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Follow the dark path or use the light

dbz: Good and Evil (real)

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~Ray~ Posted: 20:57 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103741
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 49
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here is the real comics Rayku had he just didnt post them.
im hoping you people like them.

Story of good and evil.

Chapter4-9 is DBZ/Dragonballz
Chapter 10-14 is DBZW/Dragonball z Warriors
Chapter 15-20 DBGT/Dragonball Grand Tour
Chapter 21-25 DB/Dragonball
Chapter 1-3 RCH/ Raymonds World
Unknown 100-103 (these come some times during exciting parts)
(Like Cells battle)

(fake story)

Chapter 1

Raymond was born 100 years in the Future of the present time.
The year Raymond was born on was 3109.
He used the time machine in the future.
then he tryed to travel to the past.
Goku and the others got killed
by Kid Buu and Super Buu.
(Super Buu was Brought back to life
by the Dragon balls)

Chapter 2

He sucsesfully travels to the past.
he meets Goku and his friend.
Goku teaches Raymond the
In 1 year.

Chapter 3

Gohan learned a lot and Raymond asked him to teach him
the way of learning it took 1 year to learn every thing that
Gohan had to teach him, Raymond told Goku and his friends about what
happened in the future.
Goku was in shock.
The others wondered if that would really happen.
Goten and trunks found out after they saw Raymond.

Chapter 4

One day Goku had went to Master Roshis Island
to revisit his old friends.
Then his evil Brother Radits comes and takes his son then
Goku and Piccolo went to rescue Gokus son Gohan.
After he faced Vegeta he faced Freeza,Garlick JR.,Cell and Majin Buu

Chapter 5

Goku and Vegeta had a firece battle.
Goku needed Kaio ken X3
just to beat Vegeta but Vegeta had a secred weapen when he
was hurt to much he would turn in to a monkey.

Chapter 6

Frieza was Gokus 3 touthest opponet ever.
He had to use the spirt bomb.
but this did not work.
Goku killed Frieza once he was weak.

Chapter 100
The time

Time had past and Raymond had a baby sis in the future he found out
when she was 47 he was 54 he went to the future and brought her
back. she be came better and better at fighting and soon she was a z Warrior.

Chapter 7

Cell was hard to battle when he was in perfect form.
he gave a fierce battle with Goku. Goku gave up after a while.
Then Gohan steped in the ring.He got the battle rumbling alright then after Goku died
Gohan beat Cell it was in it tough.

Chapter 8
Majin Buu and Super Buu.
Majin Buu came after the tournament.
He absorbed many humans.
he took in many bad humans.
so he made a bad buu.

Chapter 9
Kid Buu

Kid Buu was very strong
He was the toughthest opponet
Goku and Vegeta ever faced.

chapter 101

Raymond was very strong but weaker than
Super Buu.

Once im angry my hair turns red.
And my skin turns brown.
It’s strange.
Ashley sure loves me
cause she don’t hate me.

Ray vs Goku (ss1)

100 health 110 health
Hyoken (35) spr. Kama.(50)
Overrided atk.
-15 health
85 health left
Ray”Nice move! Goku”thanks your pretty good yourself.
Anger mode atk Super saiyan 3

(Ray) (Goku)
Goku”wow your power level is devastating.
Hyokamaken(65) Super dragon fist(60)
Nice work!
105 health left
super hyoken (55)
power down to kaio ken+spirt bomb
Spirt bomb(goku 65)
75 health left
Ray”dang Goku your good
Goku”well, its all training
Normal mode(Ray) Super saiyan 1(Goku)

Avoid+attack(10) Kamahamaha(25)
95 health left
Dark mini ball of destruction (150) Block (-100)
Aww man dude!
45 health

Dark mini ball of destruction(150)
Team kamahamaha(50+50+50=150)
Tie no damage
Spirt power of the evil(10+health to Ray –20 health to goku)
-20 health (goku)75 left
+10(Ray)up to 85 health
Hyoken(add 10 and 20 + 30=60 damage) kamahamaha(25)
Nice hit man!-35(Goku)40 left
Ray”so, Goku you enjoy losing well…
Goku”well you will see what losing really is soon.
Goku”don’t attack me and watch
Ray”ok sure
Ray waits a turn to attack Goku”Super saiyan 3 haaa

Ray”hmmm good
Kamahamaha(20)(Ray) Kamahamaha(25)
-5(Ray)80 left
Ray waits a turn to attack Goku serenders
Gohan”hey Ray Hey Ray
Ray”ya Gohan
Gohan”Lets duel!ok?
Ray”umm ya sure
Ray grows a level
Level 50 out of 50
Ray vs Gohan
Gohan”Lets Go!
Ray”sure any time
105 health 100 health
Hyokamaken(55) Kamahamaha(25)
Nice blow!
-30(Gohan)70 left
Ray”now what Gohan
Gohan”yal see
Dark mini ball of destruction(150) Super Kama.(90)
-60(Gohan)10 left(power low power low)
super hyoken(50) ss1+block

Ray”hmmEnergy blasts (7 blasts = 70dam.)
Level up!
Level 11 out of 50
Note once level 20
You may get upgraded
Max level to level 100.
Gohan”nice battle
Rays to do list:
go to Hyb. Time chamber
Fly to:
Gokus house
Hyb. Time chamber
Roshis house
Ray” what who who’s there???”Your going down punk
vs Battle entered
130 health 110 health
ill flash(40) Final Kamahamaha(40)
Buu”what! NO!!! Youuuu
Charge up(buu)
0 health left dark mini ball of destruction(150)
Buu” what how
Ray” he hehe im pretty good
???”let us handle this Ray
Ray”whos there?how do you know my name?
???” im Vegeto

Ray” wo wo wow what mighty power
Buu” ho ho ho how dare you
Buu” I will absorb you Ray” no Goku Vegeta
Vegeto” …
fine then
Absorbtion sound
Ray” Nooo!!!
Now you too
Ray make decision
Try to help Goku and Vegeta
Rays to do list
Go to go to Kamis lookout
Fly to
Gokus house
Your house or
Kamis lookout
(Kamis lookout)
Note special people will be unlocked to use later in the game.
Gotenks” Hey Ray
Ray” hi Gotenks
Gotenks” Ray you want to spare
Ray” sure

Ray Vs Gotenks
Battle sounds
Fierce battle sounds
Ray” ow
Gotenks” ouch
Ray”well we are both as strong as ever
Gotenks is unlocked
Come to ever your house or Kamis lookout to switch
Swamp people
using Gotenks leave or swamp people
Go to Hyb. Time chamber
Fly to
hyb. Time chamber
Gokus house
Rays house
Where Gohan is.
(hyb. Time chamber)
now Gotenks is abosorbed
(Swamp back to Ray yes or no?)
Ray flys to hyb. Time chamber
Buu” you again
Ray“ Goku Vegeta your alright
Goku” ya we are but Buu’s mad.
Goku” lets fuse
Fu si on ha!
Yes im now Rayku
Rayku Vs Buu(Super)
150 health 130 health
Hyokenkamahamaha wave (75)
Super kamahyoken wave (100)
Team saiyan attack (120)
Kamahamaha (40)
Final hyoken kamaha(90)
Team sayan sp. Attack(250)
Super kamahyoken wave(100) split up(avoid half damage)
-50 (Buu)80 health left.
Team saiyan special attack(250)

Buster cannon
Galick gun
-200(Buu)0 health left
Buu” how how can this be
Buu”uhh whhh ahhhhhh

Kid Buu” mahahahaha
Vegeta”look he’s small
Goku” maybe hes weaker now
Ray”no he’s he’s stronger ah ah ahhh
Ray” let me go to anger mode guys
Ray” haaaaaaaaaaaa
Super saiyan sound

Vegeta” Kakorot lets refuse
Ray” don’t its no use

Ray” cause I did it with my bro and we made a super strong form then it went away we tried it again then it made this form forever.
Vegeta” you mean that weak form
Ray” its not weak we aren’t use to it ok that’s it.
Vegeta” what the

Ray” Goku use ss3 ok


Goku” what!!!!!!

Buu uses Vanishball
Vegeta” Kakorot whats wrong?
Vegeta” haaaaaaa!!!

Vegeta” Lets go kakorot
Vegeta (140)vsKid Buu(200)
Goku (160)vsKid Buu(200)
Ray (140)vsKid Buu(200)
Ray used Hyoken(50)
-50 to Buu
150 left
Buu uses Dark trap balls(0)
Buus atk did no damage
Goku uses super kamahamaha(75)
-75 to Buu
no damage
next turn Goku cant atk
Vegeta waits a turn to atk
Ray goes to normal mode

Ray” there we go
Vegeta” Ray why did you go back to normal
Ray” you will see
Vegeta” hmmp
Dark min ball of destruction(150)
Buu blocks(-100)
25 left
Ray cant atk next turn
Goku is frozen
Vegeta uses Final flash(35)
Split up(half damage)
8 left
Kid Buu used dark evil vanishball on vegeta(130)
10 left(Vegeta) Goku uses Spirt bomb with Kaio ken(110)

-102 left(kid Buu)
Goku” yes we beet Buu.
Switch characters yes or no
Rays story is over

Character maker
Ray penrose

Ray penrose

Dbz makers

Dbz makers

Dbz and Ray penrose

Gotenks story
They got out of buu so
They lived for 10 more years.
Gotenks story over.
Switch characters?
You now have Vegeta and Gohan as

Goku” Gohan u can beat Buu jus trust your self
Gohan” ok dad

pow boom
punch punch kick
Haaaaa pow
Gohan”wow he’s great
Gohan”Yes now im ready to face Buu

120 health 150 health
ill flash((30) Kamahamaha(35)
145 left
Super Kamahamaha(110)
35 health left(Buu)
Power energy beams (55)
65 health left
super kamahamaha(110)
0 health left
level 15 out of 50

Then Gohan lost his life to Buu
He got absorbed by Buu
Along with Gotenks and
Gohans story is over

Switch characters?
Which saga?

Babadi”I will take over your mind
Vegeta” yes do that
Babadi”I will I will do that
Vegeta”aaaw whha ahhhhh
Super saiyan sound

Majin Vegeta Vs ssj2 Goku

120 health 120 health
Atomic blast (45) Kamahamaha(35)
Killer move!
115 left (Goku)
Big Bang attack (140) super kamahamaha(75)

50 left
Final flash(80) Goku uses a punch to reduce damage(-30)

0 left(Goku)
Goku” Vegeta I sense a strong power it may
Be Majin Buu
Vegeta” fine we will put this battle on hold
Vegeta knocks Goku out
And goes to face Buu
Vegeta battles majin Buu
Pow boom Vegeta uses all his might then he blows himself up,
Trying to kill Buu
But his sacriface was in vain.
Later he gets brought back to the earth to beat Buu.
Goku encountered Vegeta
He wanted him to fuse with him
Goku”I don’t know if your going to bielif this but boy am I glad to see you,I have a plan to beat Majin Buu.
Goku” put this
Vegeta” what for
Goku” so we can fuse and beat Buu
Later after the battle the fusion.
Super Buu” ahh ah
Vegeto Vs Super Buu
They battled and They nearly killed Buu then they got absorbed by Buu’
Inside Buu After they got out with the good Buu
Then Kid Buu comes
Kid Buu” Mahahahahaha
Vegeta Vs Kid Buu
The End
look at Part 2
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~Ray~ Posted: 21:00 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103745
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 49
Post Likes: 0
Part 2
(note sorry about the things that say Vs. and show nothing)

Vegeto Vs Super Buu

They battled and they nearly killed Buu then they got absorbed by Buu’
Inside Buu After they got out with the good Buu
Then, Kid Buu comes
Kid Buu” Mahahahahaha
Vegeta Vs Kid Buu
140-health KID BUU 200 health (Boss)
Final Flash (80) Split up (half damage)
160 left (Buu)
Gallic Gun (40) Kamahamaha (35)
155 left (Buu)
Vanish ball (40)
100 left (Vegeta)
Big Bang attack (140)
Buu sits for his move in a weird stance
15 left (Buu)
Bus charge attack was
Warp Kamahamaha (150) Vegeta tries to block (-100)
50 left (Vegeta)
Big bang attack (140)
Buu changes for a special
-140 to Buu
-0 left
You win battle
Vegeta”Now kakorot use the spirt bomb

You now have Gokus story
Switch characters?
(Goku) which saga?
Cell games

Ssj2 Goku vs. Majin Vegeta
Pow boom POW
Vegeta”fine Kakorot lets face Buu together
Goku”what! Wheres Vegeta, he must of knocked me out,
But I can’t sense his energy.
Ssj3 Goku Vs Majin Buu
Goku wins the battle
Then Vegeta and him fuse
Then they Faced Super Buu after Kid Buu

Vegeto Destroyed Buu while inside him They also freed Goten,Gohan.Piccolo,Kid Trunks and Majin Buu(Fat Buu).

Goku did a number on Buu
Then they beat Buu
Gokus story is over
Special story earned
Ray story (part 2+3)
Part 2
Ray +Jason

This is me and my bro Jason
We are all mighty
Jason is older than me.
He’s cool
But we have like nearly the same power.
So we tried a fusion like these two

We did it and we made this guy
Look down
Then we tried it again after we came apart and then we got this form forever.

Jaosn”Then I let Ray take over so I watched all his moves and said nothing to him.
Special part of part 2
Name Ray
Age 14
Birth 01/01/1993
Story age part 1 54 part 2 14

Name Jason
Age 18
Birth 11/04/1987
Special moves are hyoken beam (45)
Kamahamahyoken (120)
Hyoken (50)
Kamakamakamaha (90)
50% scatter shot (%50=55 damage %100=110)
You may play any story over if wanted
Also 2 players is open
Main menu
2-player duel
World Tournament
(You picked 2 player duel to play)
Please pick character player 1
Ray Fusion form
Teen Gohan
Gohan (older)
Kid Trunks
Majin Buu
Super Buu
Kid Buu
Dead Goku
(Ray Fusion form) Vs. new person (Jason)
Attacks Attacks
Kamahamaha(30) Kamakamakamaha (90)
Hyoken(45) Hyoken(50)
Super hyoken(90) super hyoken(110)
Dark mini ball Kamahamahyoken (120)
of destruction(150) Hyoken beam (45)
140 health 160 health
Super hyoken(90) Super hyoken(110)
120 left(Ray ff)
Dark mini ball of destruction(150) Kamahamahyoken(120)
130 left (Jason)
Final big bang kamahamahyoken (350) Block(-100)
0 left (Jason)
Jason is now a 2 player character+Teen Ray and Jason are story characters
Main menu
2 player duel
World tournament
I will play Story mode

Teen Ray
(Teen Ray)
Teen Ray (ss1) Vs Gohan (Future) (ss1)
110 health 100 health
Kamahamaha (50) Hyoken (35)
super Kamahamaha (90) Kamahamaha (30)
Super hyoken (65)
Spirt of family (90)
Super saiyan 2

Kamahamaha (50) Vs.Spirt of family (90)
- 40 (Gohan)(future)
70 left (Gohan)(future)
Gohan (Future) waits 2 turns to attack
Super saiyan 2

Spirt of family(90)
0 left ( Gohan)(Future)

Gohan” Ray you are pretty good
Ray” Thanks
Gohan” Hey trunks

Trunks” yeah Gohan
Gohan” You and Ray double-team me
Ray” are you sure Gohan
Gohan” im sure

Ray and Trunks” o ok
Trunks” after I change

Ray and Trunks vs Gohan
(105 health) Trunks moves (110) health
Buster cannon (45)
Melee attack (70)
Melee attacks (75)
Energy blast (20)

(100 health) Rays moves
Hyoken (35)
Kamahamaha (30)
Super hyoken (65)
Sprit of family (90)
Super saiyan 2 (power up on energy)

Melee attacks (75) Vs. Kamahamaha (50)
Hyoken (35) Vs.Kamahamaha (50)
- -15(Ray)
- -25 (Gohan)
- (Ray) 85 left
- (Gohan) 85 left
- Super saiyan 2
- Melee attacks (75)
- Gohan charges
- -75 (gohan)
- 10 left
- Super hyoken (65) Vs. Super kamahamaha (90)
- Block (-100)
- -0 (Trunks)
- -25 (Ray)
- 60 left (Ray)
- Super hyoken (65)
- Gohan needs to recharge
- -65 (Gohan)
- 0 left (Gohan)
- Super saiyan sound
- Gohan” Ray you need more training
- Ray” ok
- Gohan” Trunks your doing well since we
- Trained for weeks that’s good enough for you Trunks, Ray we need more training from you ok Ray
- Ray” ok sure, Jus not now
- Gohan” why
- Ray” cause uhh well its hard to face you and beat you
- Gohan” ok we can take a break
- Gohan” Ray go lay down in Trunks’s house
- Ray” ok
- Trunks” what should we do Gohan
- Gohan” well im going to kill the androids soon
- Trunks” lets go home so I can study a bit
- Gohan” ok sure Trunks
- Ray yawns coming out the room
- Gohan” So Ray did you have a good Rest
- Ray” yep
- Gohan” Follow me
- Ray” uh ok
- Ray follows Gohan
- Gohan” Haaaaaaa
- Gohan” Lets go Ray
- Ray” what!
- Ray” wait jus wait a second
- Trunks” hey you guys
- Ray” Huh
- Bulma” Trunks, Ray be careful
- Ray and Trunks” ok
- Gohan” Trunks
- Trunks” Yes Gohan
- Gohan” you watch this battle and give Ray tips
- Trunks” ok
- Ray (ss1) Vs. Gohan (ss1)
- Vs.
- Gohan” Ray
- Ray” yes
- Gohan” once someone uses a
- Projectile (energy)
- Attack, use Avoid+Attack
- If a melee attack was sent at you use either
- Counter or block you can also use block for
- Energy attacks but energy attacks above 100 damage it doesn’t help much.
- Gohan” Lets test these things that I taught you
- Then we will both battle with 50 health
- Ray” ok
- Kamahamaha
- Avoid attack and attack back
- Gohan” nice but its called avoid + attack
- Ray” ok
- Melee attack (80)
- Ray Blocks (-100)
- Gohan” good
- Gohan” ok lets battle now
- Ray” yeah
- Vs.
- 50 health 50 health
- Gohans charges up for a attack Spirit of family (90)
- -90
- 0 left (Gohan)
- Gohan” that’s better Ray
- Ray” hey can we help you face the androids with you Gohan
- Trunks” ya it will be a deadly battle, us 3 verse those evil androids
- Gohan” hmmm
- Ray and Trunks” please
- Gohan” ok
- Ray and Trunks walk ahead then Gohan
- Hits both of then over the neck and
- They both faint
- Trunks wakes up first
- He wakes Ray up
- And they go and help Gohan
- Then Trunks went ahead
- To help Gohan
- And he was dead
- Trunks was crying then he turned super saiyan
- Ray” Trunks your a Super saiyan

- Trunks and Ray Vs. Android 17 and 18

And Vs
- Trunks learned ss1 and HyokenKamahamaha (350)
- (Trunks 200)
- (Ray 140)
- (17. 130)
- (18. 130)
- Ray used: Spirit of family (90)
- Trunks used: HyokenKamahamaha (350)
- 17. 0 health left
- 18. 0 health left
- 17.” What!
- 17.How can this be?
- 18.” Don’t worry
- 17. And 18 leave
- Trunks” yes we beat them
- Ray”yep we did
- Ray” but who can sub for Gohan
- Ray” so I can learn more
- Trunks” me
- Ray” you but how
- Trunks” Gohan taught me everything he learned before we found you homeless
- Ray” can we start training now
- Trunks” sure
- Ray” go as hard as you can go trunks
- Trunks” if you say so ok

Ss1 Trunks Vs. Ray (ss1)

50 health 50 health
Melee attacks (75) Block (-100)
Buster cannon (45) Avoid+attack (10)
-10 to Trunks
40 left
Trunks charges ss2 (change of clothes)

HyokenKamahamaha (350) Avoid+attack (10)
-10 to Trunks
30 left
Trunks is Recharging Super hyoken (65)
-65 to Trunks
0 left
Trunks” good Ray but next time you should use counter
Ray” ok
The Future

Trunks is older, So is Ray

Trunks” Ray come here
Ray” why?

Trunks” jus come here
Trunks” Help me build a time machine
Ray” what I don’t know how to build a time machine
Trunks” then sit here and watch me do all the work
Trunks” First use your super saiyan like me
Ray” I don’t have super saiyan any more all I have is Anger mode

Trunks” fine then use anger mode
Trunks” Haaaaaaaaaa

Ray haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ray” There
Trunks” Lets battle one last time, the loser faces Buu.
(This match matters who wins so win)

Ray Vs. Trunks (Boss)
150 health 340 health
Super Hyoken (90) Burning attack (120)
-30 to Ray
120 left
Dark mini ball of destruction (150)
-150 to Trunks
190 left
Buster cannon (65)
- 65 to Ray
- 55 left
- Dark Hyoken wave of Kamaha wave (300 X3=900) Vs. sp atk (Hyoken wave kamahamaha) (300)
- -600
- 0 left
- Story over
- New story
Gohan (Future) New!
Teen Ray
Trunks (Future) New!
Trunks (16 yr future) New!

(Gohan) (Future)
You are à

Gohan was training Trunks while androids came and attacked

Gohan (ss1) Vs. Android 17
110 health 100 health
Kmahamaha (50) Power Blitz (45)
Super Kamahamaha (90) Energy field (65)
Full power kamahamaha (175) Full power Beam (210) (Must charge up twice first)
Power Blitz (45) Block (-100)
17. Charges
Super kamahamaha (90)
-90 to 17.
10-health left
17. Charges again
Full power kamahamaha (175) 17. Blocks (-150)
-25 to 17.
0 health left

17.” Humph
Gohan” you androids are done
Pow boom
Gohans (Future) story is over
New story
Gohan (Future)
Teen Ray
Trunks (Future) New!
Trunks (16 yr future) New!
Dead world New!
Ray got killed by the new born Kid Buu so he is now dead as a teenager.
A tournament
(Marky) (Ray)

Attacks (Marky)
Final flash (60)
Final Finisher (80)
Death cannon (250)

Ki blast cannon (70)
Dodompa (55)
Super ki blast cannon (130)
Tien Vs Marky
100 health 100 health
Dodompa (50) Final flash (60)
-10 to Tien
90 left
Guard(-50)(+charges) Final finisher (80)
Guard had no effect to Markys attack
-80 to Tien
10 left
Super Ki blast Cannon (130) Avoid+attack(10)
- 10 to Tien
- 0 left
- Marky wins

Vegeta(ss1) Vs. Goku
100 health 100 health
Final flash(80) Kamahamaha (80)
-0 to Goku
-0 to Vegeta
assecent saiyan power Ssj2

super dragon fist + Ssj3 (350)
Vegeta Charges
- 350 to Vegeta
- 0 health left
- Goku wins

Goku Wins

Krillin Vs. Ray (ss1)
100 Health 100 health
Rays attacks
Kamahamaha (50)
Hyoken (65)
Super Hyoken (120)
Super Natural Kamahamahyoken (200)
Super saiyan 2

Super Natural Kamahamahyoken (200) Block(-100)
- 100 to Krillin
- 0 left
Ray Wins

Goku (ss3) Vs. Marky
105 health 105 health
Marky attacks
Final flash (60)
Final Finisher (80)
Death cannon (250)

Kamahamaha (55) Death cannon (250)
-195 to Goku
0 left
Marky Wins
Cell breaks in from H.F.I.L
105 health 120 health
ss2 automatic
super natural kamahamahyoken (200) Block (-100)
- 100 to Cell
- 20 left
- super hyoken (90) Spirt Bomb (120)
- - 30 to Ray
- 75 left
- suiper natural kamahamahyoken (200) Spirt bomb (120)
- -80 to Cell
- 0 left
- Ray Wins
110 health 110 health
Take off armor
Ray charges(+200 energy) Final flash (60)
-60 to Ray
50 left
avoid+attack(10) charge(+200)
Melee attack(75) melee attacks (95)
-20 to Ray
30 left
Super natural kamahamahyoken(200) avoid+attack(10)
-10 to Ray
20 left
hyoken (65) charge (+50)
-65 to Marky
45 left
avoided part (-180) death cannon (250)
-70 to Ray
0 left
Marky Wins

Letter to Marky
Dear Marky
You are entered in a world tournament and you may come if you wish thank you hopefully you come
From ???

Letter to Ray
Dear Ray
You are entered in a world tournament and you may come if you wish thank you hopefully you come
From ???

Enter name please
Majin Buu
Cell Jr.

???? Vs.Ray

Marky Vs. ??????
Ray Vs. Cell
110 health 120 health
Super natural kamahamahyoken (200)
” what No!!!!!!!
- 200 to Cell
- 0 left
- Marky Vs Cooler
- Death cannon (250)
- ” what No!!!!!!!
- ” Marky
“you wanna work together?
“yeah sure
Ray+Marky Vs. Majin Buu+Cell Jr.
Super natural kamahamahyoken (230)
-230 to both

0 left (Buu)
0 left (Cell Jr.)
Ray” This is easy
Marky” I know
Marky” Ray if you lose I will take over
Ray” ok
Kid Buu Vs Ray
110 health 320 health (Boss)
Super natural kamahamahyoken (200)
Buu charges for a attack(+350)
- 200 to Buu
- 120 left
- Buu uses Warp kamahamaha (130)
- Ray Blocks(-100)
- -30 to Ray
- 90 left
- Super hyoken (90)
- Buu recharges
- -90 to Buu
- 30 left
- Kamahamaha (50) Hyoken (60)
- - 10 to Buu
- 20 left
- Buu Guards (-80)
- Super natural kamahamahyoken+30 (230)
- -150
- 0 left
- Kid Buu is completely destroyed
- Dead world story over
- New story
- Rays story(evil side)

Ray(evil side)
Gohan (Future)
Teen Ray
Trunks (Future) New!
Trunks (16 yr future) New!
Dead world
(you chose Ray (evil side) to play)
- Dark form Ray
- “ahhh whaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
- Dark ora appears
“Ha I must be the strongest being in the world mahahahahahaha”
“whats to do here though?”
Landing sound
“huh hey whos there?”

“ray calm down, ray!”
“NO! jus shut up before I kill you!
,I am stronger than you so stay out of my way”
“I I just guest I will have to kill you then”
“kill, me, mahahahahahaha”
“shut up you fool”
“who said that”
“me Vegeta don’t act stupid”
“your both to weak to beat me”

“I don’t think so haaaaaaaaa”
super saiyan sound

“ohh no”
“kakorot now”
Ray Vs. Vegeta (ss4)
pow boom “haya” “hyoken wave kamaha”
“kakorot hurry”
“almost there”
“time to die Vegeta haaaa”
“now kakorot nevermind that”
“what now”

“SO how will you beat us now?”
“hmm I have the perfect idea”
“what impossible”
“first Jason!!!!”
“yeah bro”

“lets fuse”
“yeah sure ray”
“lets go”
Gogeta(goku +vegeta)
Punches Ray
“dang we can’t fuse with those two so lets fight them”
“yeah like you two alone can beat us”
“lets go”
Gogeta Vs. Ray + Jason
Vs. +
650 210 205
hyoken (65)
kamahyoken (75)
instead transmission (-0)
“ha you both missed”
“that was only 1 move jus you wait”
“yeah rays right you wait and see”
full power dark hyoken wave (500)
-350 to gogeta
300 left
super kamahyoken (150)
- 0 to gogeta
- 300 left
- big bang kamahamaha(160)
- -160 to Ray
- -160 to Jason
- 50 left (Jason)
- 45 left (ray)
- so they battled and gogeta won as it seemeed
- “I told you two already I would win”
- “how can this be me and Jason lost”
- fu-si-on-ha!
- “ohh gosh”
- “yes we did it”
- yes indeed they got rayson
- now we made Rayson
- “yes rayson is ready for action”
- so they battled and battled.
- I hear that gogeta won others here rayson won
- So… rayson barly won but he won.
- Then unfused minutes after goku and vegeta.
- “thanks Jason”
- “ NO problem bro see ya”
- “I wonder If I fuse with a girl what that would equal”
- “ohh well, its worth a try”
- “hey!!! Songo can !!you!! here!! Me!!?”
- “yes Ray”
- “do you mind if we fuse”
- “yes I do!”
- “what wrong?”
- “this is whats wrong”
- pow
- Sango slaps ray
- What was that for? Said ray
- “For never coming to see me all you have been doing has been hanging with your friends!”
- “I don’t hang with friends”
- “yeah! Right!”
- “listen here sango im rays evil side touch me once more and your dead”
- “no It cant be”
- “ahhhh whhaa noooo not now!”
- “huh” said Sango
- “what happened?” said ray
- “Rayyy its you”
- “huh”
- “hi Sango”
- Sango hugs Ray very tightly
- Ray blushes
- “Sango you can stop hugging now”
- “no I cant im so happy to see you”
- “why?”
- “you don’t know”
- “no”
- “your evil side took over you”
- “he did”
- “yes and your back now”
- he had a weird look he had blonde hair like gokus”
- “he had one hair going down the forehead like you,
- he also had a blackish yellow shirt”
- ”what color pants?”
- “white”
- “that’s the form me and goku make”
- “what was his name?”
- “I think it was ray,like your name ray”
- “hmmm”
- “what was his personallaty like?”
- “well no offence but yours just worse”
- “ok thanks Sango”
- Ray flys away
- “he’s so cute even if he’s only 14”
- Sango laughs
- “I wonder where should I go now” said ray to himself
- Ray retuns to Sango for one more question
- “hey Sango”
- “yes ray”
- “uhh how tall was this guy”
- “I think 6.1”
- “wow”
- 6.1 im only 4.9 or 5.2 or something”
- “Sango laughs well hes kind of you”
- “yeah you could say that”
- “ok thanks”
- “any time ray”
- “he’s like a little bro to me kinda”
- Sango laughs
- “I wonder whats to do now?”
- “Raymond”
- “yeah Ray”
- “you know Sango right”
- “yeah”
- “well she is your sister now”
- “what!”
- “its true”
- “your older sister”
- “I will see you later”
- “where you going”
- “to tell Sango the news”
- “what are you crazy?”
- “no I jus want her to know”
- “wait”
- “awww man he’s gone”
- Ray returns to Raymond
- “hey Raymond”
- “what”
- “stop flying”
- “ok ok what do you want”
- “I want to fight here and now”
- “uhh”
- “or else”
- “or else what?”
- “I shall make you cry or hurt you really badly”
- Raymond says to himself
- {well maybe he is right then I will fight him}
- “ok I accept the challenge”
- “and I thought you would back down”
- congraduations
- you have earned profile reader a mecanical machine that tells you profiles
- read profile for Ray?
- Yes
- Name: Ray
- Age:255
- Type:evil evil spirit
- Info. He was created in many minds one was Raymond another cell and other people.he was made to look like a teenager instead of a old man.he is very powerful.

§ Battle
- Vs.
- 350 210
- “come on Raymond you really think you can win”
- “shut up and battle”
- melee attack (110) kick (80)
§ (during burst mode both player choose moves until someone gets three hits its like normal attacks but each time someone has higher damage it dosent hurt the other person it only wins that round once someone gets hit with 3 attacks not in a row jus 3 they get all the damage added and it reduces the players health)
…k(25) …p(10)
“come’n Raymond you stink over here”
“I said shut up”
k(25) Sk (45)
Sk (45) Hk (75)
Dhk (90) = shk (90)
Pp (50) sk (65)
Battle end
-185 to Ray
“errrrr how dare you”
“ hehe”
“errrrrrrr !”
“fine Raymond you win you win”
“ya that’s what I thought you’d say”
“no its just that your too weak for me”
“I bet your too weak”
“no really you are too weak for me at least I will see you later don’t count on being the winner of the next match”
\Ray leaves/
“tah how can he say that too me his lil brother”
/Ray yells out to Raymond try this website lol(laugh out loud)/
if you went to this website you are dumb lol
/raymond yells out to Ray shut up\
“well at least I can see my bro Jason or my sister Sango”
Ray visits Sango
“uh hi Sango”
“Hi Ray! Did you get the news?”
“what news?”
“you know me and you are brother and sister”
“ohh ya that news I remember alright”
“so little bro you like having another sister?”
“how did you know I had another sister?”
“well Ray told me also I kindav studied you”
“you did?”
“you also know that…”
“Ray is your oldest Brother”
“how do you know these things?”
“I told you Ray told me”
“ya sure ok”
“really,you better believe me”
“or else what?”
Sango slaps Ray accross the face
“what was that for Sango?”
“you said or else what”
Sango laughs
Ray leaves
Ray turns evil once again
“ahhhh whhaaa”
“Yes! Im back”
evil Ray flies away to Goku
“ohno its you”
“Yes im back Goku”
Evil Ray Vs. Goku
650 450
“Lets go Goku”
New moves!
Dark hyoken (190)
Hyoken (80)
Dark power of the neverworld (1050)
“Now your dead”
Dark power of the neverworld (1050) avoid+attack(-10)
Avoid+attack has no effect (reason: its follows the person)
“Ha you’re done”
-1050 to Goku
0 left
Eivl Ray wins
“Ohno I still can’t beat him!”

“Dangit im back to ssj3”
Sango yells out Raymond
Raymond goes to Sango
“Ya what Sango”
“I wanted to ask you wait ahhh its you again”
“Ya its me stupid girl”
“Im not stupid you’re the stupid one”
“How am I stupid im probably older than you and smarter”
“Tah im 47 girl ahhhh whhaa not again!”
“What happened?”
“Yay your back”
“Uhh my evil side came back?”
“Yep once again”
“Well looks like you two are making out”
“Shut up Ray that’s discusding”
“We (me and Sango) should leave you Ray you suck”
“I suck huh, if I suck why did I let you win the battle”
“What battle?”
“This one stupid”
§ Battle
- Vs.
- 350 210
- “come on Raymond you really think you can win”
- “shut up and battle”
- melee attack (110) kick (80)
§ (During burst mode both player choose moves until someone gets three hits its like normal attacks but each time someone has higher damage it dosent hurt the other person it only wins that round once someone gets hit with 3 attacks not in a row jus 3 they get all the damage added and it reduces the players health)
…k(25) …p(10)
“Come’n Raymond you stink over here”
“I said shut up”
k(25) Sk (45)
Sk (45) Hk (75)
Dhk (90) = shk (90)
Pp (50) sk (65)
Battle end
-185 to Ray
“Errrrr how dare you”
“ Hehe”
“Errrrrrrr !”
“fine Raymond you win you win”
“ya that’s what I thought you’d say”
“no its just that your too weak for me”
“I bet you’re too weak”
“No really you are too weak for me at least I will see you later don’t count on being the winner of the next match”
\Ray leaves/
“Ohh that”
“Ya that”
“Hey Ray, Raymond”
“What Sango” said Ray?
“Do you two have some kind of grudge aginist each other?”
“Yes we do,”said Raymond
“Oh ok”
“Ray gets away from us”
“Why Raymond I have just enough of a right to stay here as you”
“Cause me and Sango should have our moments”
“Our moments?”
“Ya our moments, only us”
“Tah get out of here”
Ray (other ray) leaves
“What do you want to do?”
I dont know, ohh ya I forgot Ray”
“This letter its for you”
Dear Ray if you want to battle/talk to an old friend come to the tournament ring that you and Marky fought the evil villans
“Well I guest I should go”
“Ok see ya then”
Raymond leaves
“Maybe I should sneak behind him ya jus incase”
Ray arrives
“Who’s here?”
“Finally you’re here kid”
“Who’s? There!”
“Im not calling the names you are”
pow boom kacheeing
“Ha Raymond you cant beat me”
“Err hes right”
“You have no choice but to serender”
“Ray don’t worry I have your back”
“Marky its you”

“Now would you really think I would let you down?”
“Well no not really”
Marky Vs.???
Pow ching haya kapow
“He really is strong but not strong enough Haaaaaa”
Pow boom ha
“Eat this”
“Ha you both can’t hurt me mahahahahaha”
“Errr da**”
“Marky maybe you should stand down”
“No im never standing down”
“Now I will show my true face and Form”
“Whatt now?”

“Now how will vs. me? Or shall you burn in He**
I am the Dark Lord”
Profiles scan?
Name: Dark Lord
Age: Unknown
Info.he is a dark ruler of dark people he can summon any one dark in the world to help him win any battle or go any place.
“Aww man he’s strong”
“Yeah you’r right Raymond”
“But still we can’t give up”
“Lets fight then”
Ray (other ray) watches them until they beat the enemy

Dark Lord Vs. Raymond+Marky
Vs. +

“Wait don’t fight”
“Whos that”
“Wait you guys”
“Raymond Marky let me fight with you two”
“Uhh sure ok”
Vs. + +
1500 210 250 750

Sangos attacks
Shinoko (150)
Kirara (ki-la-la)(90)
Shield (Moroku)(-200)
Chain saw (140)
New Moves
Dark form (+290 health)(Ray)
Flash back (200) (Marky)

Dark wave (500) hero guard (-1000)
-0 to Sango-Marky-Ray
Dark Lord recharges Dark Form (+290 health)500 health

Marky changes forms
Shinoko (-150)
-150 to Dark lord
1350 left
“How dare you”
Attacks (Marky)
Final flash (60)
Final Finisher (80)
Death cannon (250)
“You fools I have all your powers death cannon”
Death cannon (500) avoid+atk(10) avoid+charge shield(Moroku)

“You people are scared mahahahahaha”
-10 to Dark Lord
Dark wave (250)
Sango swamps places with one of her friends

1050 health
Wind Scar (750)
Iron reaver soul stealer (500)
Full demon form (+1000 damage)

Death cannon (250)
Guard (-400)
No effect
“Ha your too weak also”
Dark wave of destruction (2000)
-Block (-500)
-1500 to Dark Lord
0 left
“What how can this be? No!!!!!”
“Ha looks like we have beat you”
“I am all mighty”
“Tah it looks like you had a tough time with him so lets see you beat me”
“Ray its you”Said Sango”
“I sent that monster demon to kill you people I hate you all including Sango”
“Well I wonder how hard Ray will be if that guy was so tough” said Marky
“Raymond your first to die”
“Whats happening oh no im turning back to ss1”
Ray Vs. Raymond
990 210
Dark powers of brother hood (450) guard (-140)
-310 to Raymond
“Tah that was easy”
“Who’s next?”
“Dang I lost”
“Let me go lil bro”
“Wait girl wait don’t fight him let me fight him for my brother Raymond”
“What? You mean Raymond your brother?”
“Ohh then im your sister Sango”
“You ok?”
“Ya its its just surprising”
“That I finally have a sister”
“Well I don’t know what to say”
“Common and fight me you fu**** fools”
“Ray don’t swear,” said Raymond
“I’lll swear if I want f*** Y** Raymond”
“Do you want me to kill you again Raymond you lost already now let someone else have a fu**** turn to fight me or lose trying”
“W/e (=whetever)”
“Fine lose again then
“First before the fight haaaaaaaaaaaa
Lets fight”
210 990
Super hyoken (140) Evil Hyoken (230)
-190 to Raymond
“Errrrr dang”
20 left
“ what he** is he doing?”
End of story
Next story Jalen
(cyber) (real name: Jalen)
super bang blast
Final bang attack
Super burning flash
Transormation: ss5
Selfdestruct (ss5 only)

Very powerful warrior with huge muscles and has many super strong moves
Is he good or evil who knows?

Jalen was lonely his parents died and his Father was raged and he used his power for good.

Jalen headed to earth in a spaceship from another planet and met some friends named Ray and Marky they were all friends.
So they lived on there lives until some strange creature came to earth and it was super strong and his name was Broly
So after so long Jalen and his friends decided to try to kill Broly

Jalen:hey guys theres the monster
Broly:you guys r dead meat
So they all fought Broly and they killed him and now they lived on there lives.
Someone came out of no where
And he looked like this below

Name: Kahlil
He is a teen with very strong moves his attacks can be very strong in time for anger.
He has an evil inside but hes a good guy.

Final Hyoken wave
Spirit sword
Big Bang kamahamaha
10x double sunshine attack
Ray:who are you?
???:I am the one called Kahlil
Cyber:who are you again?
Kahlil:I said Kahlil
Ray:are you death or something cus?
Kahlil:hey you guys wanna hang out with me?
Cyber:are you sure we can trust this guy?
Ray:yeah I think so
Broly:how dare you how DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kahlil:who that!!
Cyber:yeah Broly
Ray+Cyber/Jalen+Kahlil and Marky Vs. Broly

Lvl 7
Atk 24
Def 21
Spd 18

Lvl 1
Atk 10
Def 8
Spd 12

Lvl 5
Atk 18
Def 29
Spd 16

Lvl 1
Atk 13
Def 12
Spd 10

Lvl 15
Atk 94
Def 81
Spd 113

Who goes first?
Last: Kahlil

Broly 450
Ray 210
Marky 180
Jalen 100
Kahlil 100

Final Hyoken wave
Spirit sword
Big Bang kamahamaha
10x double sunshine attack

Blaster Shell (120) Block (Ray) (-100)
Avoid+attack (Kahlil) (-10)
Guard (-all damage) (Jalen)
Death Cannon (250)
-30 to Broly
420 left
Broly:how Dare you Die!!!!!
Super ultimate Hyoken wave (300)
Marky Recharges
Ss4+Big Bang Kamahamaha x10 (999+) Legendary super saiyan
-999+ to Broly
-300 to Broly
0 left
Battle end
Exp increased
lvl up (Kahlil+Jalen+Marky)
2 (Kahlil+Jalen/Cyber)
lvl up
lvl up
lvl up
lvl up
lvl up
lvl up
7(Kahlil and Cyber)

Lvl 7
Health +100=200
Atk +10=23
Def +9=21
Broly:how can this be
Broly flew away
Ray:nice job team
Cyber:yeah we kicked Brolys butt with our powers
Kahlil:yeah I know
Marky:man I thought we’d be done for
Ray:we are stronger than that
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DBZ_DUDE Posted: 21:01 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103747
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Wow well i guess he changed the other ones alot then!
THE 2 MOST POWERFUL SAIYANS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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~Ray~ Posted: 21:04 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103752
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he included some of his friends in this (Kahlil,Marky and Cyber/Jalen)
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~Ray~ Posted: 21:08 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103759
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yeah he did this is what he really had for the logest time he started in 2002
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~Ray~ Posted: 21:09 Mar21 2005 Post ID: 103760
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i ment longest
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DBZ WARRIOR Posted: 06:15 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 103894
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You're not giving me/us much of a choice.
Death is but a door, Time is just a window,...I'll be Back!!!!!
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Xyber Posted: 13:15 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104138
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~Ray~ try to not open so many topics about your comic...
One topic is o.k...but try not creating many of them, because some of the members want to get answers and discuss about the game, not about your comic...
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ss13 Jay Posted: 13:17 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104140
ss13 Jay
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yeah thats true
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DBZ_DUDE Posted: 15:00 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104271
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Well not all of us but i would have to agree!
THE 2 MOST POWERFUL SAIYANS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ss13 Jay Posted: 15:03 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104275
ss13 Jay
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DBZ_DUDE Posted: 15:05 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104279
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THE 2 MOST POWERFUL SAIYANS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rayku Posted: 16:40 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104423
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well im not adding to this one like every one else im leaving it as it is
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Rayku Posted: 16:42 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104425
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since some body went and posted this story that wasent supose to be posted
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Rayku Posted: 18:08 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104546
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dbz dude do you have an e-mail address?
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DBZ_DUDE Posted: 18:10 Mar22 2005 Post ID: 104552
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Yeah the changes were really better!!!!!!!
THE 2 MOST POWERFUL SAIYANS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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