyone I went to school with definitely cared about grades but also liked to let loose.
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Sanzano Posted: 00:50 Jun14 2022 Post ID: 3458262
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I never experienced university, I just went to a mixed Comprehensive school and College. It's just everyone I know who went to University was focused on getting the best grades possible and didn't want any distractions, they'd basically live at the university and just study, even at weekends.

The school I went to was basically a joke, too many kids, too many bullies. I must admit I did have a good laugh there and made lifelong friends who I still keep in contact with so it wasn't all bad.

The school had five floors, all of which looked exactly the same, 100 rooms on each floor over 500 rooms. I found out recently that the school has since been demolished and in its place they have built three different schools.

I also found out recently the school had the same design as the Maze (H-Block) which was a prison in Northern Ireland that was used to house paramilitary prisoners during the Troubles from mid-1971 to mid-2000. Now I know why the place had such a depressing and cold feeling to it.

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