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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2


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Resaiden Posted at: 09:43 Mar08 2008 Post ID: 2148623
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Seeing as this is the most active forum in the DBZ hub, I have chosen to make the rules. Admins or S-Mods may change things if they choose to.

Super Cheats Forum Rules/Regulations

Please note that individual forums may also have additional rules that co-exist along with these general rules or allow some things that other forums may not, please make sure to read these topics to prevent yourself from running into trouble regarding these rules.


Spam: Spam is defined as not posting anything related to the topic or not posting at least 3 words in your post.

Flame: Flaming is basically insulting/swearing at someone and is not tolerated; argue the point, not the person.

Flame baiting: If someone does not flame you, but makes you angry enough so that you flame, this is called flame baiting.

Trolling: Trolling is also against the rules. A 'Troll' is basically someone who posts messages from banned members or somebody similar that threaten the safety of the site, the security of the members etc.

The Forum Rules

1) Spam posts are not to be permitted on the forums

2) Flaming towards other members is by NO means acceptable

3) Flame baiting is not allowed, for the definition on what flamebaiting is, consult the earlier section.

4) There is to be no trolling, Trolling is usually a ban, no warnings, consider this the warning.

5) All members have the right to an opinion and equal treatment.

6) Moderators run individual forums, Super Moderators run ALL forums, Admins also handle all forums, with the power to edit posts, etc. They also have the power to ban. Any disrespect shown to these people and the work they voluntarily do will not be tolerated.

7) Any Banned Member who is allowed to re-enter the site begins once more with all the rights and responsibilities the rest of the members have; do not mistreat these returned members.

8) Do not type your entire post in CAPITALS, its considered flaming and will be dealt with that way, regardless of the content of the message, oh and also do not create topics where the title has ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

9) Swearing excessively is against the rules, remember this is a family friendly site. Trying to get past the swear filter is also against the rules.

10) No Advertising is allowed. If you have your own website that is not a competitor, we allow it in forum signatures only.

11) Scamming (asking for credit card details, Runescape passwords, etc) is against the rules.

12) Any member under the age of thirteen is not allowed to post, this is for safety reasons.

13) While almost any subject on Supercheats is widely regarded as acceptable to post (for those not acceptable, consult General Chat we ask that you (the topic creator) hold an unbiased view on subjects and provide BOTH sides of the argument so that your topic doesnt become a flame-ridden battlefield.

14) Supercheats is a family orientated site, even if it is frequented by Teenagers, you are not to post anything sexual, extremely violent or anything that would generally warrant more than an M rating

Additional Rules For This Forum

1) Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Its a form of flaming which is not tolerated. I do not want to see posts such as "GOKU IZ PWNAGE" it simply isn't aloud.

2) This is a forum for DBZ gaming. No role play. If you wish to act out DBZ go to Fan Fic and Role Play

3) Do not abuse smilies. Limit them to 5 per post.

4) We have a seperate forum for the Dragon ball Z show. There shall be no topics on an aspect of the anime.

5)Only one topic per day (24 hours)

6) No bumping topics 2 months old. It's fine if its on the first page.

That should be all of it. Admins and Super Mods, please feel free to add on what ever you want.

Any Regards,
Resaiden, Dragon Ball Z Hub Moderating Team

« Last edited by Resaiden on Mar 19th 2008 »
Cya guys.
Rip Resaiden
September 8, 2007-March 25, 2008

I finally get my submission rank to the top 500 then I get my mod transfer. Oh well. Peace out. New Name: Flamedrario
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