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Digimon World 3

New Action Replay Codes For The UK Version Of Digimon World 2003

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enigma20001 Posted at: 08:53 Dec26 2004 Post ID: 44777
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9999 damage to all Digimon and always evade:
D009E1D0 0005
8009E1D2 1220
D009E234 0028
8009E230 270F
D009E234 0028
8009E232 2402
Max/Inf Bit:
80048DA0 E0FF
80048DA2 05F5
All items and important items:
50002902 0000
80048DB0 6363
50003102 0000
80048DDA 6363
All weapon, armor, and accessory:
50007902 0000
80048E0C 6363
50004D02 0000
80048E86 6363
50006402 0000
80048ED4 6363
Max HP Kotemon:
800A4476 270F
800A4478 270F
Max HP Renamon:
800A4496 270F
800A4498 270F
Max HP Patamon:
800A44B6 270F
800A44B8 270F
Max HP Kumamon:
800A4852 270F
800A4854 270F
Max MP Kotemon:
800A447A 270F
800A447C 270F
Max MP Renamon:
800A449A 270F
800A449C 270F
Max MP Patamon:
800A44BA 270F
800A44BC 270F
Max MP Kumamon:
800A4856 270F
800A4858 270F
Max Level Kotemon:
800494B8 0063
Max Level Renamon:
8004ABE0 0063
Max Level Patamon:
8004AFBC 0063
Max Level Kumamon:
80049894 0063
Max EXP Kotemon:
800494B4 E0FF
800494B6 05F5
Max EXP Renamon:
8004ABDE 05F5
Max EXP Patamon:
8004AFB8 E0FF
8004AFBA 05F5
Max EXP Kumamon:
80049890 E0FF
80049892 05F5
Max EXP Guilmon:
8004A800 E0FF
8004A802 05F5
Max EXP Veemon:
8004A424 E0FF
8004A426 05F5
Max EXP Augumon:
8004A048 E0FF
8004A04A 05F5
Max EXP Monmon:
80049C6C E0FF
80049C6E 05F5
Max Stats Kotemon:
50000D02 0000
800494C4 03E7
Max Stats Patamon:
50000D02 0000
8004ABEC 03E7
Max Stats Renamon:
50000D02 0000
8004AFC8 03E7
Max Stats Kumamon:
50000D02 0000
800498A0 03E7
Infinite TP Kotemon:
800494BA 0063
Infinite TP Renamon:
8004ABE2 0063
Infinite TP Patamon:
8004AFBE 0063
Infinite TP Kumamon:
80049896 0063
Infinite TP Guilmon:
8004A806 0063
Infinite TP Veemon:
8004A42A 0063
Infinite TP Agumon:
8004A04E 0063
Infinite TP Monmon:
80049C72 0063
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Asakura Hao Posted at: 06:10 Nov08 2005 Post ID: 509941
Asakura Hao
Posts: 10,782
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Yeah thank for the help.
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Metal_Garurumon Posted at: 10:08 Feb23 2006 Post ID: 701396
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what was all that for...?
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drunkenpoodle132 Posted at: 13:34 Aug25 2007 Post ID: 1872665
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[center]Dude, the server is down. Yo.

Team SHOOP DA WHOOP gives you FREE doughnuts! JOIN NOW!

me and Xtreme gamer are eternal buddys, and you arent my buddy. HA HA HA!!
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liontamer Posted at: 08:26 Apr13 2009 Post ID: 2597758
Forum GuestMember
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I can't load up when i put the codes in!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 08:54 Sep15 2012 Post ID: 3149979
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
the codes don't work dude
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