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FIFA 13 Serie A Top Gold Goalkeepers with the Best Overalls

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clydeo Posted at: 02:03 Jul26 2013 Post ID: 3262114
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Goalkeeper in Pro Clubs is a must if you are aiming big and want to become the number one club in the world. A pro goalkeeper is (in my opinion) the most important person on your team. If you are struggling to score or are just literally being outplayed, a good goalkeeper can keep you in the game, whereas an AI keeper would just fold over. In this article, I will list 5 best goalkeepers with the best overalls.

Name: Gianluigi Buffon
Rating: 87
Club: Juventus
Nation: Italy
Height: 191cm
Diving: 89
Reflexes: 86
Position: 89
Handling: 83
Well for an old player, he is just amazing. If you have the coins to spare, then I really highly recommend him, as he is not penetrable just like a wall. His reflexes are 86. Combined with his diving and positioning, this means that headers are your only real way of beating him. With his 89 positioning, he always stands there where he always should, even for crosses, he always makes good decisions if to go out, or not to go out. His diving is exceptional as he can save some unbelievable long shots and 1v1's.

Name: Federico Marchetti
Rating: 83
Club: Lazio
Nation: Italy
Diving: 86
Reflexes: 88
Position: 89
Handling: 81
First of all, his attributes are amazing in the game. His on card stats are amazing, but he plays better than them. His reflexes are even better than what they say on the card, he seems to always get to the shot no matter how fast it is. His diving agrees with the stats. He hurls his body and hands in the way of the ball to stop it getting in every time. This combined with his diving makes him unstoppable.

Name: Samir Handanovic
Rating: 83
Club: Inter
Nation: Slovenia
Diving: 84
Handling: 78
Kicking: 80
Reflexes: 84
Position: 86
His main strong point is his positioning. He seems to always be in the right place. He is very good in 1 on 1 situation and seems to be decent at stopping balls from long range. His diving and reflex stats are both 84, which stack up relatively well with other goalies. His positioning of 86 really does make up for this, so he can still get to most shots with ease.

Name: Maarten Stekelenburg
Rating: 82
Club: Roma
Nation: Holland
Height: 197cm
Diving: 86
Handling: 79
Kicking: 80
Reflexes: 83
Position: 80
His main strength is his height, meaning that most shots won't go over him. His diving makes him immune to long shots. He was well positioned most of the time, and even when he wasn't, his diving could usually make up for it.

Name: Sebastian Frey
Rating: 82
Club: Genoa
Nation: France
Height: 189cm
Diving: 84
Handling: 80
Reflexes: 86
Position: 82
Sebastian Frey is a special keeper, he aint good at catching balls, but it doesn't matter because, he blocks every single shot. He has the "GK Long Throw" trait. He's always in position. Perfect reflexes and perfect diving! Every goal that he saves never feels stupid or retarded in that matter.

What do you think about these top gold goalkeepers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Serie A? Will you pick any of these keepers? Did we miss any? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Renee
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