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Juli Posted: 07:40 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120303
Posts: 10,989
Post Likes: 0
Juli said:Oh well... I think I should do this...

June 15th, 2008...

Juli, remember, even if it is Monday, you shouldn't be at home, studying, or watching anime... Also, don't get so angry because you lost a card game because someone was thinking of you... But you have to kill that person, though.

Oh sweetie. 2008 was an interesting year for you wasn't it? Anyway, after 4 years, out of which you dated a guy for 3 of them, we finally got out, aren't we awesome?

Uh, also, we still are sore loser when it comes to card games. But, Juli, we've achieved more than what we ever thought. Though we are still in the internet and our social skill is ok, but we still feel that all socialites should go die. Hehe. I cut my hair very short, you wouldn't be proud. Started dressing like a girl though, that's something, right?

Also, I missed this for 4 years, but I'm back C:

Avy&Sig by Saphy.
Damn... My English still isn't perfect...
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Forgoten_Scars Posted: 07:45 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120309
Orbis terrarum est mei
Posts: 14,831
Post Likes: 28
Forgoten_Scars said:Forgoten_Scars 15-Jun-2011

I sear to God, if you're a Super Mod come summer of 2012, I'm shooting you. You know as well as I do that the status is bullhonkey.

It is crap. Oh well, at least Rich asked twice if you should be Admin. Give it a month, things will change.

To future Pollo; Why are you still here?
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InvertAlpha Posted: 10:51 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120343
Posts: 5,686
Post Likes: 6
Sweet page stretch sphynxx.
Join me at the Top! The Apex of Pokemon!

Shoutout to the year I only used liking FS/N to have an excuse to make signatures
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Craizen Posted: 11:04 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120353
AvatarSuper Mod
Posts: 8,105
Post Likes: 66
Craizen said:
Craizen said:Didn't even knew this exisited. Missed two years.

Friday, June 25th, 2010 2:35 p.m

I had no expectations.

Have expectations next time
And graduate

Wednesday June 22, 2011 6:30 p.m

Hmm, it's Friday Again!
At 11:04
Of the Fifteenth

Hopefully next time you've lost the weight
And gotten better at art
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steelersrock01 Posted: 11:26 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120358
Posts: 16,736
Post Likes: 162
steelersrock01 said:
steelersrock01 said:steelersrock01~Posting on June 15th, [email protected]:17P.M.
I'll be here next year.
4 years later baby

Still here.

Not sure if this is good or bad
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mini_mario Posted: 16:33 Jun17 2012 Post ID: 3120907
Posts: 3,710
Post Likes: 3
mini_mario said:mini_mario

Joined: 31 Mar 2008

Is a...

3146 Posts
87 Subs

Currently Online

June 16, 2009
By next year you will see me quoting this exact post.
At least need 3 more spots to mod and 9k.

Better late than never. Boy, were my predictions wrong.

avatar credit to Trainer Saphire
signature credit to Layne
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InvertAlpha Posted: 13:15 Jun27 2012 Post ID: 3124153
Posts: 5,686
Post Likes: 6
This turnout is even worse than last years.

Oh, and TI can't delete posts that break Dave's post once rule or w/e.
Join me at the Top! The Apex of Pokemon!

Shoutout to the year I only used liking FS/N to have an excuse to make signatures
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nightmare2 Posted: 20:44 Jun29 2012 Post ID: 3125035
Lord of Nightmares
Posts: 3,482
Post Likes: 41
No idea if I ever did this so may as well start over

nightmare2 - June 29, 2012
Future msg to myself: HI ME! You had better still be here if not i'm hunting you down
Sir Adam of Peridot Nightmares

Go visit the Fan Fiction and Role Playing Forum and check out what is there maybe you will see something of interest and feel free to stay and have a cup of -insert beverage of choice here- and some cookies. It's on the house! Well it would be if I had a house...
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coachcline Posted: 01:11 Jun30 2012 Post ID: 3125143
Just call me Coach
Posts: 8,819
Post Likes: 1
Don't feel like finding mine. *_*

CoachCline - June 30, 2012
Message to me in the future: If time travel has been invented by now please go back in time and murder your grandpa just to see what happens.

Siggy proudly brought to you by .Impact!
[insert random quote or phrase that makes the sig space look less bare]
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InvertAlpha Posted: 10:28 Jun30 2012 Post ID: 3125271
Posts: 5,686
Post Likes: 6
^I'm actually surprised you didn't what you always did. You know, when you said something that would end all life, but it was in a smaller font. I thought you were going to say something about December 21, 2012.
Join me at the Top! The Apex of Pokemon!

Shoutout to the year I only used liking FS/N to have an excuse to make signatures
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Will d (mr ramdom) Posted: 11:42 Jun30 2012 Post ID: 3125275
Will d (mr ramdom)
*Insert witty title here*
Posts: 1,580
Post Likes: 4
Well, may as well do this too.

Will d (mr ramdom) - June 30th 2012

Hey, if your still on this site and actually checked back to find this, then my god, leave the house for once.
And please tell me you got a job. Anxious

^Sig by SG^

My Team. It's amazing.

Contact me at: [email protected]
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dx_hbk Posted: 15:36 Oct13 2012 Post ID: 3160272
Posts: 8,991
Post Likes: 6
dx_hbk said:
dx_hbk said:
dx_hbk said:wtf why did you bumbed this vee X_X.

I am feeling stupid now D=

15 jun 2009 posted by dx_hbk.

persnol msg: are you alive,are you still in the vampire thing,do you still like rated rko and do you still argue with conor about punk and edge.

Yes i am alive >_>. no not anymore ._.. No i hate randy orton now , EDGE FTW =D. No conor usaly never gets on msn T_T and when we talk about games ;-;.

Message for the future me: "So got good memorys of 2010 IRL and online =P? Are you still an athiest? Still like edge? Punched vasco in the face yet ? still adicted to minecraft ? Is the list of your top 5 bands still the same? Is your favrouit song still the same?"

ha I can't belive that a year has already passed i loved 2009 =D.

I am probably replying late any how , next time i reply i will do it on june 18th.

- Sure 2010 was pretty good but 2009 was even better anyhow....

- Yes , I still use my brains rather then following other people blindly. Heck i think you are a stupid person , you can't even argue about why you think you're right.

- Haven't played Minecraft in ages. So no

- Eh not really. Changed alot though i need to find some new bands thanks for reminding me of that

- I don't have a favourite song you num nut.

and no haven't punched him yet.

Quesiton for the futher me.
1-Improved you're spellings ?
2-Who is the bigest inspiration in you're life? (currenlty Carl Sagan)
3-Have you're views on sciecne changed?
4-Has your view of sam harris cahnged?
5-What do you think of Dan barker?
6-How is the college going ?
7-Got out of the god debate yet?
8-Is hitchens dead?
9-Favourtie band ? (currenlty porcupine tree)
11-New cosmos near its launch ?
12-What song are you listenting to now ? (currently Wither - Dream Theater)
13-Chlease winning ?
14-Got a job ?
15-Talk to vasy more often now?
16-Astronomy,Cosmology Or partical physics ?
17-Any bad news?
18-Good news?
19-Still here?
20-Gave adam his money back?
21-To many questions?
22-Know alot more about sciecne then you used to ?
23-More mature ?
24-What do you think of philosophy?
25-Still have the same phone (Iphone 3gs)
26-Favorite football player (frank lampard)
27-Oh how times have changed right?
28-Haveing fun with you're life Smile?
29-How much have you changed :D?

That will do Smile.
2010 was good but not as much as 2009.

Lol, couldn't do it on june 18th. Also, stop being mean on the 2010 abdul, 2011 abdul is still stupid on many perspectives. And 2009 > 2010 > 2011 > 2012. Sigh

Anyhow, I'll Answer the questions now.

1- I do think my spellings have gotten better.

2- To many people to name, but it is still Carl Sagan most probably.

3- Not really. Maybe some minor changes, but I do think that science is the best way to go if you want to know about the natural world.

4- Yep they have a bit. I don't appreciate him as much. There are many better people then him out there, but he is fun to listen to. Having said that, I haven't listened to him in a while.

5- He is alright I guess, don't listen to him much.

6- Its pretty good. Got into A-levels, sadly couldn't get into Further Maths.

7- Lol no. I am having a debate with the college Imam this coming friday.

8- sadly, yes. He passed away on 16th of December last year :(

9- Still Porcupine Tree

10 -lol no

11- Not really, still got an year to go I think.

12- Losing My Religion by R.E.M

13- Hell yea! Chelsea won the Champions league and are at top in the BPL.

14- Nah, can't be arsed.

15- Nope. Talk to him on email once per week and like once after 110 days on chat.

16- Cosmology.

17- Didn't get as good grades as I wanted.

21&22- Yep

23- I know a lot more about philosophy now, It is very interesting.

24- Yep, but was thinking of getting S3

25- Frank Lampard still.

last 3- It hasn't changed much really. and Its alright I guess.

Ok, questions for the future me now.

1- What song are you listening to ? (currently Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai )
2- Is Carl Sagan still the biggest inspiration ?
3- Did you got An A in physics & maths and B in biology & critical thinking ? or Is it worse then that ?
4- Wrote that paper on the Kalam Cosmological Argument yet ?
5- In touch with Mariam, Vasco and Muzzie ?
6- Still on Sc ?
7- Chelsea still going strong ?
8- how was 2012 and 13 ?
9- Learned more Calculus ?
10- Doing Further MAths ?
11- Good enough to get into Oxford or UCL ?
12- Frank Lampard still playing ?
13- sorted out your hair style ?
14- Did good at debating matters ?
15- Public debate with Saleem yet ?
16- Met Krauss and Namazies so for, met anyone else cool ?
17- Finished RDR yet ?
18- AC is still awesome ?
19- increased knowledge of Cosmology ?
20- did anything Major ?

See you after a year :D.

^ That guy is GOD

"Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home." ~ Carl Sagan

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superbird5005 Posted: 18:37 Oct13 2012 Post ID: 3160324
Shawn the Supreme
Posts: 8,109
Post Likes: 5

I don't remember ever doing this, oh well.
Hatershateme is forever bae

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Pravinj Posted: 21:22 Oct13 2012 Post ID: 3160385
^Oh look! my username...
Posts: 3,319
Post Likes: 60
Missed this completely


Hey you! future Prav! What's new?

« Last edited by Pravinj on Oct 15th 2012 »

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Email: [email protected]
~Avy and Sig by me~
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stormform Posted: 15:11 Oct14 2012 Post ID: 3160771
Eternal Lurker
Posts: 2,115
Post Likes: 43
stormform said:Stormform, 16 of October,
Message for the future:
You better not be banned!
If you have super mod status or 4-5 mod spots my goal is accomplished.

Loool I didn't even remember I had this, and only 2 days short of a year late :D

Well I'm not banned, I think. And that goal. Yeah right. :P

Future me; 14th of October 2012
Am I banned yet?
What have I done during the year?
Also try and get it on time this time.

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Warrior13 Posted: 11:12 Nov18 2012 Post ID: 3173679
Jimo Dashen
Posts: 28,866
Post Likes: 1,055
Warrior13 said:November 13, 2012

Be 18 Years of Age (That's going to happen no matter what. XD)
Be Ranked in the Top 5
Win at least on MVP Competition
Be a Super Moderator
Have at least 10,000 Forum Posts and Team Posts
Have 3,000 Submissions

Well, five days late.

Be 18 Years of Age (That's going to happen no matter what. XD)
Be Ranked in the Top 5
Win at least on MVP Competition
Be a Super Moderator
Have at least 10,000 Forum Posts and Team Posts
Have 3,000 Submissions

I only have one goal for a year from now:

Still Be Active

« Last edited by Warrior13 on Nov 18th 2012 »
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zeldafan11 Posted: 14:23 Nov26 2012 Post ID: 3176042
Sanity: false
Posts: 1,978
Post Likes: 0
zeldafan11 said:Never noticed this. :p

2011 me: Have a job still?
Black Ops good?
What's up?
Did you remember your 2010 self? You *******...
^Still interested?
Are you still here in 2011?
^If so, why? :p

I probably won't remember this but, oh well.

Only two and almost a half years late, legit.

Different job, it was so-so, all the things, yes and I hate him now, no, no, no, n/a.

To future self:
You better have asked her out, FFS.
Get a raise, better job or fired somehow?
Best have gotten your new PC, it's only taken you 3 years now...
Car still running or have a new one?
Accomplish any personal goals yet? What the hell have you done all year, then? So lazy...

Sir Alex, the Ruby Knight of Everlasting Life
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InvertAlpha Posted: 02:10 Jun15 2013 Post ID: 3252911
Posts: 5,686
Post Likes: 6
InvertAlpha said:
InvertAlpha said:
InvertAlpha @ 15-Jun-2010 00:07:37 said:

Holla back from 2010 IA! :D

SoulSilver was epic. You also suck for losing both the Hot Shots League and Platinum League. :(

Ok, 2011 version of me,
Tell me, is Pokemon Black/White EPIC? Did you beat your friend in the Johto League? 2010 Hot Shots League? If not, YOU STILL SUCK!
Can't really say much about a girlfriend this year. Still no GF, but with a Wall, a Fall, and a 'call' you hope things work out next time you see this post on 6/15/11.
I better be reading this next year...with a mod spot still...otherwise it isn't my fault if sporks are ending up in your neck.
Have a great 2011 summer, me! And remember! omgwtfbbq! :3

PS: eeeewwwww sporks.

-June 15, 2011-

'Sup Dawg.

Of course Black/White was cool, and don't expect any leagues to get played, except for your friend playing league of legends e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e- d-a-y until you read this again in 2012. This is why I hope to respond next year saying that I got that job over the 2011 summer and made sure my Senior year in high school wasn't boring as fu...well, I won't finish that sentence...just make sure to have a ps3. (and the recent hackings aside, it's a good system, fyi)

GIRLFRIEND, do you have one YET? AT ALL? If not, QUIT BEING SO CAUTIOUS. (and the reason for that happened in 2009. either fix it or GET OVER IT) Odds are if you're reading this (I graduate before June 15 next year) and don't have one then you just wasted your entire senior year without anyone. I sure hope that doesn't happen, and if I does I'll be too sad to care that I'm getting curb-stomped because of your missed opportunity.

PS: Have a fun last summer 2012-self!...before going to some college that, as of 12:08 AM on June 15th, 2011, you have no idea you're going to. Oh, and remember this one word:


I've got nothing else to say, but things will probably be edited in later.

-June 15, 2012-
hi me.

let's see where to start...
-friend stopped playing League of legends...finally...
-no job because that same friend was too lazy to continue it...
-Senior year? well it wasn't as cool as I thought. At least I graduated three days ago. 11th grade will always be the best year of high school for me.
-NO I DO NOT PLAN ON CURBSTOMPING MYSELF!!! I don't actually blame myself for not getting a girlfriend, I blame the classes that I teeth get to live another year.
-So on June 15, 2011 at 12:08 A.M. you didn't know what college you were going to...and...I still have the same problem...oops! Well better get cracking at that...before you're left telling people if they want fries with that until I read this in 2013.

So, message to my 2013 self.

Did you live through 2012? Because if you're reading this obviously...that or it was all just a sham...just like all of the other world ending crises. Hopefully you chose the right path because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing in three months. Like I said before GET CRACKING ON FINDING A COLLEGE. Pokemon Black 2/White 2 come out this fall. By next June you SHOULD have finished by what did you think? about any relationships. Seriously, you swung and missed at least twice in high school. Glad you didn't strike out, though strike one wasn't just a whiff, it missed it by miles. You should not be a human replica of Socially Awkward Penguin anymore, by the looks of post-graduation events meet a few people. (no not meat, i said meet) Just don't get that third strike. Otherwise I break that aluminum bat over the back of your head.


Oh, sorry, Insanity wolf.

and for a funny way to finish this year's message, here's something from EpicMealTime.

Next time, we eat foreskin.

~June 15, 2013~

Um....hi....I am disappoint.

Lets review:
-you basically did nothing this past year
-all you did was learn to drive. i blame my dad for how late that ended up.
-friend starting playing League of Legends again a month later from your last post. sigh....
-speaking of looks like you won't go into one this fall....get to getting in this winter...I think I know which I'm going to at 12:03 AM....yeah
-I lived through the non-existent 2012 disaster
-I think BW2 was better than BW. deal with it.
-it's hard to get a girlfriend when you sit at home for 365 days. my teeth can live one more year. unless you go to a college, I'm not threatening myself with curbstomping.

Time to talk to my 20 year old 2014 self:

Hey, man! If you're reading this, then the US economy still hasn't collapsed. Did you go to college like you want to? If not you're wasting away the most precious years of your life, you dummy. And while you're at it....get a job. You have a lot of things to buy in the upcoming year. 3DS, GTAV, Pokemon...among other things of course. How was Pokemon X&Y? GTAV? Did you not get a job and missed out on everything? If so you're either an idiot or didn't get hired...

And please tell me you have a GF. I've said this message after message after message. Since the 2010 message to be exact. You're used to the feeling of being alone, but you have always wanted the feeling of having a friend who is a girl. Believe me, I know. I'm you. (I am a shadow, the true self). This message is void if I'm still doing nothing for the next year....mind you.

edit: hehe....foreskin....

Go Hawks.

« Last edited by InvertAlpha on Jun 15th 2013 »
Join me at the Top! The Apex of Pokemon!

Shoutout to the year I only used liking FS/N to have an excuse to make signatures
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Xeta Posted: 12:10 Jun20 2013 Post ID: 3253912
Posts: 6,133
Post Likes: 79
Xeta said:
Xeta said:
Xeta said:Not really. I remember this topic.

Xeta - June 15 2009

Summer health sucks.

Yeah, work sucks too.

Shut the **** Beneta. You suck.

Also, qwertyuio is corrupt and must be stopped.

why am i posting in this
ozzo said:xeta actually makes a lot of sense most of the time

if everyone agreed with him more often we wouldnt have this problem
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albert wesker Posted: 05:40 Jun24 2013 Post ID: 3254764
albert wesker
Posts: 806
Post Likes: 34

I don't know why im here
Gamertag: ThatWhiteGuy177

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