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TestVirus101 Posted: 03:00 May02 2008 Post ID: 2224368
Ah crap he's finally dead
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If you've created a Character and wish to store them in here for use in other Role Plays, just post them in here. This topic allows you to conveniently store all the details of all your characters so that you can quickly find them when you need them.

The two big rules here:

1. DO NOT post anything off topic here. Discuss in the FF/RP Discussion Thread

2. ONE POST PER MEMBER. If you get any new character Biographies, then EDIT your post and add them in.
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geezerguy Posted: 11:43 May02 2008 Post ID: 2224575
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1)Name:Intane (Ine-Tane)Diskalic (Disk-Call-Ik)

Age: 16 In appearance, 88 in years.


Height:5 Foot 11.

Weight:134 Lbs.

Weapon:Intane uses two Katanas, which he is very skilled with. One can manipulate fire and one water, with this he is a very hard oppenent in battle. He uses these as if they were connected to him and can move swiftly with these. He keeps them across his back like a X shape in two holders.

Skills:Intane is extremely skilled with his katanas. He is also very speedy, he could trick almost anyone in battle with his speed and is always a worthy opponent in battle. Intane is also trained in martial arts and could disarm someone in a second.

Appearance:Intane has Semi-short Down to the top of his ear.)shiny brown hair which has a blonde through the middle, he has light blue eyes. He wears dark blue Martial Artist robes with a Japanese sign on it (His master's sign), and dark blue baggy trousers to match his robes. For footwear he has plimsoles that allow him to have a better movement in battle. Underneath his Robes he wears a black undershirt. He wears a necklace which also has the sign of his master on it. He also has a small scar underneath his eye, he got this from a battle with a "Shell".

Personality:Intane is usually very talkative and joyful. He makes friends very easily and likes being with people, but when in battle or planning something Etc. he can be very serious and a valid member of any team and would defend his friends at all cost. He can be very fierce when provoked and you would not want to make him angry. Intane is very trustworthy and almost anyone would trust him with their lives.
Summary:Joyous, happy, serious, loyal.

History:Intane was born in a small Japanese town, where he learnt Martial Arts and went to School. He enjoyed life and was very happy, but one day on his way back home from his Martial Arts Class a thug tried to mug him, Intane used his martial arts on the thug but the thug stabbed him in the back with a knife. Intane was sent to the Soul Convocant and has spent many years their, he now helps them fight the "Shells" back into Hell.

2)Name:Tieno Dundun





Weight:234 lbs

Weapons:A plain wooden staff with which he uses his magic and could do damage with it, he carved it himself when he was a boy and trained with it almost everyday using magic and fighting techniques. He also has silver daggers which he is very skilled with, which his Father gave him before the war broke out and his village was destroyed.

Appearance:He wears a long orange and yellow magical robe with magical symbols all over it. He wears a black belt of Taekwondo, a martial art of kicking. He has short black greasy hair and one yellow eye and one orange eye. Underneath his robe he wears plain brown trousers and a t-shirt. He has a tatoo on his hand of his villages mark, he had it done when the village was at war so everyone knew were he was from. He has surprisingly large feet at size 13 and wears special trainers/sneakers for comfort, which really looks weird with his set of robes.

Skills/Magic:His staff in which he casts his magic from. He has full control over the fire element hence his orange and yellow clothing, he can also pull out a variety of spells varying from strength spells to paralyzing spells. He is very skilled with his magic, he was taught by a man named Finotzu in his old village and he is now very skilled. He is also skilled in the kicking martial art of Taekwondo and is fierce with his legs.

Personality:Tieno is a joyous man who loves to have fun, but when he is in battle he can be fierce and fiery and you shouldn't stand in his way. He has a very good sense of humour and loves making people laugh. When he is around people the place is always lively, he can also be very serious at times where need be.

History:His home was destroyed by the recent wars, he was outraged by the damage made to his village and set out to confront the Overlord. He does not like the new Overlord and is trying to bring peace to the world again when he got to Ceasaria to confront the Overlord he got caught by the afforitys and was thrown into a level XIII prison.

3)Name:Dante Iamora

Age:213(looks 30-40)





Skills/Magic:Dante being immortal can't die but can get seriously hurt
and be knocked out/put in a coma-He has telekenesis and can read peoples minds, he can move objects with his mind and move and throw them at will - he can send people crazy with his mind powers. He is a very good fighter, he learned from a great teacher called Hinozu, he taught him everything he knew, but not everything he knows now..

Weapons:He recieved a set of daggers and throwing knifes(he collects the throwing knifes after his battle because they are special too him) from his teacher, he is very skilled with them and is very very good at aiming, he could hit a target from metres and metres away.He also has different throwing knifes just incase he loses the ones his Hinozu gave him.

Personality:Dante is generally a nice man but when he gets angry he can be fierce. He is very generous and would share his food with anyone, even though he sure does love his food =D

History:Dante is the son of Jemima and Leo Iamora, they were killed when he was 4 and his teacher Hinozu took him in and started teaching him. He left his teacher when he was 19 and has been travelling the world ever since(a long time I know).

Appearance:Dante has spikey shiny black hair, he has muscular physique and a great smile, he has very shiny teeth. His got weird eyes, its a twirl of blue and red and a hint of green. Hes got surprisingly small feet, he is only a size 6 1/2. He wears black and blue armour and a brown t-shirt and brown trousers under his armour, he also has a long thin scar running through his forehead too just above his chin from a battle he had when he was younger.

4)Name:Dureno Floreno






Skills/Magic:Being a human Dureno doesn't have any magic powers,
instead he uses his strength and martial art skills (taught too him by his father). He is a slick and sneaky mover he could sneak past you without you even knowing.

Weapons:Dureno has a sword he found after a great battle him and Dante saw, it has magical powers but they only work when he is in trouble and when they are needed, it has untold powers and noone knows what it could do. He also has bow and arrows that he is very skilled with.

Personality:He has a very short temperment, but when his not angry he can be very funny and cheerful. When he gets angry he trys to hold back but when he gets really angry he gets vicious (spelling).
History:Dureno lived in a small country until a bigger country over took it and he became a slave when he was 12 until he was 17 by then his father, mother, and older sister had died, Dante said he would help Denero escape if he became his student, Denero accepted and they set off together.

Appearance:Dureno has medium length brown hair with a streak of white through it, he has brown eyes and wears brown martial artists robes, he has a holder for hiss sword around his back and one for his bow and arrowss on his shoulder, he has a red scar on his cheek from a training accident with Dante.

5)Name:Insilo Fiar.





Weight:165 Lbs.

Weapons:Insilo uses two Katanas, which he is very skilled with. One of the Katanas are painted dark red and the other light blue. The red one can manipulate fire and the blue one water. With these he is a worthy oppenent in battle. He uses his katanas as if they were connected to him and can move swiftly with these. He keeps them across his back like a X shape in two scabbards. He recieved these when he was 12, from his Grandfather when the meteor hit. His second weapon is two smaller daggers, both black in colour, he isn't that skilled with these as he is with katanas. He recieved these at a small village he visited on his journeys.

Magic/Skills:Insilo cannot manipulate his own magic, but with his two Katanas he can manipulate fire and water magic. Insilo is a fairly speedy person due to training for almost everyday of his life for almost 7 years, with his katanas. Insilo isn't a strong person, but what he lacks in strength he makes up with speed.

Appearance:Insilo has long, greasy dark brown hair down to his shoulders. He wears fairly casual clothes with a plain black jumper and black trousers, underneath his jumper he wears a plain white t-shirt. On his feet he wears plimsoles for fast movement and stealth. He wears bright white gloves on his hands for a tight grip on his katanas. He has a tatto on his right arm
of a Cheetah pouncing, representing his speed.

Personality:Insilo is normally very serious but can be fun at times and he makes friends easily, when he is devising a plan of somesort he normally listens to other peoples ideas before stating his own. Insilo can be very sarcastic at times, which can either get on peoples nerves or annoy
them to the point of wanting to hit him. Insilo trys to interact to whoever he is with.

History:Insilo was just 12 when the meteor hit the planet of Balador, with both his parents dying before he reached the age of 4 he was looked after by his Grandmother and Grandfather. When the meteor hit his Grandfather, named Kiamora, knew something devastating was going to happen and decided to teach Insilo the way of the katana. After five years of training with his Grandfather, he past away. He set out to try and find the evil when just 17, and has been travelling for two years dropping into towns, citys and villages trying to find information about the "Shadows".

6)Name:Shirlena Flora.





Weight:123 Lbs.

Weapons:A sword which is called "Electira", a long slim sword that can manipulate the element of Lightning, Shirlena is very skilled with this sword, and could do serious damage with it. She recieved this sword from her fther when the meteor hit Balador, when she was 17. She keeps this in a scabbard on her waist. Her secondary weapon is a bow and arrow, with which she gained on her travels.

Magic/Skills:Shirlena can minipulate the element of Lightning with her sword "Electira". Shirlena isn't a very powerful person, but she is a very speedy person, this is a good addition to her Martial Arts training. With her Martial Arts she could disarm someone within a second.

Appearance:Shirlena has fairly long black hair with a blue streak across the right side, she keeps her hair in a bun. She wears a blue tunic, underneath this is a plain black t-shirt, for leg wear she has baggy blue trouser, which she wears for comfort. In the foot department she wears black plimsoles, and underneath these white ankle socks. She has a long scar across the left side of her face, from a training accident when she was 19.

Personailty:Shirlena is a fierce person and is very serious. She is rarely a fun person and doesn't like interacting with people often. She is a very sly person and can intimidate anyone, with her evil looking smile and the scar on her face. If she gets close to someone she will try to protect them at all costs, but she rarely gets close to people she meets. Although looking evil, she isn't and uses this to intimidate her enemys.

History:She was a normal girl, until the meteor hit Balador when she was 17. When the meteor hit her father feared something terrible was going to happen, so he presented her with "Electira". After a year had past, her fathe had turned 50 and he instructed Shirlena to start travelling and gain information about the "Shadows" and to come back when she gains enough information. But she has other plans.


Name: Iris Sequoia
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: 114 lbs
Element: Nature

Weapons: Iris carries a bright green staff, seeming to be made out of plants and vines, but solid, unbreakable. She carries this all the time, using it as a walking stick. Many connected vines spiral around from the bottom of the staff to the top, the magic of the staff running through these vines. The magic of this staff allows Iris to control the element nature, controlling anything from a single flower to a full grown tree. The staff seems to glow when it is use, creating a beautiful sight when used quickly by Iris. The staff has gone through the female side of her family for many generations, one girl from each generation inheriting the staff and being in control of the element nature. She also has a small bag of magic leaves that can heal smaller wounds.

Skills: Iris is very quick on her feet, and can be very stealthy, being able to run through a forest, a wood, or any place for that matter, barely making a sound. She can jump far and high, and is very flexible, able to do flips, spins, twirls, etc. She is also very monkey like, being able to jump from tree to tree with ease, swinging from vines, etc. Not only is her staff good for magic, but she is very skilled with it and can use it in combat as a deadly weapon, hitting pressure points to stun her enemies.

Appearance: Iris is a very beautiful young woman, as are all of the woman in her family. Many people are mesmerized by her great beauty. She has long, dark green flowing hair coming down to the top of her waist. She often has it in a ponytail or a bun to stop it getting in the way in combat. She has bright green eyes, with long eyelashes. She wears matching dark green trousers and top, ripped in some places, with light brown shoes, all made by her father. She has no scars or cuts over her body or face, as she can get rid of them with her leaves.

Personality: Iris is a very kind and generous person, she protects anyone but her enemies if they are in trouble, not caring whether she knows them or not. She grows on people very quickly due to her generosity and kindness. She has a very calm attitude and does not fight unless need be. Although her calm attitude she loves an adventure and hates being stuck in one place for too long.

History: Iris grew up in a poor tribe, marked by her home made clothes. Her family has been the leaders and protectors of the tribe for a long, long time, her being told stories of this as a young child. When Xantav took over the tribe was attacked when she was 16, everything was demolished, everything was destroyed, nothing remained. Only Iris and her staff. After this happened she was upset for e a very long time, which was understandable, her family, her friends, everyone she knew were gone, the Demon Legion took all of their lives. After a long time of grieving Iris had a change of attitude. She trained with her staff everyday, practised fighting and manoeuvring in many fashions, she grew stronger everyday. She wanted revenge. One day she started to travel, and stumbled across a small village that resides other people with abilities that also wanted to challenge Xantav.

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imaloony8.0 Posted: 12:59 May02 2008 Post ID: 2224631
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Name: Mia
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 108 lbs.
Appearance: Black hair that seems to resemble someone familer... anyways, she has stone cold brown eyes and keeps two bands on her legs at nearly all times and wears a pair of light tennis shoes, white with red streaks on them, a pair of head phones she likes to keep on her head, she never seems to plug them in, just seems to have them on because she likes them. She has on a plain white T-Shirt with, what looked like written right on it was the words 'Can't touch this' and on the back, saying 'literaly' no one gets this. she also has a black hooded zip up sweat shirt on at all times, always unziped, and it seems to get in the way while fighting, but she never takes it off. For her legs, she wears a pair of jeans which hit at midcalf.
Weapons: A familer brother-sister sword combination, Kimaru, the brother sword, is the size of a regular sword, and a knuckle gaurd on the hand grip. The sword is slightly curved, and instead of having one smooth blade, it haze hundreds of razor points along the blade, very small, but can rip the opponent to shreads. The sister sword, Nardina, is slightly smaller and a short sword would be. This sword is held backwards, so as to be used for defence, is double edged, and has a chain hidden in the hilt to make long distance attacks. When used together, this is a nearly unbeatable combo. These swords are kept paralell across her back, with one hilt facing up, and the other facing down.
Skills: Her speed is above average, though not incredible, but her punches are solid, once again, but not really all too powerful, but very quick. She also seems to have the power to controle the elemental powers of lightning and darkness. She can do very difficult twists and bends to dodge attacks or attack from different angles, due to her flexibility.
Personality: She seems pretty cold, not acnologing most people, but really, she's friendly and an easy person to like if you get to know her.
History: Recieved her swords from her mother, and was told to keep a certain evil spirit from returning from the grave, she trains a lot, never seeming to try to work on beating anything here, now, but preparing for something to come. Her father has also taught her well in how to fight and controle her power, and she still looks up to him as a great parent and mentor. She insisted on leaving her parents a year ago, her father was reluctant, but her mother mearly smiled and told her to never give up, and keep looking ahead, which is what she's been doing, promising her mother that she wouldn't ever stop.

Name: Zenon
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'1
Weight: 119 lbs. (Mostly in muscle)
Appearance: A familer looking buster jacket handed down to him by his father, Beet, once he became a level 10 buster. He has the same messy hair as Beet, and the same caring eyes as his mother, blue. He keeps a green undershirt on under his multicolored jacket, and a pair of black, form fitting buster pants, black boots just like his father's, and a belt around his undershirt.
Weapons: He carries three on him at all times. A spear, which he learned how to use after his father's long teachings, the exact one that Beet used when he was a buster (AKA, the 'Power Spear'). He also has a gun with him, just a pistol, but after Shooting with his mother, Poala for a while, his acuracy became deadly, especialy when he puts his scope on it. His last weapon his a sword, the same one used by Beet's older brother Zenon in his battle against Beltorze. It carries the divine power of light within it, unknowingly to Zenon. He taught himself his immense skill with the sword after countless hours of practice.
Skills: He's very strong for his age, getting most of it in his sword and Spear practicing. He also has very good eyesight, better than 20-20, which helps with his shooting a lot, in fact, he can hit the center of a target constantly from 100 yards without even using a scope. He can use the Divine power of Fire extreamly well after so many lessons from his mother, and is on his way to learning how to use light. He is very fast, and uses it combined with his skill with a pistol to take down enemies from closer range. He has Five Saiga, givin to him by his father, The Bruning Lance, holding the divine power of Fire, The Crown Shield, with the Divine power of Water, The Cyclone Gunner, with the power of Wind, The Boltic Axe, with the power of Thunder, and the Excellion Blade with the power of wind. Beet refused to give his son his own saiga, telling him he had to make his own at one point. His skills with the saiga, however, are below par. He tries hard every day to master them, but still can only use the Cyclone Gunner, the Burning Lance, and the Crown Shield in a battle well. Just like his father, he stays awake for 3 days straight, but must sleep the entier 4th day.
Personality: Very friendly, and tries to be friends with everyone, funny, and always tries to help people. Like his father, he has a strong sence for justice, and always works as hard as he can to reach his goals, but can get over confident easily.
History: The son of Beet and Poala, born shortly after the Dark Age ended, and his father and mother taught him how to be a buster, even though they were no longer needed, since he could walk. Shortly after his birth, a vandel appeared, to everyone's shock, to deliver a message: "The Eyes of Darkness will rise again" He died right after delivering his message, and sure enough, several years later, the vandels began attacking again, somehow back, and Busters were reborn, some new, some old, and Zenon was one of them, and set off on his own right after becoming a buster, swearing, just as his father did, that he will end the dark age.

Name: Sky
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117 lbs.
Weapons: The Sword of the 4 Winds. Sky collected this weapon and used it to save her world, and continued to use it. It's an ancient weapon shaped with a curve somewhere between that of a kantana, and that of a scimitar, colored a very light shade of blue. This blade is infused with the power of wind, and has 4 hidden powers within it. This sword also has small vents all over it than open when she has it out, and close just before striking to make it glide through the air as if it weighed nothing. Sky also carries two daggers on the back of her belt. Lastly, Sky carries a Desert Eagle, colored with swirls of gold and silver, forming an eagle on either side of the handle. Sky calls it "Heaven's Eagle" and it fires powerful bullets made of pure light. When it runs out of ammo, Sky pulls the clip out, charges more light energy into it, and slides the clip back in for reduced reload time.
Skills: Sky has blinding speed, so much that if she pushes it as far as it can go, time literally slows around her. She claims that she can move as fast as light when she's sprinting all out, and has proven this on many occasions. Doing this, however, tires her out very quickly. She also seems to have a little more trouble slowing down than Fan, but she's improving. Sky also has a hidden, angelic form that she only brings out when she has no other choice, allowing her to move even faster and increases her strength as well as give her command over the light element. She can also control wind currents and bend light into attacks and weapons at will. This allows her to use her swords special wind abilities, North: Pain, South: Barrier, West: Illusions, East: Binding. She can also combine these winds into more powerful and advanced attacks, but this takes much more of her power to do so.
Appearance: Sky has flame red hair, tied back into a ponytail with a few strands of hair hanging in front of her face. She has a long sleeve sky blue shirt on with a white winter vest, and dark green cargo pants and black tennis shoes. She also wears a loose red belt on which she keeps her daggers. Her sword is kept in a form-fitting sheath across her back, and her two daggers are kept in sheaths on the back of her belt. Her "Heaven's Eagle" is kept in a holster attached to her right thigh.
Personality: Sky is always upbeat and friendly. She rarely gets angry and is always trying to make everyone smile, but when she does get angry, she's nearly impossible to stop, no one can really stop her. She's never shy and always goes up and greets a person no matter who they are, she may be a bit too outgoing for her own good. When in her angelic form, she seems to take up the personality of a happy, young school girl, almost toying with her enemies like she's playing.
History: Sky got her sword just before killing Flame, king of her world. Since then, Sky has been trying to find out the secrets of a powerful power she holds within her, and expects that the vortex would help her control it. Her best friend is Fan, a girl from her world, that Sky believes she gets along with Fan since opposites attract. Sky is also known as The Girl who can walk on Air, she grew up in a city called Cloud City, and her mother and father were killed by Flame shortly after Fan disappeared. Most of her powers were found out during her long struggle against Flame, and all of her true abilities may not even be fully revealed yet.

Name: Fan Nec(rom)
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125 lbs.
Weapons: A brother and sister sword combination, the first is called Kimaru, the brother sword, and is a regular sized sword with a knuckle gaurd on the handle and a slightly curved shape with instead of one smooth blade on it, it has a dozen large rippers on it, the sister is called Nardina, it is a very short sword, nearly a dagger that is held back wards and used for defence, it is double edged and has a chain hidden in the handle that can be used for a long distance attack. The chain is coated with a special darkened pain that makes the chain nearly unbreakable, and, even if broken, Fan can run some of her dark energy through it to make the chain repair itself. It's unknown how long the chain actually is, since Fan never seems to run out of slack while using it. When the two swords are used together in the right way, it's a deadly combo. Both were used by her mother untill Night Wave posessed Fan and forced her to kill her own mother, she found them shortly after she returned from other world after being killed. Lastly, Fan has a demonic shotgun that she calls The "Black Raptor". It's a black, pump-action shotgun with a blade that runs from the bottom of the barrel to the trigger gaurd, leaving space on the lever to pump the gun. It has carved onto one side of the barrel so that it looks like it's been scratched in, an outline of a raptor, the scratches in a blood red color. This gun can fire either slugs, or buckshot rounds that Fan can craft from her dark energy. The gun has a massive kick to anyone besides Fan, and fires incredibly powerful shots, capable of blowing through layers of stone and metal with ease.
Skills: Fan has incredible speed, comparable, but slightly slower than Sky's. She can move a little faster than the speed of sound and has master explosively accelerating and decelerating. She has control of darkness and lightning, and, like Sky, she has a form, but hers is hellish, and deadly powerful. It allows her to channel her darkness power into much more powerful attacks, and allows her to move much faster. It also makes her personality change to that of someone very evil and blood thirsty. Because of this, she doesn't like to use it much. She is significantly (Physically) stronger than Sky, but her strength isn't really too impressive in general. She's a little stronger than many normal humans, and in her Demon form her physical strength is increased, but she still isn't really all too powerful. She can also use her dark or lightning energy to power her swords for a short period of time, and use it to shape ammo for her shotgun. Lastly, she can move fluidly when using her sword combination, almost as if she's one with the swords. Her technique with them is flawless, and hard to defeat. It relies heavily on aiming every attack so that if it lands, it will kill or cripple the enemy, and she moves very smoothly with the swords, "rolling with her punches" as she jokes. Her Fabled techniques are the Darkness Lightning, and the Spider's Strike.
Appearance: Long black hair that reaches about halfway down her back, pitch black eyes, she also has an open black jacket held "closed" with a leather strap. The jacket is short sleeved and only reaches 3/4th of the way to her hips, and with a red tank top with black swirls in it underneath. She wears worn jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. She doesn't really seem to care about how she looks, which is why her hair style is simple and flat. The "Black Raptor" is slung over one shoulder, while Kimaru is slung over the other in a sheath, and Nardina is in a sheath, horizontal on the back of her belt.
Attitude: Fan has a bit of a dark personality, but she's also kind in her own, odd way and helps people whenever she can, but when angered, she attacks relentlessly, usually killing the person in less than a minute. She's scary when serious, but has a gentle side... hiding somewhere behinds her tendency not to take crap from anyone. When she is in her demon form, she seems to become evil and has a tendency to lean more towards violence, making her very bloodthirsty.
History: Used to be one of the most feared beings in the universe, but now is trying to make up for everything bad she's done, but now she's stopped making up for what she's done to help her friends, she went through relentless training, going to the ends of the world to find new ways to train and has even developed her own fighting style. She's had to face the other side of her, Night Wave, managing to banish her, but she doesn't know for how long. She has quite a rivalry with Sky, but despite that, they're still best friends. Fan has one daughter, and a husband, who she never talks about. She's trained her daughter herself, and is proud of her abilities. Now she just wanders, looking for answers, about her family, and her power, but is at the end of her rope and running out of leads.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 115 lbs.
Weapons: Excelleon Blade, Crown Shield, Burning Lance, Boltic Axe, the Cyclone gunner, and the power spear, the power pole with a spear head on it.
Skills: Zenon Winzard and a whole lot of other powers for his other saiga, excellion mode, and excellion overdrive mode and Saiga elemental attacks.
Magic: Beet can set his arm of fire with the divine power of fire and has mastered the divine power of light, with such attacks as light bullets, light pole, disc of light, rain of light spikes, and a few others. His true abilites, however, lie within his saiga and their ability to release fire, water, wind, thunder, and light attacks, and his ability to go to Excellion mode, which adapts to whatever saiga he's using, giving his a set of armor and a fighting style unique to that saiga.
Appearance: Beet wears a white buster jacket, a blue undershirt, black boots, and white baggy buster pants. He has messy black hair, and blue eyes. On his chest, when his buster jacket and under shirt are open, is a branding of many lines, showing what level buster he is, which is currently 47.
Personality: Beet is almost always in a good mood, and is easy to like, since he can always make a joke, even in the heat of battle. He almsot never cries, at the age of about 10, he promised that he would never cry shamelessly again, right after losing his brother and friends. Now he only cries when happy, and other than that, his happiness almost names him way too stuipd, but also his strength.
History: Beet had his brother and the rest of his brothers team lost 11 years ago, now he's a vandel buster, and now the Zenon warriors fight along side of him in his fights, has become more in tune with his saiga powers now and has master the final step of their power, he spent the past year under the most intense training he's ever dared to do, along with Slade and has been imporving daily, from his speed, to his strength, and his reflexes. He shares a rivalry with Goku, and his friend Slade. His teammates are Milfa, Kissu, Slade, and Poala, his girlfriend. He has been in a deadly battle with vandel's, the horrible monsters of his world who "Killed" his brother and his team, for many years, currently, he's trying to eliminate the last of their kind, a few 7 star, highest ranking vandels, one 8 star, their king, and their creator, The Eyes of Darkness.

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Shadowcheater Posted: 01:53 May03 2008 Post ID: 2225283
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Name: Fariz Kimatanabe
Subname: Paradox/Steelarian
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless, he looks like a 16 year-old dude.
Weight: 41 kg.
Height: 179 cm.
Race: Hollowinium, originally a human who was born with sadness until they got mediumship which they can contact with the spirits of dead. He was the only one left in the race. The race also born with the Holy Arm. They also can turn into their Hollow form.
Weapons: His right arm, the Holy Arm. The arm can rip any armor into pieces. With the power of the Holy Arm, he can also dispell spells and magics towards him. The damage power is about 5 times more powerful than his left arm. Although the right arm does'nt have great muscles. The arm could block any attacks into it. But not all of them. Fariz has a vast selection of weapons that he copied while he learned and trained in Steel Clan while he was 14. The most powerful weapon in his selection is the Steelajra cannon (Look below for more info).
Skills: With Steelarian's hyper speed, he can attack people speedly. While he is in the Aqua clan, he learned how to cast spells. He learned the Aqua Aura and the skill can add 20% more power to his strengh and stats. He also learned how to change into his Hollow form while his training with Master Aqua, but the form changed the personality instead of the power. The other-self in this form is subnamed Paradox, the alter-ego of Steelarian but they share the same name. Unlike Steelarian, Paradox attacks like a berserker and is able to ignore all the injuries that Steelarian got. The hollow form's abbilities is unknown and he knows all Steelarian's skills as Steelarian learned it. Steelarian also has a vast selection of weapons. He can summon and copy weapons if he sees it using his abbilities learned at the Steel Clan, called The Unlimited Doubled. He also gets the infomation and skills of the weapon if he copied it. He left Aqua Clan after he mastered all the abbilities there, and joined Steel Clan. In all the weapons he copied, the Steelajra Cannon is the most powerful and its was obtained from the leader of Steel Clan.
Appearance: In his normal form:A dark green Emo hair. In his hollow form: Dark red Emo hair. A black shirt and a long leather strap on his right arm (Holy Arm). Loose white pants and wore black spikey shoes.
Personallity: Agnorant, likes to ignore people. Hates jokes. Hates bad people. Hates being a hero and..hates apple pies. Ageless and intelligent. Likes being friends with spirits.
History: His family was killed by the Hunters Clan. For not paying their debts. They left Fariz in a safe place. After that, he went on to the Aqua Clan while he was 8 years-old. He trained and mastered all the skills there and he quited the clan and broke the rules of Clans. He was hunted after that by the Hunters Clan. Most of them were killed by Fariz. He travelled to Steel Clan to join it and for the highest learning. He studied and learned many skills there. Mastered it though. So then, he quits the clan again and travels with the spirits. An ageless person travelling..

Bleach, since I'm addicted into it.

Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm
Race: Human/ Shinigami (Death God)/ Vizard (Hollow)
Weapon: Ichigo's zanpakuto (soul slayer) is named Zangetsu. Unlike most shinigami, who can seal their zanpakuto after releasing it, Ichigo's zanpakuto is always in its shikai form. Yoruichi Shihouin has stated that his zanpakutM is a full-time released form type, which is a type of zanpakuto that, once in shikai form, remains in said state. For that reason, Zangetsu has no release command. When Ichigo first becomes a shinigami, his zanpakuto is simply an oversized version of a regular sealed zanpakutM, complete with an equally oversized sheath on his back. The large size is due to Ichigo's immense spiritual power, which he didn't know how to control. As a result, the sword itself was rather weak, since very little spiritual power was used to create it. Byakuya Kuchiki cuts off most of the blade during his first encounter with Ichigo and Kisuke Urahara subsequently slices it down to the hilt during their training, forcing Ichigo to learn the name of his zanpakuto in order to release its true form.
The shikai form of Zangetsu resembles an over sized, though more elegant, cleaver blade without a hilt, instead it has a makeshift handle formed by some cloth wrapped around the tang. The sword is as tall as Ichigo is, 1.74 meters, and has a black blade with a silver edge. Ichigo carries his zanpakuto on his back by the cloth wrapped around the tang. When not in combat, the cloth extends to cover the rest of the sword and falls away when necessary, shrinking back to a manageable size. The cloth can also be used to swing the weapon like a flail and toss it at opponents, but this is rarely done. This was first demonstrated by Ichigo's inner hollow, then again by Ichigo himself while rescuing Rukia. Ichigo's appearance after performing bankai.The bankai of Zangetsu, named Tensa Zangetsu . Is considered completely out of the ordinary for any zanpakutM. Unlike most bankai forms, which usually create some sort of massive creature or effect, Ichigo's bankai actually shrinks his sword down to a black blade, handguard in the shape of the manji . The cloth wrapped around the hilt is replaced by a short chain with a broken link, similar to that of a plus spirit. In addition to his sword, Ichigo's robe is replaced with a long-sleeved, ankle-length black coat with red lining that is closed at his chest, much like that of Zangetsu himself. Ichigo's bankai is a compression of his power, rather than a vast expansion as other bankai are. This hugely compressed power enables Ichigo to move at speeds exceeding those of flash steps, and gives him matching agility and reflexes, allowing him to use his natural strength to its limits. With enough usage and acquired height, Ichigo can even appear as though he is flying. Ichigo's initial inexperience with controlling his bankai led to a serious drawback; the force of his compressed spiritual power caused all of his bones to crack as stated by his inner hollow, gradually decreasing his speed and power over time. This drawback has not been mentioned since its introduction and is assumed to have been overcome. As for the blade itself, Tensa Zangetsu possesses considerable strength as well; Ichigo was able to stop the arrancar Yammy's massive punch with the sword and one of his hands alone. Zangetsu's special ability (in either form) is the getsuga tenshM, which in shikai form fires concentrated energy blasts from the tip of the blade in the shape of a blue crescent moon. Ichigo uses this ability without knowing its name several times, but masters the technique later on when he discovers its name. As stated by Zangetsu, "knowing and not knowing the name of an attack makes a difference in the amount of power that it releases".
Skills: Ichigo's spiritual powers are not limited to just shinigami abilities; he possesses hollow powers as a result of his training with Urahara. While attempting to recover his shinigami powers, Ichigo began transforming into a hollow from the corrosion of his severed soul chain. Ichigo succeeds in awakening his shinigami powers, but retains his hollow spirit inside himself from the transformation. Ichigo’s hollow spirit is his evil alter ego. The spirit is pretentious and mocks his counterpart’s inability in a sneering, didactic fashion whenever the chance arises. He relishes the idea of taking Ichigo’s strength for himself, and claims to be the manifestation of Ichigo's instinctive lust for battle and the next kill. He also seems to gain any abilities that Ichigo knows, evidenced by his usage of both getsuga tensho and bankai. Unlike Ichigo, the hollow fights like a berserker, and is able to ignore any injuries Ichigo has previously sustained along with considerable increases to his speed and strength. At different points in the series, Ichigo's hollow powers have manifested themselves in different ways. Initially, Ichigo's hollow mask would appear on his body to block fatal blows, unbeknownst to Ichigo until the fight ends. The same event is repeated multiple times after that, first indication of which being Ichigo's left eye gradually blackening, as the hollow takes control. While suppressing his inner hollow, Ichigo is left effectively paralyzed, since his concentration was focused on suppressing it rather than fighting. The hollow claims that it manifests itself to protect Ichigo during near death moments because it is connected to Ichigo, and it would be a great inconvenience to the hollow if Ichigo was to die. While he was in training with the vizard, Ichigo's soul was completely overcome by his inner hollow for a short period, causing him to physically transform into a hollow. His near-complete hollow form resembles a large, humanoid lizard. In this form, Ichigo demonstrated several high-level abilities, including high speed regeneration, enhancement of limbs, and the ability to fire cero blasts from his fingers. However, this form didn't last long as Ichigo emerged from the hollow shell as his standard shinigami self wearing a hollow mask. After training with the vizard and subjugating his inner hollow, Ichigo can use his hollow mask while retaining his personality, but could originally only wear it for eleven seconds at a time. After the time limit, the mask breaks and Ichigo loses its benefits. Subsequent attempts to use the mask can only be maintained for an instant. While wearing the mask, Ichigo's hollow powers supplement his shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in both strength and speed.
Normal Ichigo.
Ichigo's hollow.
Personality: Ichigo is a 15-year-old who attempts to cultivate a detached image, for which he keeps his eyebrows constantly furrowed. Ichigo has natural orange hair, a fact that annoys many upperclassmen in his school, who constantly pick fights with him. Ichigo claims that he does not care what others think (both about his hair and other subjects) and seems to enjoy fighting the bullies.Ichigo is also a capable student, ranked 23rd in his school. Ichigo regularly studies and doesn't neglect his schoolwork, due to the fact that he has nothing better to do at home. It is later revealed that Ichigo works so hard only to overcome the misconceptions that many teachers tend to have about him, based on his hair color and interactions with other students. Ichigo has a habit of misreading other people's names, such as Uryu Ishida and Yasutora Sado. Ichigo possesses the unusual ability to see spirits as a consequence of his innate spiritual power. After the full extent of Ichigo's immense spiritual power is unlocked as a consequence of his meeting with Rukia Kuchiki, as well as his subsequent inability to control it, many of his friends begin to develop spiritual powers due to their proximity with him. Frequent exposure to Ichigo's energy causes several of his classmates to become spiritually aware, and some even develop their own unique powers as a result.
History: Ichigo's mother, Masaki Kurosaki, began taking him to a dojo to learn karate when he was four years old. There, he met and fought with Tatsuki Arisawa, whom he lost to the first few times. Whenever this happened, he would start crying, only to stop instantly when comforted by his mother, to whom he was deeply attached. Tatsuki described Ichigo as a thin child, who looked very happy and always smiled when around his mother. When Ichigo was nine, Masaki was killed by the hollow Grand Fisher, although Ichigo did not find out the true cause of her death until early in the main Bleach storyline. After her death, Ichigo was distraught and stood on the shore where his mother was killed for days. The entire Kurosaki family transformed at the death of Masaki — Karin became tough and did not cry again, while Yuzu took up the household chores. Prior to learning about Grand Fisher, Ichigo felt guilty for his mother's death, blaming himself for wandering too close to the water and causing her to put herself in harm's way to save him. Even after that, Masaki's death continues to influence Ichigo by causing him to feel guilt for his inability to protect those close to him: because of this guilt, Ichigo developed a resolute will to gain the power to protect his loved ones. This is a recurring theme in many of Ichigo's battles, particularly the assertion that his reasoning is the opposite of what he claims: his opponents often charge that he protects his loved ones in order to fight, not the other way around.


Name: Haru Glory
Alias: Rave Master
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 48
Height: 158 cm
Race: Human.
Weapons/Skills: The Decaforce Sword is a powerful sword originally owned by Shiba, the first generation Rave Master. It was given to Haru Glory when he was chosen by Rave to become the Second Generation Rave Master. The sword was made with a special slot to hold the Rave Stone, also known as the "Holy Bring". This sword was created by blacksmith Galein Musica, and was once strengthened and fixed by him when Haru broke it during a battle. The Decaforce Sword is said to have ten forms including its original state when attached with the Rave, hence its name. The forms are:

Eisenmeteor "The Metal Sword":
Eisenmeteor is the Decaforce's default form. An unusually large iron sword, it cannot be blocked by magic as it is a non-magic sword and is useful in fights due to its weight and size.

Explosion "The Explosive Sword" :
A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. It is Haru's first sword gained from Rave and his most commonly used. However, the shock of the impact is powerful to the extent that if Haru uses it in succession too much, it could possibly hurt or kill him.

Silpharion "The Sonic Sword":
This sword allows the Rave Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long ranged attacks. Silpharion can also be used with Explosion to create a special attack called "Bombing Dive" ("Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon") which fires explosive blades at the enemy. However, the Silpharion is relatively weak as a mêlée weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking. This form also allows Haru to catch his opponents unaware, though in 8 the sword is beaten by Racas, one of the Palace Guards.

Runesave "The Sealing Sword"
A unique jagged sword which cannot cut anything physical but can cut things without a tangible form like lightning, fire, water or smoke. It can also be used to seal magic, and is used by Haru to seal Elie's Etherion. Later, in a battle between Haru and Lucia, Lucia uses his Decalogue Runesave to seal Haru's Runesave, making him unable to block Lucia's magic attacks.

Blue Crimson "The Twin Dragon Sword":
The Ten Commandments splits into two blades with one having the properties of fire and the other having the properties of ice. The fire and ice can also be used as ranged attacks. To use the sword to its full potential, the user needs to be ambidextrous, making this sword hard to use for Haru since he is right handed. This sword is also useful in fending off attacks from two opponents simultaneously. During his duel with the various members of Oracion Six, Haru used Blue Crimson to fend off Berial and Reina's combined attacks. Ironically, Haru first uses these twin blades against Let, who belongs to the dragon race.

Melforce "The Vacuum Sword":
The sword of air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyze them.

Gravity Core "The Gravity Blade":
An incredibly destructive sword that can cut very hard things. However, the tradeoff is that it's extremely heavy and requires great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it's a very difficult blade to utilize. Haru usually jumps/swings up before changing to Gravity Core to slam down.

Million Suns "The Solar Blade":
Meaning "the force of a million suns." A sword whose blade is composed purely of Light, the holy light generally blinds Haru's opponents and dispels darkness. Used by Haru to defeat Pumpkin Doryu and disabled the power of his Dark Bring.

Sacrifar "The Demon Sword":
The most destructive of all the forms, Sacrifar is a frightening blade that trades the user's emotion and will for the power of Carnage. As the sword was not made for Haru (but rather Shiba), Haru cannot control his actions after using the sword. After enough time, the sword will take over the user. Even Lucia was only able to remain in control for a short period while using the decalogue version of Sacrifar.


The most powerful form of the Ten Commandments. When Musica discovers that a tenth form of the Ten Commandments was never made for Haru, he takes it on himself to create one, using a piece of his Silver and some tiring blacksmith skills. Ravelt has the power to dispel evil, and becomes the default sword, while allowing him to transform and use the powers of the other swords at once.

The original tenth form of the TCM used by Shiba, Star-Rave. Shiba used this sword to defeat the final Dark Bring or "Shadow Stone", Sinclaire, in the previous war. This act resulted in the Overdrive, a huge explosion which supposedly destroyed one-tenth of the world. Haru is unable to unlock this form of the sword as it was specifically made for Shiba.

Appearance: All of them
History: Haru is a teenage boy who grew up on a small island called Garage Island. His father left him with his mother and sister to find Rave when he was young. Soon after, his mother died and he was left alone with his sister. His destiny takes a turn when Shiba gives him the Rave stone, passing on the powers of the Rave Master. He first fished Plue the Rave bearer out of the ocean, and soon met Shiba, the Rave Master. Haru was chosen as the second generation of Rave Master by Rave. When he realizes the true threat that Demon Card are to the world, he then promised Shiba that he will complete the collection of Rave and defeat evil and end all of it and sets off to find the pieces of Rave to restore peace to the world. He's like his father, Gale Glory, never giving up in a battle, no matter the circumstances. He is not afraid to die for the protection of the planet. Along the way, he found good friends and allies, each having their own goals, yet were bound together thanks to him and helping each other along the way. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. He is always there for his friends. He promised to protect Elie and when his friends are hurt, he gets really mad and will have motivation to protect them, gathering a rush of great strength.


Name: Van Artict
Alias: 'Rock God'
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 39 kg
Height: 158 cm
Race: Human
Weapons/Skills: The Guitar of Death, one pull of string can bring powerful shockwaves that can cause massive destruction. He can also change into the 4 main elements on his guitar such as fire, which can cause fiery shockwaves. But, the overuse is very dangerous. The guitar could take over its user, making the guitar is in control of its user. When this happens, the attacks of the guitar go beserk and uncotrollable. Despide on his age, he keeps alot of energy and being hyperactive at all the time. He also have a technique named 'Shivilion' which makes his eyes goes green and tooks information from his enemies or even his allies. This power also boosts his speed, agility and strengh.
Personality: Hyperactive, friendly. But likes to fight all the time, childish.
Appearance: A blue jacket and a white shirt which was written 'Violate The Dead' on it. Wears heavy loads of acceceries on his trousers. Wears a cam knuckles on his right hand and a leather strap on his left hand.
History: Went to a high school in Russia, simply skips school and went to play a electric guitar. Van, who is still a 10-year-old kid, is the toughest pupil in his school. He is known to be a stereotypical bad seed; having a spotty attendance record, doing poorly in class, and picking fights with many other students. Until a war was provoked. Ran away from there a hid himself in a forest, where he found an skull shaped guitar which was 'The Guitar of Death'. Trained with it, until he was found by Ancalagon. Asked Ancalagon to follow him on his neverending journey.


Name: Ancalagon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Weight: 60kg
Height: 198 cm
Race: Immortal
Weapons/Skills: Tough, strong. Weilded a minigun for centurys, although the weapon weighs about 150 kilograms. The minigun has expensive custom catriges and fires 1000 bullets per minute. Loves it and becoming extremely angry when he believes someone else has touched it. Although the minigun's weight was heavy, he could use and run fast as a normal person could do. Keeps his bullets around his body, organized. The bullets also works as an armor to him. Besides being an expert in firepower and war, he also can cast spells, which is only one: Infinite Bullets. The spell can make his gun's bullets infinite, but only for a short ammount of time.
Personality: Brave, kind-hearted, loyal and friendly on his allies. Aside, he is vile and cruel on his enemies. Quite cocky.
Appearance: A plain black shirt and and defensive pants. His eyes are green, wears a big wristband on his right arm. Wears combat gloves and combat shoes. He also wears a official World War II vest.
History: Born in Soviet Union, and to kill. Worked as a Russian assasain in the Cold War. After few years later, he heard that World War II is starting, thus he wants to fight desprately in the WWII. Ancalagon was rejected from every branch of the U.S. military. Ancalagon taught himself how to load and fire a variety of weapons before embarking on a Nazi killing spree for which he was awarded several medals that he designed and made himself. His rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949.


Name: Fariz Yukiyate
Age: Died while 15 years old. 21 years old in appearance, 93 in age.
Rank: N/A
Height: 162 centimtres
Weight: 63 kilograms
Weapon: The Gunblade, each of the bullets in the Gunblade are coated in fiery red. iIt can send vibrations through the blade when triggered. Which can make an explosion to make extra power when slashing into enemies. Despite its name, it can not be used as an actual gun, meaning it doesn't fire projectiles, and can therefore only be used in melee combat, making it more like a gun supplementing a sword than a blade supplementing a firearm.
Skills: Although the Gunblade was heavy, he could lift it without a problem. The symbol which was coated on his blade was the symbol of the element of fire. He could use the power of the element to boost his speed and agility, and also to boost his powers.
Appearance: A normal white shirt, with a black jacket. The white shirt is written 'Violate the Dead' by himself. He also has a fur ruff along the collar of his jacket. For the lower clothing, he wears red pants and black stain on it. His pants are hooked and sewed up with his light combat boots. He has long brown hair, but later wears it in a shorter black spiky style. He has three distinctive piercings above his left eyebrow. He also got gunblade scar across his brow and the bridge of his nose obtained from his fight with a Shell. He also wears a lion head-shaped necklace. He calls the lion "Griever" and it seems to be symbolic of his courage.
Personality: Fariz is also laid back and a little lazy when he isn't working. He likes to relax, and when he isn't relaxing - he practices his martial arts. Basically, if he wants to be active, he can and will. If he doesn't, he lounges around and wastes the day away with a smile on his face. He hasn't cooled down his loose ways as he's getting up in age, because he feels that he was turning twenty-one just yesterday.
History: Once born as a normal child in Japan. His mother and father were killed by an assasain which was payed by the Yakuza while he waas 9 years old. He was also on the blacklist of the Yakuza, he was hunted down by them. Although his life was a fatal, he enjoyed it. He loves martial arts, and studying. One day, on his 15th birthday, the Yakuza found out where he lives. They run after him, Fariz climbs to the top of his school to make a safe hideout. And when he realise that he was trapped, the Yakuza shoots him and made him fall down from the building which is 5 storeys high. He founds himself in a world called Soul Convocant, and makes his way for his ranks and sector go up.

Enter the doors of PXE!

"Paradise is nearer to any of you than the strap of his shoe, and so is the Fire."
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Name:Sepol Raynwar
Magic/Skills:Sepol controls the magic of water and ice. This has saved him in many a battle. Since he was a young boy, Sepol found that if he dreamt something it would happen soon after. As he grew older, he learned to control what he dreamt. He knew he had to do this in order to prevent destroying civilizations. At age 8 the power of mind reading appeared in this young boy. He never told anyone for he feared that they would use him to their advantages. When he turned 12 he could pick up small objects with his mind and soon after he could throw them. As finally he grew to be 16, his powers had developed fully. He could now control minds, teleport short distances, read minds, pick up and throw anything short of a car and of course his dreams still came true. He doesn't have any other powers but he is a very skilled craftsman and built a white, full body suit that contains a jetpack, radar and assorted weapons. He uses this when going into battle. He is also a skilled sniper and carries a very light sniper rifle on his back. His tail is very strong and sharp and will cut through metal easily. Sepol is very short and lean but is very fast on his feet. His sword is very light and his hand agile, he moves it quickly to kill foes.
Weapons:His sniper rifle is Sepol's favourite weapon. Another of his favourites is his sword, the hilt forged by his own hand and the blade by his father's. His suit has installed, a small blaster, several bombs, two laser swords and heat seeking missiles. Sepol is very skilled with his magic and coats bullets with ice to freeze foes. He shoots icicles from his hands. His greatest weapon of all is his mind. Sepol's mind has the power to control people, read their minds, control objects and among others, to multi task. Not just two or three things, hundreds of things can be running through his head at once.
Appearance:Seopl is short with long blond hair that hangs over his light blue eyes. His mouth is almost always smiling and he rarely talks. He has a tail with a scythe on the end that glints in the sunlight. His suit is completely white with a translucent blue visor. His blaster sprouts out of a fist and his bombs out of his wrist. His laser swords come from his palms. When not battling, Sepol's shirt varies but he never wears a jacket and never wears long sleeves. He also wears only shorts. His favourite pair of shorts are white with a blueish tint and have lots and lots of pockets throughout them. In his assortment of pockets, Sepol carries a PDA and lots of gum. He is almost always seen chewing white, minty gum. A scar runs from his eyebrow to the bottom of his jaw and another is on his right palm.
Personality:Sepol is always happy unless someone he is close to is hurt or killed. He rarely talks and is very quiet. He knows he is smarter than most others but does not acknowledge it.
History:Sepol was born on a planet far from the space station. He knew nothing of it until he was taken there. He started developing his powers at age 6 and had known about his magic forever. It was passed through his family. He went to school for 18 years the maximum on his planet. He researched and learned to his mind's full capacity. He told no one about his powers to avoid frightening anyone. He joined the army to protect his land when he was 19, one year out of school. His scar on his cheek was obtained by fighting a Korznaz, a tigerlike creature, who scratched him. Sepol was recognized a hero at age 16 and he now resides in the space station. He knows nothing of it and must learn to survive.

Name: Delmos Kaoupat
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 209 lbs
Weapons: A wide assortment of blades around Delmos's body. Twin rapiers are located at his belt carried in jewel covered sheaths. Both glint blue. One, named Ijsblad, summons the power of ice from Delmos's body. The other, Lichtscher, summons lightning. Inside his tunic hide an assortment of daggers. His favourite is a throwing dagger with a small hilt and a five inch blade. Located along his forearm, borne into his armour, are a set of short blades.
Skills: Delmos is a skilled swordsman and has grown so accustomed to wielding blades, he often feels lost without a hilt in his grasp. He is a skilled blacksmith and forged every blade he has used. He has basic training in martial arts and hand to hand combat, but prefers to subdue enemies with a weapon. He is very strong and fast but relies on these qualities to make up for his lack of wits.
Magic: Though his supply of magic is limited, Delmos is a very strong mage and during his service in the army developed a role as a secondary mage. His repertoire of magic includes Ice and Electric. He has little control over his magic and seldom chooses to call on it in battle. He recently began training magic to become even more valuable to his army.
Appearance: Standing at an average height, Delmos makes up for what he lacks in height with his muscle. His legs and arms are thick and look like they could crush a brick wall. His chest looks as though an arrow could not pierce it. Though if his white shirt is torn, numerous scars are shown through the rips. A thin layer of leather armour is found along his body. Red wavy hair flows from his head leading down to his green eyes. His sheathed sword sit at his sides, the etched hilts showing. He covers his armour with a green battle-tunic.
History: Delmos was born to a blacksmith father and a mother who sewed the clothing for the small village he grew up in. The village was, at first, inhabited by many people, old, young, short, tall, wise, foolish. They were wiped out a few years ago, all but Delmos, his family, and a few wise elders. The ones killed, were foolish. Delmos was kept in darkness about the things going on around him. He never suspected his rigorous training every morning, he simply accepted it as the way of life. Soon before the attack, he found out. He warned the village, all the fools let it pass. A few listened and were saved. The few he had gathered packed as much as they could and went to the nearby woods. When they returned, they found bodies slain, houses destroyed, goods and information stolen. One day, a month following the attack, he packed his blades, tunic, and food. The next morning, he was gone.

Name:Qosvuwyub Imipor
Age:467, Appears 23
Height:6'4" (193.04 cm)
Weight:159 (72.3 kg)
Race:Dexpleon. The Dexpleon race, from the planet Dexple (Pronounced Dex-play) lives on fruits, vegetables, and seeds. The average Dexpleon survives 2500 (earth) years. The longest recorded lifespan of a Dexpleon on Dexple was 3127 (earth) years. Most of the race's people are warriors or farmers. They have long ears, single blades on both wrists and a scythe tail that is approximately 3ft (1 meter) in length. Otherwise they look completely human. However, they tend to be larger in height and build. Their minds are highly developed, from living so long, and they speak fluently in many different inter-galactic languages.
Weapons:Qosvuwyub is trained with a vast majority of weapons. His favourite weapon is a silver hilted sword with a blue jewel on each side. The blade gleams blue and possesses the power of water and ice to be activated by the sword. He stores this blade in a blue hilt at his side. In his coat he holds several pistols and handguns. His favourite gun is a custom G-44 pistol, created on Dexple. It is silver and the bullets, custom crafted; have sharp, armour piercing points on the ends. Slung on his back is a G-33 Rifle with a detachable scope that, when not attached, is located in a pouch on his belt. He carries grenades and mines. Located in a compartment of his armour along his arm is an extendable staff. His tail is a deadly weapon and its movements are just blurs through the air. It strikes with deadly accuracy. The claws of his wrists, in addition to his tail, are a very hard bone often mistaken for steel. They can pierce all but the thickest armour. Completing his arsenal is his magic. He harnesses the powers of Water and Ice to protect himself, and to attack enemies.
Skills/Magic:Qosvuwyub is a skilled swordsman and never looses. His aim with a gun is impeccable and he can find and hit a chink in armour. He is extremely strong but not all that fast. He is not one of the better craftsmen of his planet but he makes up for that in his size and skill with handling all kinds of weapons. He is an expert in seven forms of martial arts and easily defeats enemies in hand to hand combat. He works with technology and knows how to operate most starships, tanks and gadgets known to the universe. His repertoire of magic includes Ice, his main skill, and water. He is said to be one of the best ice sorcerers of his galaxy.
Appearance:Qosvuwyub is short for his age but his body is just a giant skeleton lined with muscle. He has broad shoulders, and a buff chest and stomach. Single blades retract and come from his wrists at will. His lower body is not much different from that of a human except it is much bigger and has a long tail, carrying a scythe on the end, protruding from his waist. The top of his head and his pointed ears are covered with long, blond hair. His eyes are blue and they pierce through you like icy daggers if he stares at you. His mouth is always packed into a grim line and his teeth are flat. He wears an earpiece during battle to communicate with his commander. He wears a white shirt under a full suit of body armour. Over that he wears a combat jacket with pockets on the inside and outside in which he carries his guns. It ends just above his wrists, showing his armour to allow easy access to his staff. He wears cargo pants and a combat belt with pouches for bombs, communication devices and extra ammunition. His sword sits in its blue jewelled sheath waiting for its blue blade to be drawn. His rifle hangs over his back glinting silver. He wears black combat boots.
Personality:Qosvuwyub is not a person who laughs a lot. His face is always grim, and expressionless. He always completes a job given to him by an officer or commander. He never backs down from a challenge. He now understands that killing is the way to survive and he kills with no regrets.
History:Qosvuwyub is young for a Dexpleon at only 467 years old. He was raised on a farm in a small Dexpleon town on the southern half of the small planet. His father was a commander in the Dexpleon army when they were invaded by the planet Qotwaa after they introduced a peace treaty to their relatively small galaxy. His mother taught all of her children, him and his 12 brothers and sisters, magic. He dropped out of school when he was 100 and started going to The Military Academy Dexpleon, or MAD for short. He graduated when he was 150 and joined the army. He fought in his first war two years after he graduated and showed such hard working qualities, he was promoted to Special Operations Officer at age 173 when the war ended. His first mission for his team was to infiltrate a distant galaxy. On the mission he lost two of six soldiers. He proceeded to command a Special Ops team. His most recent team was sent to destroy the core generator for Qotwaa’s capitol city before they could attack again. Three members were lost. When everything merged, he turned to his new team to accompany him and get back.

Name: Glynnarious

Nickname: Glynn

Age: As old as earth, looks 11

Weight: 87 lbs

Height: 4'8"

Disposition: Good Side

Appearance: Glynnarious is a child. He has a pale face. His left eye is blue, and his right is brown. He wears off-white shorts and an off-white t-shirt. His sandals are also beige. He has a belt that holds a dagger and a hammer. The hammer is interwoven with symbols of grasses, mountains, and other figures that make up earth. It has two faces, one has the face of Gaea (Mother Earth) on it, the other side has Poseidon. He can control the earth through the hammer. He can transform into a centaur on land. He had the legs and body of a horse but the torso of a man. His horse body is chestnut brown. His eyes are brown. When he enters the water, he may transform into a merman. His eyes both become blue. He still has the same boyish face but he has a long, teal, scaly tail. He grows gills and a fin that runs down his back to meet two fins that were once his feet. Glynnarious's hammer turns into a brilliant gold trident. The trident has serpents intertwined around the handle. The tips have the power to channel water through them.

Powers: The ability to control the earth and the water. While in water he turns into something like a merman with a large fin tail and gills. If he gets too far out into the middle of the water, he cannot harness the power of the earth. Likewise, if he is too far inland, he cannot harness the power of the water.

Weapons: Glynnarious wields a dagger that banishes those who oppose the earth on sight. It is good for throwing and he can recall it to his belt once it is thrown. He has a hammer that is beautifully decorated with symbols of the earth. On one face is carved the face of Gaea (Mother Earth) and on the other, Poseidon's face is carved. It controls the earth. When he enters the water, his hammer turns into a brilliant gold trident. The handle is carved with serpents. On the middle point, a symbol of water is carved. It controls the water.

Skills/Magic: Glynnarious controls the magic of earth and water. He makes earthquakes and waves. He can join the two elements to create tsunamis, and other weapons. He can transform into a centaur on land and a merman in the water. While a human he is quiet and sneaky. He is very bright and intelligent. He is skilled in fighting with a hammer and trident. Glynnarious is extremely strong for his size and wields a hammer that weighs almost three times his weight. While a centaur he speeds across the land and he is even stronger. While a merman he speeds through the water and is even more cunning and able to sneak around without being noticed much. Glynnarious likes to create energy spheres from his magic and he shoots them from his trident, hammer, and hands.

Personality: Glynnarious is quiet and doesn't talk much. He despises those who destroy the earth and has the spiritual essence of a god. He looks innocent with his large blue and brown eyes, but is capable of causing major damage.

History: Glynnarious is said to be the son of Mother Earth. He created the waters and shaped the earth. He chose to walk amongst the humans and changed himself to a child. He kept the power to return to the heavens and live amongst the stars. He created Poseidon to be like a father. He only gave Poseidon a majority of his power, and Glynnarious created a larger trident, identical to his, for him. As humans further developed, Glynnarious became more and more disgusted by how they treated the planet. He returned to the stars to ask his mother for guidance. They chose to destroy the humans and return the planet to its beginning state with beautiful lush country with rivers and lakes everywhere, free of waste and pollution. They created a new generation of humans, these with more care for the environment and nature. They were given the materials needed to live and did not need to cut down trees. Happy with the work, Mother Nature sent Glynnarious to several different planets to create wellness. He found himself at Krotas, a planet covered completely in darkness. He set off to stop the darkness.

Name:Kaiomnat Carassainkn
Appearance:Kaiomnat is tall and has very broad shoulders. He has been shot numerous times and has had bones, tendons and nerves replaced with metal. He got a mechanical arm, which he usually hides under a glove and a long cloak, when his right arm was blown off by a land mine. He carries numerous wounds to his arms, legs, chest and back. Surprisingly his head has been able to stay fully functional and intact. Although not injured in his head he usually wears an eyepiece/ear-piece combination that allow him to communicate between his employer and himself. He has short blue hair and dark blue eyes that seem to pierce into your soul. His face is usually expressionless and, though possible, he is rarely known to smile. Under his cloak he wears a light suit of body armour which, while easily pierced, allows extremely good mobility and speed. Whenever he goes to 'work' he wears a light suit and helmet, that cover his whole body. He calls this his 'biosuit'. This biosuit is made of some strong material, possibly plastic or metal. The biosuit enables him to fly for short amounts of time and has built in tracking devices and a GPS system. Kaiomnat has many aliases that he uses in his line of work so he always looks different, though this is his most common appearance. Many people want to kill him, he mustn't let them find him.
Weapons:His biosuit is among Kaiomnat's vast range of weapons, nobody is positive about its full capability not even him. One of the weapons known about it are dual rockets that come out of retractable cannons in his shoulders. He uses a long rapier whose hilt is carved with a rough steel which allows for a good grip. Its blade forged by a planets remains. It is incredibly strong and gets stronger still as the fight rages on. He must charge this blade after every battle so it is no good in a series of battles. His mechanical arm has many purposes, most are means of escape. He has smoke bombs that come out of his palm, a built in cloaking device, a small shield and a beacon to let friends know where he is. His shield, however, will break if used for too long causing him to experience slight paralysis and a sharp pain throughout his body. His eyepiece serves as a weak but resourceful weapon. It is linked to a universal database of information of which he can sort through effortlessly. Intertwined into its vast and complicated database is a radar that shows all vehicles, people and machines in his area. His dark magic possesses a great threat to
Skills/Magic:What Kaiomnat lacks in speed and strength he makes up for in magic and intelligence. He is extremely knowledgeable about machines and he built every ounce of metal on his body. This comes from not being good at any sports due to a lack of hand-eye coordination. He was always treated as an outsider. And he never liked the outdoors, so he had plenty of time to take scraps of metal and enjoy his favourite activity. Forgery. Though interested in learning, Kaiomnat was never interested in magic. He did not believe that it was logically possible, therefore he disregarded it until he was granted his super speed. He was gifted with enhanced speed by a very powerful mage, the father of a young woman he saved during a war, he did not ask to be taught magic because he was not interested and he did not believe it would work. He then met a dark sorcerer and begged to be taught dark magic. He learned much from the sorcerer and rules peoples minds into doing his bidding. He creates shields and weapons using his magic. He is extremely agile and can twist and turn in all directions. He has bad stamina though and if all his powers are used without a rest he will be drained, and most likely, killed. His biosuit gave capabilities that are, for the majority, unknown. Even he doesn't know what it can do. What he does know of is its capability to fly and the rockets it possesses. Somehow his body's molecular structure fused with the biosuit when it was on his body and was wrenched off to save himself from total destruction at its hand. He now only wears it for short periods of time.
Personality:Cold, merciless and obedient, Kaiomnat is often considered a robot, simply because he does not show any expression. Of course nobody dares to call him a robot to his face for fear of the death that will soon await them. He was raised in a land of bloodshed and casualties occurring outside of his window, because of this he has been apposed to violence but knows that it is the only way to survive. Sometimes he doubts that it is even worth it to live, but when he is praised by his employer after successfully completing a job he understands that this is why he lives. He lives to be praised and feared, to have power and not abuse it like so many of the other foolish beings in the universe.
History:Nobody knows where this man was born but he was found by a family, then adopted by a family through an adoption agency. When he was found sleeping in an escape pod he was holding a card it said 'Kaiomnat' so his name was assumed to be that.He took the last name of his 'parents' Carassainkn. He was raised by a surgeon and a mechanical engineer/inventor who inspired him. They rarely had time to talk to him and he was often alone thinking in his room. When his 'parents' were killed when his planet mysteriously exploded, he swore to get revenge and stop the destruction. His arm was blown off when he was 22 years old, his mechanical arm implanted three days later. He constructed the first major breakthrough in science when he was evacuated after the explosion. While an inventor on the outside, Kaiomnat is a bounty hunter of sorts. He had created a chamber to stabilize those in between life and death. He became loved by many and hated by many more. People strove to kill him, to achieve glory and fame. His victims are only those who displease him, if his employers displease him then he simply destroys them. While others strove to be like him, they copied his every move. He started meeting odd people, with long beards and old weapons like bows and knives. He wanted his life back in order. He knew it was time to join the creator.

Name: Ian Wright

Age: 16

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 153 lbs

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Weapons: Ian uses three main weapons, but has many others in various holsters around his body.
He has an assault rifle that can be easily modified into a sniper rifle. It is spray painted brown with green splotches all around. The stock is all green. The ammunition used is shaped like a cone and releases poison upon piercing skin. When modified to be a sniper, the gun's bullets are fired hard enough to go through two sets of armour and a person's body from up to three hundred feet away. While an assault rifle, the gun looses some power but has rapid fire capabilities. The rifle is light weight and easy to carry. It is usually strapped to his back by tethers.
His second main weapon is a revolver. It is silver and fires six shots at a time. It fires small pellets that lodge into a person's skin and explode, creating a small explosion and a little smoke. It is utterly silent when fired. It has medium range and its bullets move very quickly through the air. It hangs in its holster at the left side of Ian's belt. It's handle is hard and Ian often uses it to jam into people's ribs, causing them to double over.
His third main weapon is a katana. It's hilt can open and be used to store the pellets used as ammunition for Ian's revolver. It's blade is eternally sharp and never dulls. The hilt is intricately decorated with birds and angels. The blade glows light blue and is blinding to look at. It seems that gusts of air come from the blade when it is swung. Just before it is swung, ancient signs of air and wind are seen glowing white along the blade. The blade does not get dirty and does not scratch. The sword was said to be a gift from winged angels who descended upon Baladar at the time of its creation. The brown sheath is decorated with similar patterns as the hilt. It rests on his right hip, attached by two brown leather straps.

Magic/Skills: Ian technically has no magic, although people say that he can telepathically communicate with his twin, Andruw. Ian's sword posesses the powers of the air and wind. He is extremely fast and moves quickly on his feet as well as crawling along the ground. He is extremely agile and bullets seem to come in slow motion to him as he dodges them left and right. He can jump very high and his thin body allows him to seemingly float through the air. He easily hides and slips into small alcoves and spaces. He is extremely flexible. He has a sure shot with a gun. His sword skills are above par and he beats all but the best in hand to hand combat. Ian is fairly competent with technology and can create makeshift weapons out of many items.

Appearance: Ian is tall and fairly thin. He has short cut blond hair and light blue eyes. His common attire consists of a white t-shirt and brown and green camouflage pants. He wears a brown belt on which his revolver hangs in its holster, and his katana in its sheath. His rifle is strapped to his back with black tethers. He wears black combat boots, well broken in with years of use. He often wears camouflage gloves that match his pants. Under his clothes, he always wears body armour. He wears a vest made of light metal that is bulletproof, but can be punctured with a sword and isn't much use against explosions. He has plates that cover his legs and arms made of the same material. He wears a headset that has an eyepiece and an earpiece that are hooked up to a central computer. It gives him information through the earpiece and eyepiece. He can extend a microphone down to his mouth to communicate with Andruw, his twin.

Personality: Ian is fairly quiet but a great leader. He rises to any challenge and finds a way to do almost anything. He cares for members of his team and will go to any measure to protect them. He doesn't enjoy killing but understands that it is what needs to be done.

History: Ian is one of two twins born on Baladar to two brilliant scientists. Ian and his twin Andruw remember the meteor crashing to the planet, even though they were on the other side of the planet when it hit. They lived with both parents, and their father taught them many of the skills that they have. Ian was more interested in silent and stealthy weapons, and didn't take much interest in constructing weapons. Their father helped them make the weapons they use and when they were 15 he sent them off to destroy the darkness. They took with them body armour, their weapons, and the headsets they made. They receive most of their intel from their father and some from satellites in orbit, the few that haven't been destroyed by the darkness. Ian and Andruw have been travelling for a year and have seen no sign of life willing to help their cause.

Name: Andruw Wright

Age: 16

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 182 lbs

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Weapons: Andruw uses three main weapons.
He uses an assault rifle that can be easily modified into a sniper rifle. It is spray painted dust brown with orange splotches all around. The stock is all orange. The ammunition used is shaped like a cone and releases poison upon piercing skin. When modified to be a sniper, the gun's bullets are fired hard enough to go through two sets of armour and a person's body from up to three hundred feet away. While an assault rifle, the gun looses some power but has rapid fire capabilities. The rifle is light weight and easy to carry. It is usually strapped to his back by tethers.
He also uses a gun the size of a rifle. It is grey and fires one missile at a time. It fires a large rocket, on the shell of which small holes open up, releasing about ten smaller missiles that can each lock on to a separate target. It has medium range and its missiles move very quickly through the air. It is strapped to his chest by tethers. It's explosive power is extremely great and is often used as a means for rapid entry as well as taking out several armoured targets at once.
His third main weapon is a broadsword. It's hilt can open and is used to store a small knife that acts as a boomerang and returns to the thrower's hand. It's blade is eternally sharp and never dulls. The hilt is intricately decorated with grass, trees and other signs of the earth. The blade glows light orange and is blinding to look at. It seems as if a chunk of earth is hitting you when it is swung. Just before it is swung, ancient signs of earth are seen glowing white along the blade. The blade does not get dirty and does not scratch. The sword was said to be a gift from the god who created the earth dwelling creatures on Baladar at the time of its creation. The brown sheath is decorated with similar patterns as the hilt. It rests on his back attached with a strap that goes around his chest and connects at the bottom on the other side.

Magic/Skills: Andruw technically has no magic, although people say that he can telepathically communicate with his twin, Ian. Andruw's sword posesses the powers of the earth. He is extremely strong and prefers to engage the enemy directly and eliminate them. He is big and bullets don't seem to effect him when they are coming at him. He can usually punch through wooden, plastic, glass, and thin metal doors. He easily destroys furniture and thing in his path if he charges through a room. He always charges into battle without fear. His sword skills are above par and he beats all but the best in hand to hand combat. Andruw excels with technology and can create makeshift weapons out of almost anything.

Appearance: Andruw is tall and stocky. He has short cut blond hair and light blue eyes. His common attire consists of a white t-shirt and brown and green camouflage pants. He wears a brown belt on which his PDA sits in its case. His rifle is strapped to his back with black tethers. His broadsword sits next to it in its sheath. On his right side his rocket launcher is strapped. It is fairly easy to move when it is on and doesn't get too uncomfortable. He wears black combat boots, well broken in with years of use. He often wears camouflage gloves that match his pants. Under his clothes, he always wears body armour. He wears a suit that hard plastic plates can be strapped to. They are awkward and don't allow for much speed but they provide extraordinary protection. They are bulletproof, fireproof and they often stop swords. An explosion isn't often fatal when wearing this armour. He wears a headset that has an eyepiece and an earpiece that are hooked up to a central computer. It gives him information through the earpiece and eyepiece. He can extend a microphone down to his mouth to communicate with Ian, his twin.

Personality:Andruw is a great leader and always gives his orders loud. He also obeys orders well and usually finishes any task asked of him. He looks out for members of his team, but doesn't trust higher authorities or members outside his tightly knit team. He doesn't enjoy killing but understands that it is what needs to be done.

History: Andruw is one of two twins born on Baladar to two brilliant scientists. Andruw and his twin Ian remember the meteor crashing to the planet, even though they were on the other side of the planet when it hit. They lived with both parents, and their father taught them many of the skills that they have. Andruw was very interested in explosives, and he wasn't as enthused about stealth and not being seen. Their father helped them make the weapons they use, and when they were 15 he sent them off to destroy the darkness. They took with them body armour, their weapons, and the headsets they made. They receive most of their intel from their father and some from satellites in orbit, the few that haven't been destroyed by the darkness. Andruw and Ian have been travelling for a year and have seen no sign of life willing to help their cause.

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Name: Lycra Tortelza
Age: 19
Height: 6’ 5’’
Weight: 195


Tortelza Scythe: A small sized, razor-sharp scythe with a small gem engraved in the head of it. It was named after an uncle that made it for Lycra.
Bow: Made from acacia wood, Lycra found it in a small ship, with skeleton hands connected to an old body of bones clenching it. He carefully pried it from the dead man’s hands, being sure not to disturb the long dead skeleton. Why it has not rotted away years ago, no one knows Though it may have had a great name long ago, Lycra just calls it ‘Bow’.
Tortelza Dagger: Made along with Tortelza Scythe, Lycra’s uncle put a small gem in the pommel.


Swift with a scythe, and quick on his feet, Lycra is a rather quick opponent. He is not much of a sword fighter, having picked up a sword and nearly chopped a nearby pedestrian’s head off. He knows little magic, except a small spell that sand rises around him and shields him from weak sword and scythe attacks and arrows. He can keep this up for about thirty seconds to a minute. If some one hits the sand with fire, it turns to glass. This may protect him, but he runs out of air quickly.


Mischievous and a prankster, Lycra loves to play pranks on his friends. He has a healthy sense of humor, and can be sarcastic at times. If he has a task, he finds a way to get it done, hardly ever failing. In his spare time he is either playing pranks, training or eating.


Black skinned Lycra wears a sleeveless shirt, revealing bulging with muscle arms. He has shaved his head of all the hair he had, and has a tattoo on his scalp in the shape of a snake. He wears a grey pair of shorts, unusual amongst ancient Egyptians. His eyes are brown, with a sarcastic look in them most of the time.


As a child, his parents shaved his hair and put a tattoo of a snake on Lycra’s head. He grew up in the sandy dunes of Ancient Egypt, now very accustom to heat and thirst. At the age of 18, he left home to find adventure, fame, and fortune. Traveling along the border of Africa, he found an abandoned ship washed up on the shore with no food or water. Apparently, the sailors had died of thirst and hunger. Entering the ship, he found a skeleton sitting up against the wall with a bow clenched in his hands. Lycra managed to get the bow from its previous owner, and Lycra calls it “Bow”.


Name:Rascu Havanna
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 131 lbs
Race: Human

Skills/Magic: He can transform into a shadow that can walk through walls and can only be killed by light in this state. But this tires him greatly, as well light in small quantities. He is very quick and clever and he outthinks his opponents more than out skills them. When surrounded, he drives his sword into the ground, causing a black shockwave of shadow. Anything touched by the shockwave has the terrible fate of becoming, and staying for eternity a shadow until lights saving grace kills them like the sun kills the night’s darkness. They are completely harmless in this state, because, unlike Rascu, they do not know how to control the benefits of this state.

Weapons: The legion Sword: It was stolen from his father, and it is used to control a legion of shadow infantry, hence the name.
Shadow Bow: Crafted by Rascu himself, this black bow can shoot three shadow arrows at one time,
shadow stars: These are throwing stars that were extremely poisonous at one time, but have lost much of there toxicity long ago,
A small glowing dagger: No one except Rascu knows exactly what this mysterious dagger does. While many think it is just merely a decoration, some think it is poisonous, and others think is the only thing that can kill his arch enemy, his father. Only he knows the truth.

Appearance: In black cape with a steel helmet and a long belt wearing a mysterious glowing dagger in his belt, this boy looks creepy and dashing at the same time. They are closer to black than they are red, but there are both in his slightly distrustful looking eyes. He wears a light, blackish grey chain mail tunic, and a tattered black cape. His hair color is dark grey.

Personality: He is quiet, modest, patient, head strong, and likes to steal somewhat. He never charges into battle without asking these questions: How many are there? Do they out match me? Is there a better way? Can I out think them? He has learned his lesson on that. He is loyal friend, if he is on your side.

History: Once a prince in the land of Raswan, he ran away because of his super-strict parents. They seemed to hate Rascu. They made him fight as one of the soldiers at age nine. He never got out of the castle, and when he did, it would be to battle against there enemy. At age 11 he met a boy his age, they soon became good friends. But to get Rascu's attention on fighting, his parents murdered the boy, the only friend he had, in cold blood. He was finally at end of his rope when he took his father sword and ran. Not knowing where he was going, he wandered into a forest. There he heard an odd bird whistle and then 7 men jumped out of the trees and, without thinking, he charged them. He took down 3 of them but was stricken down quickly. Pinned to the ground by a sword that was driven into his cloak narrowly missing himself, arrows buzzed everywhere killing the remaining men that attacked him. His saviors were the enemies of his attackers, which lived in the forest. He was returned back to health by them. He never found out who they were, but he would recognize them anytime. After this, he found his way to a castle, and was raised by just about anyone there and a sword trainer named Iorik Byrnison to age 13. Rascu and Iorik would clear the forest of bandits and robbers. That’s where he got most of his sword fighting skills. One day, he was attacked by 20 men. Iorik was with him, but not for long. He died in the fight, and that drove Rascu on to fight harder. He was saved by a man in red armor, who turned out to be a great friend of his.


Name: Eendor Nexm

Age: 245

Height: 7’2”

Weight: 240 lbs

Origin: Fire-Mage Immortal

Appearance: Eendor is a Caucasian male that wears his trademark heavy, crimson armor, covering every inch of his body, save his head. He is of very large build, standing a little over 7 feet with bulging muscles rippling over his arms. His jet black hair curls down to his shoulders, and his deep-green eyes are usually bloodshot. The only distinguishing feature he bears, besides the exotic color of his armor, is a small black emblem on his right shoulder of a dragon’s profile breathing a small jet of flame. If his armor is not donned he is usually found wearing a black tunic with grey-ish pants.

Personality: Outside of battle, Eendor seems to be serene, easygoing and kind, and for the most part, he is. However, when in battle, he transforms into a raging beast that is not easily calmed. If you ever notice a red haze veiling his eyes when in this state, you will most likely not live to see the next day. He lashes out with flames, his huge, crimson broadsword, and occasionally, a disemboweled foe.

Skills: Eendor is a Fire-Mage Immortal, which means he his a very formidable opponent that cannot easily be killed. He can summon flames at any given moment, and uses this skill to it’s maximum in battle. Recently he learned a rather unusual and disturbing skill: how to shoot a highly concentrated beam of flame from his eye sockets. While this may seem like something from the old mythologies of the gods, it does have it’s uses---and weaknesses. The beam can burn through any armor or wall, but it leaves him temporarily blind and disoriented. For this reason, he rarely uses it in battle.

Weapon: Like most other warriors, Eendor carries a sword with him everywhere he goes. Unlike most others, this humongous broadsword’s blade is blood-red; many say it is from the countless lives it had taken. The sword was passed down throughout the generations of Fire-Mage Immortal family, until coming across perhaps it’s greatest wielder: Eendor. Coupled with his massive, savage strength and his considerable skill, any foe will find him a excellent match.

History: Long ago, a magic using family was blessed by a powerful being. It granted them incredibly long life, and fire-magic skills. In addition, they were given a specially crafted set of armor and sword. The equipment was given it’s crimson color to represent the fire within it’s wielders soul, and, of course, the person’s skill in using flames.
244 years ago, Eendor’s father was slain by an envious king, jealous of the long life and skill the Immortal’s heritage had granted him. He sent a regiment of his finest soldier to kill him. 100 of the king’s elites verses one Immortal was not wonderful odds even for the most powerful of Eendor’s ancestors, and his father was struck down. He presented a considerable fight, however, taking with him over half of the elites. Afterwards, Eendor regained his rightful inheritance from the wicked king.

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Name: Quwan Mystic

Optional: Nickname: "The Sorcerer of the Forbidden Magic"

Age: 1000 - Looks about 40 - 45 ish

Weight: 200 pounds

Height: 6' 0" ft

Disposition: Dark Side

Power(s) : Forbidden Magic - Loves to manipulate black magic into energy spheres, energy waves, energy blasts, etc, during battles. He also uses magic to teleport to places, create shields, and cast spells. However, he has to watch how he uses his magic, for using too much could drain him of his life force.

Personality: Calm and wise. He is a man of little words and only talks when he is confronted. But when he does talk, he talks with wisdom. Has a lot of confidence in the dark side and carries a strong belief that it will rule the universe in the future.

Weapons: Staff of Mortality - An ancient staff of legend. Legends say it is the staff of the lord of the underworld himself. Those who said to hold it will possess the ability to summon minions from the underworld, no matter how strong they are. Also as an added bonus, the staff gives the holder the ability to heal himself. But it all comes with a price - your soul.

Skills/Magic: Three dark magic abilities - Has the ability to copy and make duplicates of himself. Has the ability to teleport to places. And also carries the ability to summon dark minions from the underworld at his own will.

Appearance: Pale skin. Purple eyes. Long black hair with white streaks. A large purple cloak to compliment his eyes. Black shirt that covers his chest. Long green pants made of wool. And white clothes wrapped around his hands.

Bio: Quwan Mystic was an evil sorcerer born a millenium ago. At a young age, he watched his own mother die at the hands of his father, who was also an evil sorcerer. With the only ray of light gone in his life, he was raised in a life of darkness, learning about every dark spell and dark magic attack known to man. After his father passed away, Quwan took up his legacy as the evil sorcerer his dad was and sought out on the path of darkness. Legend has it that once tried to take over the universe with the help of a dark army, but he met his end at the hands of a advocate of light. But before he vanished to the dark beyond, Quwan traded his own soul for eternal life on earth. It was then he received the "Staff of Mortality" from the lord of the underworld and was entrapped in its curse for the rest of eternity, or in his mind, its blessing. After wondering the universe for almost an millenium now, he comes across knowledge of a dark being more stronger than him. He now travels in search for this being in hopes of reviving him and joining his side - to once again spread darkness across the universe.


Name: Lord Syndrome

Age: Ageless - Been around for ages

Weight: About 500 pounds

Height: 7"0

Disposition: Dark Side

Power(s) : Forbidden Magic - The creator of the forbidden magic. Energy spheres, energy waves, energy blasts, etc, during battles. Can teleport to places, create shields, and cast lots of spells. The cost of using this magic is life force energy.

Personality: Pure evil. Shows no kind of generosity and mercy to any advocate of light. Most of the time filled with anger, rage, and frustration. Very absolute about his vision, he always expects everything he says to come true. He's calm only when things seem to be going his way, but watch out when they don't.

Weapons: Double Green Saber Swords - Two green energy made swords shaped by the powers of Syndrome.

Skills/Magic: Has the ability to summon minions from the underworld and teleport to places. He also possess some telekinetic abilities. These include sensing other beings energies, using dark powers to freeze opponents in their place, and even hovering in thin air.

Appearance: Syndrome lost his true form years ago after being sucked in a gigantic vortex. However he was still able to maintain a more human form. His body is covered in a gigantic black cloak that covers him from top to bottom and shrouds his face with a hood. He had long claws for hands and a golden pendant that rested around his neck, which he stole from a defeated nemesis on a planet far away.

Bio: Has a large reputation as the "Most feared being in the universe". For over 1000 years he has been legended to kill anything and everything that's good and pure. However he's had many defeats. Centuries ago, a group of incredible warriors formed together and succeeded in bringing down the evil king of darkness, trapping him in the depths of hell. He returned a century later, only to be defeated by the younger generation of those same warriors, sending him back to the depths of all. Syndrome returns for his third-coming, and one can only wonder what he as place for this time around.


Name: Juyun Genesis

Optional: Nickname: "The Sorcerer of Light"

Age: 4000 - Says to be the age of the earth.

Weight: 204 pounds

Height: 6' 2" ft

Disposition: Righteous side

Power(s) : Has the power to manipulate the weather. Can cause all kinds of storms like rain, thunder, lightning, snow, hail, etc. His powers even include the ability to create hurricanes and even tornadoes.

Personality: Just like Quwan, Juyun is also calm and wise. But he is a man of many words and loves to give long speeches. He enjoys a good laugh from time to time and loves all those who fight on the path of light like they were his kids. But when its time to fight, he's all serious.

Weapons: No weapons

Skills/Magic: Same as powers.

Appearance: Clear skin. Has a long white goatee that reaches down to his chest. Long white hair that reaches down to his legs. Wears a long white cloak with golden lines at the end of them. Wears a pair of sandals on his feet. He has crystal blue eyes that lights up the room, especially when he smiles.

Bio: Juyun Genesis is legended to have lived since the beginning of time and has watched over the earth as the eternal guardian - a spot which was given to him by God himself. He has trained young warriors in the art of the light and has taught many the ways of righteous over many generations. And when the time comes to where earth needs him, he's always. But now that he hears that a very strong being not only threatens the earth, but the galaxy too, he is prompted to step out of his position as guardian of earth and take on a new role. Leader of the Advocates of Light. And to search for the rest of his teammates, he starts up a tournament........


Name: Manuel "Striker" Frenxs
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Height: 6'5
Weight: 202 lbs.
Race: Human
Religion: None
Weapons: Arabian Sword and Samurai Sword. The Arabian sword was acquired from an Arab Swordsmen after killing him at the age of 22. The Samurai Sword was stolen from a sleeping samurai on the road. He also carries a pack of explosive grenades on his side.
Skills: Ninjatic abilities. When attacking, he flies through the air at the speed of light and lands a hit at a rate of 2 seconds. Secret stealth. Walk running. Ceiling hanging.
Appearance: Has Long Brown hair, a red scar over his right eye, and green eyes. Wears a scarf over his face to hide his identity. Wrist bands, black chest plate, red belt, black pants, and combat boots.
Personality: Calm, laid back, Independent. Has lived a life of trusting no one ever since watching his father die in front of his own eyes.
History: The stories’ Chosen One. Manuel Frenxs was born in a small village where he grew up learning the ways of the Ninja. However, at the age of 15, him and his family were kidnapped by the forbidden foreigners and were enslaved for the next 3 years. Over those years, Frenxs skills grew more. And when the time came when he turned 18, he and his father "Trevor Frenxs" fought the foreigners head on. Unfortunately their forces were too much for both of them and Trevor Frenxs was forced to sacrifice himself for Manny's sake, ordering him to run while he still could. Being left with no choice of the matter, Manuel retreated and escaped safely.......unfortunately his eyes watched in horror as the foreigners brutalized his father to a bloody pulp. The man who laid the final blow is unknown, but has since resided in Manny's mind. The day finally came when he finally got his revenge, striking down the foreigner who killed his father. Ever since then, Manny has traveled his home world earth alone, taking up the name "Striker". He protects the weak from harm and heals the sick whenever he could. Little does he know that his whole life is about to change.

Name: Princess Teya Lovett
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170 pounds
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist
Weapon: The Book of Righteous. A gigantic book that is as light as a feather but powerful beyond imagination. When casting a spell, the book hovers in mid air and flips to the page the spell which was casted is on.
Appearance: Beautiful young lady with a babyface complication. She has angelic blue eyes and silk long blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Wears an all white dress with a white tiara on top of her head and matching white glass heels. Carries a necklace around her neck with a "J" symbol to symbolize Lord Jovalin.
Skills: Mystical Spell Caster of Light. Casts spells of light to vanquish enemies. Has the ability to heal others only at the expense of using up her own energy. Can create force fields and energy beams.
Personality: Innocent, soft-spoken, and timid. Has a good heart and highly sensitive. Smiles to everyone and has high moral values.
History: Born as an heir to King Henry Lovett the fifth, Princess Teya Lovett grew up inside castle Odom. Throughout her young years, she was trained by her mother, Yolanda Lovett-Greens, in the art of spell casting. She received education from personally appointed teachers by the King himself, which gave her little time to ever live a life outside her castle. After a while, the dad by day kingship living began to bore Lovett, as she yearned for something more. Upon turning 18, the curiosity of the young princess begins to take over and her urge to venture out into the world had grown. Once in a while she would sneak out of the castle to explore cities around and keep her identity as a princess hidden. Little does she know that she would soon stumble upon the man who would change her life for good.


Name: Viceroy "V" Virtue
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Height: 6`3
Weight: 194 lbs
Attire: A huge black cloak that reaches down to his toes with a hood that covers his face.
Weapons: Viceroy carries with him a hostle of hand-sized disc blades that he likes to throw at his enemies from a far distance.
Skills: "V" heavily relies on his pure speed and psychic powers to fight his enemies. He has somewhat of a swordsmen skill, but only at an amatuer level.
Magic: Psychic Powers. Has a wide range of psychic abilities, which he learned from his mother. Abilities include lifting things from a far distance, human or objects, reading minds, generating energy orbs, and hovering into the air.
Appearence: Purple eyes, spiked black hair, normal white skin, small muscular physic, black boots, and a "V" scar on his forehead.
Personality: Good mannered and very wise. Respects a good opponent and knows his place in society. Although he is not easily angered, bringing up his past tends to trigger a darker side of his personality.
History: "V" despises looking back on his past, and this is the reason why. Viceroy was born in the continent of Dryderia, under the rule of King Arzen. At the time, the continent was peaceful. At the age of 5, Viceroy's mother, Serina Syris-Vendetta, died by a terrible accident, which he still pounders til this day what it was. He was raised under the love and care of Ryan Vendatta, his fater, who supplied him with food and teachings of the natural world they lived in. At the age of 13, Ryan began training Viceroy in the art of the swordsmen, but he would constantly struggling with the art, never really getting the hang of it. It began to eat at his confidences and at age 15, Viceroy quit his training and tried to focus on his pure fighting abilities. One day however on one of his daily routes to get food, Viceroy was confronted by a group of humans who mocked and belittled him. The taunting pushed "V" so far over the edge that it unlocked a deep magic in him, one he had never felt before. Psychic powders. He quickly silenced the humans and quickly ran home to tell his dad, who told him it was pasted down to him from his mother. From that day, Viceroy praticed constantly with his powers, lifting thems from a distance and other abilites, always remembering to use his powers for good. It would be days later he would find out that his father was killed by a evil ruler, which sent him into an emotional breakdown. The breakdown awoken a darker side of his emotion and he began unleashing his anger on the city he lived in, destroying everything around him. He ended up finding the killer at the hands of King Arzen and with the help of others, defeated him. With his father's death avenged, Viceroy vowed to always use his powers for good. Taking up the name "V", Viceroy ventures to cities and villages to protect those in need of a defender.


Name: Lance Trevons
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 202 pounds
Super Ability: Magetic Powers. The ability to hover into the air, lift metal objects, and shooting streams from his body. His powers also allow him to move really quickly on the ground.
Weapons: Two Long Sliver Lances.
Appearance: A young man with a baby-face complication. Has short spikey blonde hair and sharp-green eyes. Has a bit of phsyic, but thin very thin. This allows him to perform many acrobatics.
Personality: Lance has a good sense of humor, but has a lot of pride in himself. So when someone says something bad about him, he always tries to clear his name. He is a consistent do-gooder when helping others out, but he can sometimes turn ambitious and take things too far. In short, Funny, Good-minded, independant, but short tempered.
History: Lance was born on the southern edges of Austraila and was raised up only by his mother, Rita Edward - Trevons. At the time his parents were split up so when he was 15, he traveled to America to live with his father, Edward Trevons, who trained him how to use lances. After his undergraduate college graduation year in 2012, the planet was hit by a cosmic energy outburst and Lance went into a coma. He wakes up four days later in a hospital bed and ends up finding all metal objects in the room attracting towards him. Lance panics and runs out of the hospital in fear, having all metal objects follow him. It took him 2 years to control his powers, however by then he wished he never had it. For in 2014, the Removal act was issued and all people with super natural abilities were on the hunt. To this day, Lance continues to hide in the shadows until his help is needed.


Name: Edku Shewugawa

Age: 27

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 207 lbs

Relative: Loki Shewugawa (The man who got executed in the intro)

Ethnicity/Race: Saiyan

Weapons: None. He uses his ki to fight his battles

Skills: Edku was taught the classic way to harness his ki and use it to defend himself, just like his other saiyan counterparts. His harsh and grueling training under his father at a young age made him strong physically and internally, so he is able to take a beating and keep coming. He has his own attack he calls "Solar Novas" where he forms two spheres into his hands and places them together, unleashing a large beam of ki energy that can kill a foe in a instant. At this stage, Edku has yet to learn how to transform into a super saiyan.

Appearance: Fair skin, black spiky hair that stands up (Vegata-looking, a white head band, black eyes, a sleeveless black ninjatic outfit that covers his body with a white undershirt(think Goku's outfit but black and white underneath) and white belt. Wears white wristbands and black boots. Carries a scouter over his eye.

Personality: His grueling training growing up made Edku inconsiderate to people's feelings, pompous, calm, mildly arrogant, and constantly sarcastic. However, despite his cold front, he has a heart deep down and once in a while will show his sensitive side. He knows when people are lying and can understand people's needs, but he chooses whether or not to consider it when talking to them.

History: Edku Shewugawa was born on earth exactly twenty-seven years ago. He has no big reputation, except for being the son of Loki Shewugawa. A man known to defend earth when Goku and the other Z-warriors are off fighting across the galaxy. Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Loki Shewugawa had a bad fall-out with the leader of the saiyans, King Vegeta, and he was banished to the outskirts of the galaxy. He took his spaceship and drove across the galaxy for a length of time before coming across a planet named Earth. His plan at first was to take over this planet and make it his own, but after crashing landing on the planet, he was injured and left without a place to go. Not sometime later, he soon met a woman named Nakiti Buma who found him and took care of him. After years of chopping at his pride, Loki and Nakiti fell in love and got married. Loki grew to like the planet and the residence on it. Sometime later, he had a son, and named him Edku Shewugawa. From day one, he made it up in his mind to train him into the best warrior that ever lived. For the first six years, Nakiti nurtured Edku as his father brought him food and protected the household, while once in a while flying off to take care of threats which threaten the earth. At the age of 6, Loki took over and began his gruel parent-raising of making Edku tough. He degraded Edku in all kinds of ways, slapping him down to the ground, calling him a weakling because of his 106 power level and teaching him the way of the saiyan. During sparring sessions with his dad, Edku would always end up gravely wounded or with some kind of injured limb. Although Edku grew to dislike his dad, in the end, it turned into him to a strong-willed and tough young man. Then at the age of 13, Nakiti had enough of Loki's cruel ways her son and told him to stop, leading the two into a big fight which eventually lead to their separation. Loki left and was not heard for a long time, leaving Edku and Nakiti to fend for themselves. For the following years, Edku took up the responsibility of the man of the house, bringing food, learning how to nurture himself, and protect his home from evil doers. Many years have passed since then, until this day where it was announced that Loki Shewugawa was executed by the Galactic Saiyan Society. At the age of 27, Edku feels the need to break his silence.

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Real Name: Haer Lloyd ((pronounced here in an odd way))
Alias: Cloaker ((I couldn't think of anything better))
Age: 16
Height: 5�7
Weight: 180 lbs.
Weapons: He has a katana looking weapon that in green and emits a green glow and has a green scabbard and it grants Cloaker special powers. The sword can also warp into Cloaker's hand at his will.(see skills and magic for more)) He will also carry on him a bow and a couple of arrows if the situation calls for them.
Skills: Cloaker can move fast to a point where he is a blur but he cannot stay in this speed for long. He also has excellent self-trained sword skills which he has slain many rabbits with because he does not kill unless he has to.
Magic: He can warp short distance like a couple of feet for means to get behind an enemy etc. His sword will fire green energy bullets(no it is not a gun)and can create a green energy shield around Cloaker.
Appearance: Cloaker almost always wheres a cloak (hence the name)that is a dark black and barely lets you see his black feet below. His bow and arrows are hidden under his cloak which is why he only keeps a little bit of arrows on him. If you look closely you might see the green hilt of his sword around the waist. When his face is seen is when he takes off his hood and his face features bright blue eyes with brown hair cut 2 in. that moves freely.
Personality: Always a loner since he was an orphan, Cloaker never really communicates. If he does talk it's when he needs to. He makes no friends except for some "friends" who help him out in life. All he really wants to do really though is to find some kind of purpose.
History: When growing up Haer listened to legends of infinity and Eeriek Zemeth. He loved these stories and remembered in his young days clearly about red eyes, red eyes fantasized him. But he has now forgotten about these stories. When Hear was only 5 his whole family was slaughtered. He had woke up one morning to find his family dead and the house robbed. He only survived because the robbers did not find him in the basement bedroom. After a short period of time, the sword Haer now has appeared before him. He took the sword and then left his house with his father's cloak, it was big for him at first but then he grew into it. Haer found some "friends" that helped him get through the tough time. The "friends" were the ones who started calling him Cloaker. Cloaker decided to take up archery just in case he need it and he started working on his sword skills. Soon he was able to take on some people in duels and win. But now Cloaker just walks the streets, looking for meaning.

Name:Daer Higo
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Weapons: Daer will carry two small daggers made of steel that rest at his wrists for easy access. The daggers have black hilts and have black sheaths. He also carries on his back a bow and a quiver of arrows that he has deadly accuracy with.
Magic/Skill:Daer can control darkness itself for he was cursed. He doesn't know the limits to his powers himself, but he can do some damage with his power such as tipping his arrows in darkness and coating his daggers with darkness. If he tries he can manipulate a person's shadow as well or disguise himself as a shadow when he is in the darkness. Also, Daer can control a little bit of light with magic, but not like darkness.
Appearance: Daer Higo wheres a white t-shirt under a black sweatshirt that has a white circle on the chest part of it.He black jeans that are faded out with black shoes worn under them. He has black gloves with sheaths for his daggers on them. His contains blue eyes with a small nose and mouth but nothing that stands out. He has black hair that isn't too short but it isn't long either,and it is not combed or brushed at all.
Personality: Daer is talkative, he makes friends easily and is a jovial type of guy. He also loves to joke around and prank people, even his friends. He will help anyone in need as long as he can help them, if not, he'll get some help.
History: When Daer was 12, he started learning how to control light from his elders. He became quite good at controlling the light as the rest of his family has. When the meteor had struck, he sensed a great danger, and left his household. As he wandered, he ran into some darkness and was attacked, he was close enough to the sunlight though to use light against the shadows and he escaped. But, it seemed that using his magic in the darkness let the darkness get into him, and he could no longer control light(except for a little bit)he now controlled darkness. Daer figured this was a curse given to him, and now he is set on getting rid of the darkness to regain the planet and himself, to it's former glory.

Name: Gabe Vider
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'
Weight: 184lb.
Weapons: Gabe has a monster killing shotgun that he keeps on his back via a strap. It holds 6 rounds and has a long range for a shotgun. Gabe also has a sword infused with electric magic that is 4 and a half feet long and weighs about 5 pounds. The hilt has a symbol standing "godsend" on it.
Skill/Magic: Gabe can control electric magic. He can make lightning come from his fingertips. He can control anything that uses electricity such as a computer by just touching it and can give anything an electric touch, such as the shells in his shotgun.. He is very agile in battle as so was the way he was taught. When in battle he will use small bursts of lightning to assist him in fighting.
Appearance: Gabe wears a black robe without a hood. He has a pair of brown shoes that look like no brand anyone has seen. He has a black scabbard resting at his hip where his sword rests. He has a light tan and brown eyes with blond hair. He stands out in public.
Personality: Gabe was always shut out from the world, so he isn't that friendly. He always acts serious and has never had a "good time". Gabe changes slightly when in battle though, in battle, he is much more dedicated to protecting others despite how unfriendly he is, he will help someone in danger or an ally in trouble.
History: Gabe was born into a poor family, his family was always striving for food, as world poverty still existed. They always moved and they were always cold. When Gabe was 22, all the worlds problems were being resolved and his family was given a second chance to live for the government moved them to a home with plenty of technology to help them with their lives. His family was glad for the new home but Gabe hated it. He hated how lives were so easy and people did nothing. Thus, Gabe left to find his own path. While he wandered, he found a wise master who knew the art of the sword, and of the dark king. Gabe was interested about the man's story so he decided to learn from him. There, he was taught about how the dark king and the ways of magic. Gabe learned the way of the sword and how to use magic from his master, but then, his master left Gabe with a note saying that he must now seek his path once again. Gabe packed up and headed for the area where he used to lived. There he made a house where he lived in, he brought some of his master's books with him. He read up on how to forge weapons to defeat the dark king and he made his two weapons. In the last years until the dark king returned, Gabe stayed at his house practicing his magic. When the dark king arrived, he knew what he had to do, he gathered his weapons and clothes, and he headed for the major cities.

Name: Luke Lane
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 194 lb.
Weapons: Luke awoke with a giant 5' broadsword that had a blade that would burn anyone's skin except his. The sword rests in an orange scabbard on Luke's back.
Skills: Luke has great strength that allows him to wield his broadsword with one hand and lift other very heavy objects. At high school he could lift 260 lb.
Ability: Can control fire, this includes increasing the temperature of an area, making things combust at will, turning into fire, and he can move masses of fire into different forms. He has little control of his power in the beginning so things will burn. His weakness is water.
Appearance: When he awoke, he was wearing dark red armor that was very tough for it was forged at very high temperatures. He where's white shoes that are perfect for combat Above his shoulders he has a short neck with a round head on top of it. His face includes dark brown eye's and 4" long red hair that glistens in the sunlight.
Personality: Luke is a kind-hearted boy who had many friends at school. He almost will never snap at someone for making him mad. But, he did have a fiery passion for improving himself and that is how he, with even his little weight, became so strong. He also does not believe in violence, but if he has to, he will fight.
History: Luke ever since he started school for his scrawny body. He did not want to fight them. So he solved the problem by becoming stronger and not being as scrawny, this did stop the bullies from picking on him. When he was in middle school, he started pushing himself more and helping out the little guy. When he got in High School he had many friends and he could bench press as much as he can today. He just got on his winter break from school when he was in the future.

Name: James "Tye" Town
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 204 lb. (little chubby)
Age: 17
Appearance: He has red hair that is cut very short and he wears a blue jacket over a white shirt and he has dark blue pants with white athletic shoes beneath the pants.
Personality: Is very serious and always has a straight face on, showing almost no emotion, if he is scared he will hide it which isn't that often, but if he is scared enough, he will show emotion.. He in no way believes in ghost.

Name: Ella Tucker
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 167 Lb.
Skills: Ella is a great shot with any type of firearm but is incredibly flawed in any and all types of combat. She is able to run quickly however to avoid any possible close range encounters.
Appearance: Ella has blond hair that goes down to her shoulders and starts to curl up at that point. She has soft tender skin with no blemishes on it. Her eyes however suffer from a genetic disorder making one blue and one green, making her eyes hard to look at.
Personality: Ella is a fun loving woman who is always looking for a challenge and is trying to hone her skills at what she is best with. She is afraid of men that look shady due to traumatizing incident. And will try to avoid contact with any man, no matter how nice.
History: When Ella was 12 she was molested by a pedophile. It was due to this that Ella is afraid of shady men that are possible pedophiles and trys to avoid contact with men. When Ella became 18 she decided to own a gun for self-defense. After training with the gun she found out she was a pretty good shot and took up competitions for good shooting. She did these for a while and had a job at the gun store where she bored many grown men about guns. Over the time she has learned to tolerate men much more but she still avoids the shady men and will most likely never date a man in her life.

Name: Zack "The Rock" Bull
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 208 lb.
Weapons: Nicknamed "Black Death" Zack uses a sword forged by himself that he has used for 20 years and a scratch has yet to be seen on it. It's blade is a dark black and is so powerful that it can slay men in seconds, yet it is so light even a child could wield it. The hilt and scabbard for this legendary sword are both with with a black pattern of lines.
Skills: Despite his age, Zack is very well-bodied. He has above average strength that he makes much use of when forging weapons and armor. He is very skilled with a blade, being able to win a duel in a matter of seconds is some feat. He doesn't have a set battle style and will change it to accommodate for the situation, such as when he is surrounded, he will start to slash randomly and quickly to attempt to down his foes. Zack is a novice alchemist. The reason why is because he's only been studying it for one year. He uses it for assist when forging items to make them stronger and he will use it during battle to change the shape of his sword to go with a fighting style he is uses.
Appearance: Zack wears a wears a black studded vest with a matching pair of pants. His scabbard is attached to his back via a brown strap. During battle, Zack will wear chain mail that is a transmuted piece of metal he stores is a small cylinder on his scabbard. It's not has strong as chain mail he can forge but it is much easier to carry around.
Personality: A very stubborn man who mostly does things for his own personal gain. But there are some people who have discovered that he has a soft side. People who are friends with him this much are rare but he will help these friends at any time. Although, one thing he can't stand are people he try to bend the laws of nature and people who would destroy the world, even if Zack doesn't care much for it's inhabitants.
History: Zack was born into a family of alchemists, but he was never interested in alchemy. Instead he studied forgery. When he finally got his own forge at the age of 18, it was obvious that he was a prodigy at forging. It took him only one year to forge one of the best swords the world has seen,"Black Death". Zack never reproduced it because he knew that such sword should not lie in the hands of the common man. Instead he studied swordplay and all the fighting styles, and in under five years, Zack became one of the best sword masters. He got his nickname because of his rock hard body and battle strategy. His life went on normally with swordplay tournaments and filling out custom orders for customers. Then, that's when it happened, he saw the true power of alchemy in his own eyes. He saw a human being reborn, he couldn't believe his family had that kind of power, but it wasn't the power that made him start to study alchemy, it was the fact that these death cheating monsters needed to be stopped with their own weapon. After half a year of studying the art, Zack started to incorporate alchemy into his work, and he gave his sword a slight upgrade by reforging it while using alchemy. Then one day, Zack heard of a Tourney that was going on and he went there in order to beat the others and claim the prize, which he was sure was going to help with his fight against the alchemists he hated.

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Name:Minako Haru ((known as Minako of the Mist you should know the mist if you watch the naruto series))

Location: Konoha((Village hidden in the leaves))



Weapons:Kunais, giant Dark star, Summoning scrolls.


(techniques you have)
*Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu » Water Clone Skill
*Kuchiyose no Jutsu » Summoning Skill
*Kirigakure no Jutsu Hidden Mist Skill
*Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu Fire Type; Grand Fireball Skill
*Katon Housenka Fire Type; Mythical Fire Flower

*Bunshin no Jutsu Clone/Split Body Skill
*Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu Mist Clone Skill
*Henge no Jutsu Transformation Skill

*Sofuushasen no Tachi Windmill Triple Blade
*Kage Shuriken no Jutsu Shadow Shuriken Skill
*Shishi Rendan Lion Combo

History: Minako was born in the mist but soon moved to konoha when her father died. She graduated from the Ninja academy same year as itachi and became a famous ninja, she is the most powerful ninja ever existed outside of the Uchiha clan.

things you should know: Minako is very Hyper and loves sweets. She doesn't get mad easy but when she is you are doomed. She cannot be defeated easily and focuses on defense techniques.
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King of Hell Posted: 00:00 Jun14 2008 Post ID: 2280470
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^^Post deleted. One post per member. This is your second. Edit your bios in.

This is Adam's post...


Name: Felix Terr

Race: Earth Adept

Age: 19

Height: 6’3


Sex: Male

Weapons: Gaia, a longsword of Earthen power. A simple golden hilt and long silver blade mask it’s true power. The bearer of the sword (it’s wielder was referred to as the “Bearer of Earth’s might”) is granted unmatched strength, and the ability to mould the world to his will. The sword cannot be broken or bent, and can cleave a mountain when properly unleashed.

Magic/Skill: Felix is quick for his size, and can often outmaneuver his opponents with relative ease. Felix also found a way to make up for what speed he lacks: Sinking into the earth and spawning himself on any other dry land. More offensive Earth based magic he possesses include: Spire’s of earth, summoning a massive quake, encasing opponents in the earth, producing quicksand, summoning a sandstorm, etc.

Personality: Felix is fairly quiet most of the time, rarely choosing to disturb somebody’s peace over being silent. He has a good sense of humor, and jokes around where appropriate. Calm during any situation, Felix is an excellent ally to have. Makes friends easily, but being a leader doesn’t appeal to him very much.

Appearance: Felix has a green tunic and brown pants with steel riveted over the knee area. He wears a green cape with a golden planet-shaped clasp keeping it around his shoulders. Gaia is held in a golden and brown sheath at his waist. Shaggy brown hair covers a plain and somewhat expressionless face.

History: Felix grew up in a village south of a now nonexistent mountain range, coming from a long line of Earth Adepts. Felix, being the most noble of blood in the village (the village was founded by Lord Gaieus Terr “Bearer of Earth’s Might” decades ago when he left Gaia at the base of the mountain Terra (the tallest mountain in the range) for his descendants to claim. As an Earth Adept, he sealed the sword in a stone so tightly it would not be humanly possible to withdraw it, lest Earth’s Might be in your blood. When Felix was 12, he set out to Terra to claim the sword of his heritage. As he watched, the meteor descended from the sky faster than he had seen anything move. In a desperate lunge, Felix grabbed Gaia as the meteor hit and forced him thousands of feet underground. Holding tightly onto the sword, Felix managed to surface in one of the sunlit parts of the world and sought work as a mercenary to pay for what existence he has, and constantly seeking for a way to restore Terr Village and Mount Terra to their former and original glory.

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Namek Posted: 03:33 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2314090
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Name: Fremar Agimen
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5''3
Weight: 189 lbs
Race: Mage/Archer
Wepons: Fremar has only two weapons, Her first is a magical Lunar Staff, it works best in darkness, than in light. And beacuse Hugos world is always in semi-darkness, Fremar has an advantage. Her Lunar staff is Purple and Black, with a glowing white half moon on the top , this is where Fremar sends her spells out of. Her second weapon is a Bow, an Electric bow, to be presise, it shoots out anykind of arrows, but works best with electric arrows. Fremar has a nearly never ending supply of Electric arrows, with an assortment of others.
Magic: Fremar has alot of magic, she has alot of spells. But her three main ones are; Lunar Strike (Sends out a strike of glowing white light thats smashes into foes with the force of a sword, deadly accuracy) Freezing Poison (Attacks and hurts all the foes near, Freezing them for a few vital seconds, also poisoning them) [b] Fire B[b][/b]alls [/b] (Sends out Fire B[b][/b]alls with a High speed. Hurting the foes that come in contact)
Appearance: Click
Personality: Kind and Warm hearted. She gets along with people easily, very likable and happy. She doesn't have much of an anger, it's hard not to get along with Fremar Agimen.
History: Born into the rich and old family of Agimen (Pronounced Ag-i-men) Fremar had a good and happy childhold, alothough born into a rich family, she was never spoilt, she got a better education and training than the peasants though, she began to learn the art of Magic at the age of fourteen, after her mother and father bought her the Lunar Staff, a rare and valuable staff. At the age of twenty she left her parents, and bought her own house, she was a powerfull Magician and had invented the popular spell Lunar Strike. She learnt Archery by herself, using self training and alot of books. By the age of twenty eight Fremar was the leader of the Oblivious Group.

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HiddenInnocence Posted: 17:34 Jul24 2008 Post ID: 2344420
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Name: Rieker Hale
Age: 22
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180lbs

Weapons: Rieker awoke with a glistening silver short sword. The short sword has a fuller that changes colors from green to blue. Rieker does not know how it happens because the metal the blade was forged from did not exist in his time. The cross guard of the blade is made of a unique white metal as is the pommel while the grip is a sleek black metal. The scabbard of the blade is black encrusted with designs of white flowing throughout.

Skills/ Weakness: Rieker has the innate ability to use the sword. Whilst in combat his body flows as a dancer’s does on the stage. He is accustomed to combining the use of his blade and the use of hand to hand combat. Rieker is trained in Chinese martial art of the Crane Style. His physical strength is only moderate while he excels in speed and strategy.

Ability: Rieker was granted the gift to become one with the earth. He has control over the ground as well as plants and can communicate with animals. His communication with the animals does not extend to birds or other creatures nor can he communicate with animals that dwell in the seas and rivers. He also has the ability to manipulate metal because it was made from the earth however he cannot control lava because it is considered fire. He has no control over the abilities at the beginning.

Appearance: Rieker has dusty brown hair that is short and slightly curly. He keeps it neatly trimmed but styles it in a slightly messy fashion. He has a pale complexion however he tends to tan easily. He is more often seen with a tan than without. His eyes are an enthralling emerald green and he is often told they are his most attractive feature. His body is slim but he isn’t scrawny. Although it does not appear so he is muscular and tone. He does not like dark, boring colors like black and gray. Instead he is drawn to bright, brilliant shows of blue, green and on occasion purple. When he awoke, he was wearing a baggy blue shirt and baggy blue pants both embroidered with a white stitching. Hidden beneath his clothing rested a suit of jade green body armor flourished with a beautiful design of an expansive valley full of plants and animals.

Personality: He is a strong, confident personality. He enjoys a challenge either physical or mental but in turn he gets bored quite easily. He cares about people in general and hates to see them hurt. He prefers to look at the good side of people and of life but the more he gets hurt the more that seems to change. He is bold and charismatic. He tends to jump to conclusions and doesn’t think before he acts. He is a very expressive person who falls in love easily. With his eccentric personality he often tends to annoy people; however he does not seem to care because he is content with who he is. Rieker is most often seen carrying a pad of paper and a paint brush or pencil because art is his favorite thing in the world.

History: Rieker was born in Venice, Italy to two American citizens. His parents loved to travel and never spent more than a couple of years in the same place. Rieker has spent his entire life visiting different countries and cultures. He was raised by two very loving parents who took good care of him and very rarely did he experience hardship. While he was in China he learned martial arts, while he was in France he learned to draw and paint. He stole a bit of culture from each place he visited and made friends with people all around the world. When he was 18 his parents thought it was important for him to receive a college education. They sent him to the United States to study. He first obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and was working towards his Master’s in Fine Arts for visual arts when the incident happened.
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superblobby Posted: 09:40 Jul30 2008 Post ID: 2353872
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Name: Dane Finch
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft 10"
Weight: 170lbs
Weapons:None/ Surrounding Objects

Skills/ Weakness: Dane is a skilled hand to hand fighter, with a strong structure, capable of causing severe damage using only his hands, and has trained endlessly on his self-defence skills. He tends to head into fights without thinking it over, and is easily lured into battles. the abilities of 3 specific animals; a frog, in which he can subsist underwater for long periods of time. A squirrel, in which he can move effortlessly, on land and through trees, gliding from object to object through the air. Dane also has the sense of smell equal to that of a Basset Hound, and can smell some scents up to a few days old.

Appearance:Dane is a reasonably muscular guy, with a strong body frame, and somewhat attractive. He has medium length, brown, scruffy hair, and awoke dressed with a white, tight tank top, and light brown camo shorts. His eyes are a striking bluey green, and Dane beholds a smile that can make the ladies' knees weak. He has a defining tattoo, marked on his right shoulder, embedded in his pale white skin; a metallic monster, which he bares no recollection of whatsoever.

Personality: Dane is a suprisingly shy character, that likes a joke, and has a few decent one liners up his sleeve. Or in his shorts, whatever. He likes a bit of risk, and loves to fight, and the adrenaline it gives. His temperament is poor; it won't take much more than an insult to get him hot headed. Dane doesn't like to show emotion, he prefers to keep it in, and keep others' out.

History: Dane was born, and raised in London, England. He was raised well, good mannered, and was part of a youth team set up for Arsenal Football Club, which he adored as he grew up, The Gunners being his one true passion. As a hobby, he'd also like to build on his muscular frame, work out, and learn self defence. Taught by his uncle, he became very accomplished in using his hands as weapons, and using the surroundings to his advantage.

Name: N'graive
Age: 780
Sex: Unknown
Race: Ti'Klichian
Weapons: N'graive's staff, a 5ft tall staff, made of wood, with a cinnamon brown colour. A pure black bobble sits on the top, that expells magic. Also a small poisonous dagger, causings veins to burst, after it pierces the skin of an opponent.

Skills: N'graive casts spells that deforms the opponent in some way, sometimes disabling them to perform their most vital attacks, and sometimes just for the pure fun, and humiliation of the opponent, he is also super speedy, and is hardly vunerable to mellee attacks. Once he defeats an enemy, he engraves a large 'N' upon their shoulder.

Appearance:A small, rather tubby figure, with a blonde beard, and dark green skin, wielding a staff. He has piercing snake eyes, and a dashing smile. N'graive is bald, with an 'N' carved into his skull, and shows as a scar. He wears a green suit, and coat, with a bright red tie, and black buckle shoes.

Personality: N'graive is a rather cheeky customer, and will laugh at pretty much anything, and everything, no matter what. Whether it be something overly gruesome, or the most lame cheesey joke, you'll get a cheeky chuckle from the mini fellow. He also likes to get people to trust him, and is not afraid to backstab to get what he wants. He also has the mind that holds an incredible amount of bouncebackability; so when he's down, don't count him out.

History: N'graive is from Ti'Kliche, a place where every creature fights for their own until their 300th birthday, where it is tradition they meet another creature from the island, and spend the remaining time of their lives together. All Ti'klichians are genderless. He earned money, coins and tokens by performing for others, deforming poor creatures that were caged, making their two legs into one, frowing skin over their nasal passages, etc. Humiliating them with his unique magic.
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D_Otaku Posted: 23:55 Aug02 2008 Post ID: 2361195
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weapons:twin scythe,rean and gene, both made from demon claw
skills:change forms
-human: uses his scythe,high speed
-were-armadilo=hard body,rolling attack
-were-beast=high speed and power, limited time usage

appearance:brown tunic made of leather and ripped black pants(cause its ripped, the left leg is like shorts) black hair, a scar near the mouth, short-black hair, slightly black skin,and a pair of cat ears. while in other forms he only add a little addition to his human form like wings in bird mode, plates on the back and other places like arm and legs at armadilo mode, beast face/head with furry skin on beast mode

personality:noisy, tempered easily, act before thinks, hence he dont have special his worst against magicians.

history: a rare breed of multi-were, or monster in human language, rayl never has human friends, but he always try to sneak into villages or cities to play with humans, until his discovered and as result, his forest burned down, losing hope, he summoned to the tournament and found out that the tournament is the shortcut to his dreams. wheter he will win for the sake of saving humans or to erase all hope, the answer is still unknown
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Pokemonaster Posted: 12:32 Aug10 2008 Post ID: 2372508
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Name: Orgo Mak
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200 lbs
Race: Orc
Weapon: Battle Axe
Skills: Enhanced strength and speed, reduced endurance. (He can dish it out, but he can't take it)
Element: Fire
Dragon Color: Red orange
Dragon Name: Brisngr
Appearance: Large, brutish, and muscular. Dark green skin tone. Brown hair in a masculine ponytail.
Personality: Despite his thuggish appearance, he is quite intelligent, condescending, and calculating. However; he has a strong sense of loyalty to people who earn his respect. While he hates the concept of killing (except for food), when he becomes enraged, he goes on a frenzy, mutilating everything in his path.
History: Born In the Nathrakdal police district. Orgo grew up with violence and bloodshed all around him. At first, he enjoyed watching it, and emulated it during his spare time, until he got grim news: his father had been killed. Since that day, he has had an aversion to blood and killing. But he will go to any lengths to prevent the deaths of those close to him.

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PhilXZ Posted: 11:11 Aug11 2008 Post ID: 2374194
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Name: Zack Exos
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weapons/Gadgets: Blaster Gun, Hover Board, Sunglasses that switch between 100 UV Protection, X-ray, Geiger, Heat Vision, and Night Vision.
Skills: Agile, Fast, Strong, Smart.
Appearance: Red hair spiked at the front and blue eyes. He wears a black t-shirt with jeans and sunglasses.
Personality: He can get headstrong and sometimes be a pain to deal with. But when duty calls, he is no laughing matter. He takes battle serious and will attempt everything to win. His use of weapons is the most skillful among all the other members of Space Dive. Thanks to his agility and flexibilty and he can perform amazing jumps, feats, and flips.


Name: Ryku
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Weapons: Sword of the Logardion, Kunai, Shuriken, Jutsus, Smokebombs, Poison Needles, Senbon, Ryuuzan, Explosive. Ryku's summoning contract is with cats of all kind. Ryku has over thousands of jutsu at his arsenal due to him traveling the world at age 18, although he has shown and performed only 150-200. Some of them include Chidori, Rasengan, a mixture of both which he calls Raigeki, Water Dragon, Shadow Clones, Shadow Clone bomb implant, Shadow Dragon, Shadow Barrage Fury, Blood Dragon of Darkness, Water to Blood Conversion Jutsu, and many others. He uses a sword with a blue blade which can rebuild itself using blue chakra if broken.
Appearance: Blue eyes, short red hair which is spiked at the front, and white skin. Black ANBU tattoo on left shoulder and black Biju tattoo on his spine between the shoulder blades. Navy pants and sleeveless black shirt with red leaf symbol in red on the back and a smaller version in the front on the left chest. White bandages on both arms from wrist up to the elbows. Black chinese dragon tattoos circling around arms, it's heads is on the top of hands and the tails on the center of the upper arms. Body is muscular on an average level. Leaf Headband is strapped on his waist.
Personality: Ryku is a kind and active spirit, but in battle he is cunning, aggressive, tactical, and will stop at nothing to win and protect his comrades. He's full of sarcasm which can get annoying to some people.
History: As an infant, his parents where murdered and he was badly injured. An unknown figure saved the boy's life by implanting a tattoo holding a 10-Tail Dragon Biju, Ryuuzan. Ryku was taken in by a group of assassins from the hidden Mist after the massacre that he survived. The assassins discovered Ryku's seal and used him for their own needs. Ryku killed the assassins at age 5 after they forcefully made him sprout the 3rd tail. A group of Leaf ninja discovered the weary child in the forests a few days later. He was taken in by the 3rd Hokage to master his powers. Ryku became Chuunin at age 14 and a member of ANBU at age 15. At age 17 he was cast out from the Leaf Village by Danzou's orders. A few months later, he was ranked Missing-Nin and 1 criminal in the world. In his travels, he befriended Vipra. Ryku, according to his records, has committed no criminal acts in his life. Ryku hopes to win the tournament and as a result regain the respect from the ninja World that he lost that horrid day.

Tailed Beast Information:
Ryuuzan is a shadow beast and allowed Ryku to manipulate Shadow and Dark Chakra to form jutsus. Ryuuzan is demented, blood-hungry, and insane and with each tail unlocked, Ryku attains some of that personality.

Base Stage: Canine teeth are razor sharp.
1st Tail: Finger nails sharpen, tattoo grows to be visible at neck of shirt.
2nd Tail: Reptilian eyes, and signs of lizard like skin, tattoo reaches neck. Increase in strength.
3rd Tail: Tattoo spreads across face to form tribal looking markings, Wings grow.
4th Tail: Tail grown. Tattoo spread to arms and thighs. Strength increased drastically
5th Tail: Black chakra submerges body and takes the shape of a dragon.
6th Tail: Black chakra takes a definite shape.
7th Tail: Eyes, bones, and claws develop.
8th Tail: Muscle Tissue forms along with fangs.
9th and 10th Tail: Yet to be discovered.

Transformation can be reverted and stopped by stabbing Ryku in the center of his Biju Tattoo when it is still visible. Wounds heal quickly just like Naruto's Nine tails. In 4th Tail, any wounds heal immediately.

Name: Vipra
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Weapons: Poison Dagger, Paralysis needles, poison fangs, Boa Constrictor.
Appearance: Considered by many as the Viper of Venus. She possess the characteristics and features of the perfect beauty. Her eyes are a paralyzing green. She wears a short, black top covering only what needs to be covered. Her lips are a deep, blood red. She wears red high heels and very short pants. She has a boa constrictor, named Fang, clinging to her body.
Personality: Vipra loves toying with the hearts of other men. She is a constant playgirl and serious flirt. On the battle field she uses her appearance and feminine side to get the advantage and reacts aggressively.

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Cybertron Posted: 19:54 Sep06 2008 Post ID: 2414636
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my current Person(s):

Name: Kurt Ambrose
Weight: 250lbs.
Weapons: shotgun, assualt rifle, sniper rifle, plasma and frag grenades, and energy sword.
Rank: Everyone starts at private.
Bio:He was abducted from the UNSC to fight against the Covenant.

Name: Kurt Ambrose




Weight:234 lbs.

Weapons:Sword of time which can control time. A vase of sand on my back that protects him from danger ((almost all the time))

Skills:Lightning fast speed also can control sand. Can fight like a god.

Appearance:skin color: white, eye color:green, Wears a black and red robe, and has a scar on his face.

Personality:A dangerous and close-minded person. Rather stick by himself.

History: Was brought here to fight. His home world Volatke was destroyed after he left. His race of Humans were very strong and magical. He was born an orphan when his mom died giving birth and dad was shot right before he was born. When he was very little he was trained to be a warrior.))

Name: Frost

Age: 24

Height: 6'11

Weight: 245 lbs.

Weapons: Frost is good at medium range firing. He carries an assault rifle, the sleek new ER34 design, design made up, BTW. He also carries a few handy grenades, plasma, spike, and frag. He has many many types of snipers.

Skills: Frost is a person not to be messed with. He will kill you from a mile away without even looking into his scope. Yes he is that skilled at sniping, people. Frost is also a demon at medium range firing. He has reassembled his assault rifle to have 100 shots in a clip and harder armor piercing rounds.

Personality: He is a down to earth person, he will tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts you. He can be short-tempered at times of great distress, other then that he is truly a great person.

Appearance: Frost has a scar by his left eye. He had been burned at the age of 7 for not following directions. He has had it ever since. He has dark silky black hair. His eye color is frosty blue. He wears ragged clothes and boots to compliment those ragged clothes.

History: He is part of the royal bloodline. Starting from his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. Who first discovered the mysterious power of the Black Demon and harnessed it. He became an orphan at the age of 2, due to his parents dying from a great tornado hitting his "house".

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Sacred_Light Posted: 15:46 Oct07 2008 Post ID: 2448734
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Name: Tezlar "Raven" Sormo
Age: 17
Height: 6ft
Weight: 67kg

Weapons: Sword Of Sivoria, a sacred blade, enfused with the powers of Light able to shine brightly in pitch darkness to aid the warriors path. Yew Bow, with diamond-headed arrows.

Personality Clear-Headed, quick to react, witty, he can be rash at times, wanting to jump into things too soon when something he cares about is at stake. He sometimes think that becasue he has gone through so much hardship that everbody else's troubles are insignificant. It only takes him a while to realise he is being selfish, though. he is rarely sad, but not happy either. He often seems to be thinking intently about what to do next, while fiddling with a nearby object. He likes to sit down once in a while and take a break from conflict to get back in touch with himself, when he does this, his power seems to level out, or become increased. When somebody is right and he knows it, he can either accept it or be defiant and not accept their point of view at all. At times it sometimes seems there are two sides to him, a Bad, rebellious side and a loving, caring side who would do anything for his friends or allies.

Magic/Skills: Many of Tezlars abilities are extremly beneficial to him in the battlefield, but most of his skills take great concentration so he mainly relies on his core melee combat training regulary to keep his skills sharpened. Able to call forth light into his blade to increase the power of its slashes. He is a master of charkra and is able to use his third-eye charkra to see auras. Although this ablity takes focus and can rarely be used in battle. He is able to use his Solar Plexus Charkra to engulf his weapons in soul power. When Tezlar becomes aggrivated, his powers often become beyond his control and he can attack sub-conciouslly, this 'being' that takes over him is unkown to him so he tries his best to remain calm, cool and collected during a fight.

Appearance: Black, spiky and unruly hair, one green eye and one blue, he has a slight marking of a scr across his face. He wears a necklace to help him control his power, without which, he would either be unable to use his power or his power would go beyond his control. He has a white shirt followed by a black vest. On top of these is a blue, heavily stiched overcoat, with markings on it simalar to his sword. He has long, baggy black jeans fastened with a brown leather belt, with brown boots. His sword in tucked away on his hip, concealed by the overcoat. With his quiver, bow and arrows on his back, visible.

History: A boy from the land of sivoria, his father taken from his at the tender age of three he was forced to live in extreme conditions for the Sivorian army, fighting vicous battles against many wastelandic creatures. This life got the better of him, staying in a dark cell every night and fighting mercilessly by day, he was beginning to go insane. That was until he found a crack in the cell wall. He kicked it free and was able to run out and into a nearby temple that was were he found his sword, and his overcoat. He escaped horseback into a distant land, where he found his father. But only at the time of his death, he took his fathers money (which happened to be a small fortune) and bought himself his bow and arrows from a nearby jewelcrafter, who was at first reluctant to shape diamond arrow heads. But when the old man saw was Tezlar had to offer, he was more than happy to oblige. Once again, Tezlar took off, unbeknowst of what adventures await him.
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latiasfinder Posted: 21:07 Oct07 2008 Post ID: 2449117
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Name: Tanya Ridden

Gender: Female

Home Planet: Rivenbeak

Role: Space Dive member

Age: Appears 17, is actually only 70 years or so.

Weapons/Gadgets: Modified hoverboard, whatever her forms give her, detachable metal exoskin for her right arm that can fire powerful, but highly inaccurate power blasts, highly effective eyes (can see in the brightest/darkest of places but not through solid objects), goggles that have been modified against the elements of space/other planets.

Skills: A shapeshifter, she changes by using touch. Great visual memory, okay healer (only her own flesh wounds), techno-dork (good with technology and fixing it x3)

Appearance: Appears as a 17 year old. Mahogany colored hair that falls pin straight to her shoulders, emerald green eyes with pupils that turn cat-like in direct light. About 5'7, lithe and cat-like almost. Never seen without her board, goggles that have a black band with a silver stripe across, and red skullcap. Most seen outfit is a red, very short sleeved shirt (sleeves are black). Dark blue jeans that flare at the bottoms, and white tennis shoes complete her ensemble.

Personality: Arrogant and brash. She hates being told she's wrong, or being reckless. She likes to just get in and get things done her way. Tanya is a good soul though, despite what's happened. Sometimes she prefers to be alone, as she has been most of her life. But when her friends need her, she'll be there. She also enjoys sassing others, criticizing them needlessly and also firing off sarcastic marks.


Name: Sydney (parents lost)
Race: Human
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 lbs (don't use kilos here)
Age: 19
Dragon's Name: Kero
Kero's Color: Royal blue
Dragon's Build: Streamlined, made for speed over power, aeronautical wing design (slimmer and angled for better flight)
Sydney's Past: Sydney became orphaned when a Dragon Egg came into her town and she found it at the age of 8. The Ra'zac killed her family looking for her, but she was well hidden in the deep floorboards under her family's barn. When she emerged to her burnt home, everything was gone. Not long after leaving it, her Egg hatched, the new dragon keeping the lonely girl company until the pair grew older, and were able to travel freely.
Sydney's weapons; Besides the usual Rider sword, of a dashing royal blue to match Kero, she carries a small bag full of objects that can trick, confuse, and disorientate her foes that don't need her other powers wasted on. They aren't much, but they've helped.
Alignment: Wishes to kill off the Ra'zac for killing/harming many others, but not her own family. Revenge for others.

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