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Shogun_Zenta Posted: 22:46 Oct29 2005 Post ID: 496871
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okay this topic might work out or might not but lets try it, it will be like the 20 questions topic but with words. okay i will say a word then other people get the rest of the day to guess what the word is short for or long for or the meaning(all is fine) unless someone posts the word between the times of 10:00pm and 12:00 midnight then the people get the time thats left of the day and the next day to guess and if someone guesses right they post a word and so on. but if the day passes and no one guesses what the word means or is long for or short for then the person who has stumped every1 picks a new word.

for example if i pick lol then people try to guess what the word os short for which is laugh ot loud. or if i type laugh out loud then the correct answer is lol. if theres any questions just post them and i have to go, so heres my word...remember the first to guess the meaning or what is short for it or what is a longer word for it wins and gets to pick any word(except curse words) and the game continues so here it is:

methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucylphenylalanylalanylglutaminyll eucyllysylglutamylarginyllysylglutamylglycylalanylphenylalanylvalylprolylphenylal anylvalylthreonylleucylglycylaspartylprolylglycylisoleucylglutamylglutaminylseryl leucyllysylisoleucylaspartylthreonylleucylisoleucylglutamylalanylglycylalanylaspa rtylalanylleucylglutamylleucylglycylisoleucylprolylphenylalanylserylaspartylproly lleucylalanylaspartylglycylprolylthreonylisoleucylglutaminylasparaginylalanylthre onylleucylarginylalanylphenylalanylalanylalanylglycylvalylthreonylprolylalanylglu taminylcysteinylphenylalanylglutamylmethionylleucylalanylleucylisoleucylarginylgl utaminyllysylhistidylprolylthreonylisoleucylprolylisoleucylglycylleucylleucylmeth ionyltyrosylalanylasparaginylleucylvalylphenylalanylasparaginyllysylglycylisoleuc ylaspartylglutamylphenylalanyltyrosylalanylglutaminylcysteinylglutamyllysylvalylg lycylvalylaspartylserylvalylleucylvalylalanylaspartylvalylprolylvalylglutaminylgl utamylserylalanylprolylphenylalanylarginylglutaminylalanylalanylleucylarginylhist idylasparaginylvalylalanylprolylisoleucylphenylalanylisoleucylcysteinylprolylprol ylaspartylalanylaspartylaspartylaspartylleucylleucylarginylglutaminylisoleucylala nylseryltyrosylglycylarginylglycyltyrosylthreonyltyrosylleucylleucylserylarginyla lanylglycylvalylthreonylglycylalanylglutamylasparaginylarginylalanylalanylleucylp rolylleucylasparaginylhistidylleucylvalylalanyllysylleucyllysylglutamyltyrosylasp araginylalanylalanylprolylprolylleucylglutaminylglycylphenylalanylglycylisoleucyl serylalanylprolylaspartylglutaminylvalyllysylalanylalanylisoleucylaspartylalanylg lycylalanylalanylglycylalanylisoleucylserylglycylserylalanylisoleucylvalyllysylis oleucylisoleucylglutamylglutaminylhistidylasparaginylisoleucylglutamylprolylgluta myllysylmethionylleucylalanylalanylleucyllysylvalylphenylalanylvalylglutaminylpro

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goldberg3971 Posted: 22:51 Oct29 2005 Post ID: 496876
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it means a 1,913-letter chemical name for the tryptophan synthetase A protein. muhahaha
jImBoW89 Posted: 01:54 Oct30 2005 Post ID: 497066
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