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WeeMan_Fluffnut Posted at: 17:05 Aug13 2006 Post ID: 987137
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Ok this thread is about an online battle. of all of us that are here all i need is that everyone comes on daily to this forum and that you should sign up all i need to know if you want were you live like not the exact location just the timezone to be more exact so we can set a date for wen we go online for the mass battle. here is how you sign up. go to then go to the spot were it says register then click new rigister then type in the name you want and also your password your e-mail address and your age(just say you were born before 1990) and your contry. my name will be WeeMan999

« Last edited by WeeMan_Fluffnut on Aug 13th 2006 »

Check out My story Called "The Storm Blade"(the title of the topic is actually WeeMan_Fluffnuts story (only for viewing and comments)) (^_^)

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WeeMan_Fluffnut Posted at: 17:53 Aug13 2006 Post ID: 987227
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ok it seems that they took black and white ofline but here i found something out so you can get back online. for your ip address go to and for more info go to but you hav to hav an account on

What is BW Phoenix?
BW Phoenix is a program that enables you to play people across the internet on Black and White by using the LAN interface built into the game

Why this? Can't I use a fake LAN?
Fake LANs aren't that good for this sort of purpose really, some of them will work, but they will be slow as they all have to route every single bit of data. BW Phoenix only routes the data it needs to, and enables the game to make a direct connection with other clients. This means you get a lag free game experience, and are able to change certain Black and White specific parameters.

Having said that, if you haven't got an existing LAN connection, if you install hamachi, you can tell bw to use the network interface hamachi gives to you, then use my program to seek other game clients in LAN without connecting anywhere.

Who can run it?
Anyone who has a network adapter - black and white needs to see one in order to let you in to the internal lan interface. You can probably use a program to fake one.

Great, where do I get it?
You can download the client from here, and the lobby server from here. It is advised that you read below in order to find out how to use them. It may seem like a lot, but its a really simple process once you start using it.


Microsoft .NET Framework
You need to get this installed in order to run either the server or the client, so head over there and get it sorted!

Game version 1.2
You can get that from

To run the lobby server, you need the port 6012 forwarded
To host a game after connecting to a lobby, you need the ports 6014 and 2612 forwarded. See for more information on that. You do NOT need to forward any ports in order to JOIN an existing game.

You must have a connection using some sort of LAN interface, and your connection speed must be greater than 256k. I cannot code around this limitation, its just the way the game works. (Thankyou Daniel Deptford for getting that piece of information to me )

Ok then, so how do I use it?

First extract whichever it is you are using to a folder somewhere, so the dll is in the same folder as the exe. That is all the installation process requires.

The client

Ok, not going into great detail, but the main steps to getting a game started are:
Find someone running a lobby server, or run one yourself ( See below )
Type their IP into the box
If you have certain ports forwarded ( 6014 and 2612 ) you can check the box to 'enable hosting'
Click Connect

This starts off the program and it will hopefully have connected to the server. If not, then check the settings and try again.

The Next Step.

Load up Black and White and enter the 'Local Game' area once its loaded. This should bring you to a lobby screen.

Now, this is important. Someone needs to have checked that box to enable hosting. It basically makes you visible to the other people who have connected.
If you are hosting, you may not see anyone in the lobby, you just have to wait for someone else to come along and do the process below.

To start a game, you just click on that person, and select 'join game' down the bottom right.

This brings you to the chat area, where you can talk to the other players in the game, and set the winning conditions. When everything is to your satisfaction, click the 'ready' button if you're not hosting, and click 'start' if you are hosting. The game should then start.

If the game is to crash then, the person who's game you joined hasn't forwarded their ports correctly. Yell at them very loudly and tell them off for being idiots.

The Lobby Server

Ok, the lobby server. The lobby server is what all the clients connect to, and it routes all the messages around after modifying them. You need port 6012 forwarded to run the lobby server.
IMPORTANT: If you connect to your own lobby server, make sure to use your external IP address as the server IP - get that from here - , not your local network one. People will not be able to see you if you don't do this. This is also the IP you give other people.

The Server is simple to run once you have your ports forwarded. Just click 'Start Server' and people will be able to connect, assuming you have forwarded your ports correctly.

I'm sure in time other people will write a better guide, because I'm a coder, not an FAQ writer, and I'll replace this with the one they write.

Planned updates:

Use the lobby server as a forwarder, so you don't need to forward ports to host a game
Add the ability to change your name before you log in
Fix any stability problems people bring to light now I've released it
Enable the transfer of maps between connected clients
Anything else I can think of while I'm working on this.

Someone feel free to write a better version of this and I'll paste it over, I'm very tired.

Make sure to check frequently for new versions, as its a long way from being completely done as of yet.



BW Phoenix 1.1 is now released.

Find the updated client and lobby at the usual location.

I've added an option, so if you can't connect to your own server, you can connect to and override the IP the server allocates to you - write in your external IP to the optional textbox.

Have fun.

Expect 1.2 to have full routing capabilities and the ability to set your name!

Check out My story Called "The Storm Blade"(the title of the topic is actually WeeMan_Fluffnuts story (only for viewing and comments)) (^_^)

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biscuit man1 Posted at: 08:23 Aug12 2007 Post ID: 1832068
biscuit man1
Forum GuestMember
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just bought this game. dont like it lol
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Forum Guest Posted at: 20:40 Sep06 2012 Post ID: 3147551
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
biscuit man1 u kidding?
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:57 Sep21 2013 Post ID: 3274762
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
We tried to play using phoenix and Black & White is one of the Most original and best rpg/strategy games ever made by mortals, we are using 1.2 Cracked version but we cant connect to each other, we done everything to the last step and when we are on the lobby we cant see each other, checked the host thingy and ports are open, so idk what's the matter :c
Help pls T-T
RaidCall is 7019061

ps: we got forced to update our OS to Win 7 x32 bits, and we dont know if that is a problem to B&W engine, cause Win-XP is the best compatible OS created ever :x
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