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Graphics and Artwork ~ Requests: Forum Rules Updated 7/01/08 (ALL MEMBERS READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Baseballfreak28 Posted: 10:59 Jun24 2008 Post ID: 2296253
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~~Graphics and Artwork ~ Requests: Forum Rules~~

((Keep in mind that this forum is for requesting artwork only. This means avatars, signatures, images to be rendered, etc. are asked for here. Request competitions and shops are also allowed in this forum. For showcase, critique, gifts, and the like, go to the Graphics and Artwork Forum.))

Welcome. In this topic, I will describe both the rules to our request forum and help anyone in need of a graphic request what they want as well as the artist tending to the request. You're expected to follow all of these regulations to the best of your ability.

• The standard Forum Rules and Graphics and Artwork Forum Rules apply, as always.

• When requesting, if you can please provide a render or stock. It saves our time searching for one. Planet Renders is one of the most-used sources for renders and most artists on this site have an account there, so it would be best to search there. Renders can also be found on places like Photobucket, but for a larger quantity of results, Planet Renders is probably your best resource.

• Give at least a couple details of what you want. A specific background, colors and text that you might want for example.

•­ No more than three requests per week. This just saves a huge mass of topics. If you exceed this limit, all of your topics still open will be closed, possibly without notice, and you must wait one week from your latest topic until you may request again.

• When responding to a request, the signature must be made by YOU. Do not rip signatures from other sites, whether it be another forum or an image uploading site. If you are found guilty of ripping, you will be reported to the SuperCheats staff and be given a temporary ban.

• Effective August 4, 2007: Do not ask someone to fill your request in someone else's topic. If you do this, your post will be deleted. In addition, do not make five topics for one request just because you're impatient. If you do this, all of your topics will be locked and you will be unable to request again for 24 hours.

• Effective August 9, 2007: When taking a request for an image to be rendered, make a notification that you will try it. This is the only time we will allow "I'll try" posts. If someone has already said that they will do a request, do not try to do it until that member either has a result, says they cannot do it, or until 24 hours of their post have passed. Also, do not call dibs on the next person to try the request. Those posts will be deleted. This is to prevent time and hard work of other members from being wasted.

• Effective June 24, 2008: In Signature Request Shops, only the shop owner will be allowed to fulfil a request given to him or her in that topic. The shop owner may, however, choose a Co-Owner or up to four students. The owner may also choose one Co-owner and one student. Co-owners can fill requests, but the co-owner can not work in another active shop. Students may not fill requests and are learning under the owner. Students can not learn in another shop.

•Effective July 1, 2008: In Request Shops, the owner or co-owner is allowed to make a post saying "I'll do it" or, "yours is next" to stop confusion between which shop worker is filling which request, or so the requester is certain his/her request is being fulfilled.

• Also regarding Request Shops, if the owner (or co-owner) of the shop has to be warned three times of a rule violation (spamming, posting signatures that are over 500 x 200 pixels and/or 200 KB, being rude to other members, etc.), the shop will be closed and the creator will be banned from making another shop for two days (or more, depending on the circumstances and the moderator's thoughts on the matter).

• Also regarding Request Shops, when creating a shop, please include the name of the program(s) you use. Students, find an owner who uses the same program as you to make your learning life easier.

June 21, 2008: Small clarifications made to Shop rules.
June 24, 2008: More clarifications made to Shop rules.
July 1, 2008: Clarifications made to "I'll try" posts in shops

• Effective November 7, 2007: This forum is NOT for asking for help in making signatures, for tutorials, and the like. Do so in the General Graphics and Artwork Forum. Topics of the sort will be moved on sight. This does not apply for asking to "tune up" a signature or asking someone else to write a tutorial on a signature that was either made by whoever you're requesting or yourself (otherwise, get permission from the artist first, though usually they'll be able to ask for themselves).

Also, to anyone who fills in a request – Don’t go in numerous topics and promise people sigs. You’ll be pressured for them which might, and probably will, cause you to make a worse graphic than you could've made had you been calm. And people will depend on you and you’ll be asked a lot more for requests. Be patient with yourself, don't overdo it, and take your time. The only one making you do any of these requests is yourself.

And one final note, there is a difference between a "render" and any other kind of image. A render is something that is cut from its original background. For example, in this image, the background behind Mario is cut out and transparent, while in this image, the background is present, and therefore, is not rendered.

~Request Template~

You aren't required to follow the template exactly, but it does help by giving us an understanding of what you're looking for.

Render/Stock ~ Who or what you want in the sig. Provide one if you can, that saves our time searching ourselves.
Text ~ What you want written in the sig. Your name, for instance. You can also tell us what font you'd like. Remember that text is never essential in a signature, so you don't have to have any if you don't want.
Style/Colours ~ Bit obvious what this is. Things like "cool-looking" or "eye-catching" are vague, so it's best not to say them. If you've seen another member with a certain style that you'd like in your signature, stick that here.
Size ~ What size you want your signature to be. The limit is 500 x 200, so there'll be no exceeding that. This is completely optional if you don't care how big or small you want your signature, of course.
Other ~ Stick anything else that you want in here that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. Pen tooling, a certain kind of border, things like that.

~Original rules and request template by jamarie. Additional rules, updates, and editing by Master Volthawk, and Baseballfreak28~

You may make any request you want in this forum by creating a single thread with the dimensions of the requested work(s) and the content therein. You may not make any more than three requests in a thread. Failure to abide by this will result in all requests being halted and the threads closed. When you respond to a request, you should not type any posts that just say ‘I’ll try’ or ‘I’m working on it’. The only posts that should be on request topics are those asking for specifications of the work, those praising a work constructively (beyond ‘OMGZ I GIVE THAT A 10/10!!!!!!11’), those that have a work attached, and the person posting in the topic either giving a clarification of what he or she wants or declaring, if he or she sees fit, that his or her request has been fulfilled and he or she will not accept further requests, in which case he or she can ask for a moderator to close the thread. In art shop threads (the only exceptions to the ‘ask-questions’ rule), the topic leader must have a progress list in the first post of the thread and no posts that ask how long the work is taking is allowed.

Plagiarism is an international crime and will be dealt with by expelling the user from the Graphics and Artwork Forum. Many sites will allow you to use their work in your graphics, but you should be on the lookout for those that have copyright tied to them and require attached credit. Any works that contain images that are designated by the creator to not be in the public domain may only be used if credit to the creator is shown in the work or post. For example, any works containing Suta-Raito images must have a credit notice within the post in which the work was made or in the work template. In the case of avatars using images from Suta-Raito, you must have a credit notice in your signature. If anyone breaks this rule, I will contact the creator and expel the user from the forum immediately; moderators caught doing this will be reviewed for demotion as well. Continued infractions will result in a full ban. I have the webmaster of Suta-Raito listed on MSN and AIM — be wary of using her images.

~Message from Cross Stinger~

G&A Staff (General or Requests) and Super Moderators, if you believe something should be added, contact me and I will add it myself whenever possible. Thank you.

~ Baseballfreak28

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