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Call of Duty 3

Valor map pack.

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Brandon 2006 Posted at: 10:43 Jan30 2007 Post ID: 1327516
Brandon 2006
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The new map pack was released a few days ago and in here we can discuss it. I personally love the new maps and I will review each of them here. Mind you I only play war mode so I'm reviewing them from my experiences on these maps during ranked and unranked war matches.

The Crossing: Great map overall, slower paced with less action as both teams spawn further away from flag. Lots of great sniping positions on the Allied side, but not so much for the Axis.

Ironclad: this map provides the most action throughout a whole 2 hour game of war than any other map and it is a great place for rifleman and snipers as there are a lot of open windows in the Axis bases. I find that this map favours the Allies intensely as they spawn so close to every flag while the Axis are always futher away, and the Axis have nice big open windows that give Allied snipers a great view on the Axis flag from so many angles.

Bourgrade: this map is nothing special to me, but I'm more of a Kar98 user so I like to hang back and pick off people from a distance. I find that the Allies have the advantage once again in this new map as they spawn in a semi-circle around the flags closer than the Axis. This map is great for running and gunning and provides few great sniping positions.

Stalag 23: this was my most hyped map, as it was my dream. Watchtowers looking of a prison, perfect for my style of play. Now this map kind of let me down, but my expectations were very high. I was hoping it would be more of a square map with four corners and 8 or so watchtowers. Turned out this map was full of twists and turns into different areas of the sectioned prison. The Watchtowers at the back of the bases are useless until the other team has beaten you till that point needs capturing.

Wildwood: this map is a great palce for snipers as it has a great wide-open field to pick off players rushing through it. This map has a lot of action in the open areas and teams spawn pretty equally to the flags. Wildwood is probably my second favoruite of all of these.

^Created by Austinanymous

[email protected]
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