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FIFA 13 For the Wii U Review

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clydeo Posted at: 22:15 Aug13 2013 Post ID: 3266764
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FIFA 13 for Wii U is a football (soccer) game in the long running FIFA series. FIFA 13 brings with it a slew of improvements over the previous version, including better physics, commentary, new features, and more. The FIFA 13 Wii U version will utilize the Wii U GamePad controller in various ways, including subbing players, calling out plays, and even as a secondary camera to see the field from another angle.

The most successful by far are those that let you manage your team, and while things like switching formations or tactics, or making substitutions, doesn't sound like the most thrilling of features they are considerably easier to do on the touch screen. So much so that you'll be tempted to use them more often, rather than putting it off because you can't be bothered to pause the game.

The gameplay tab also features the latest shake and shoot mechanic. When you feel you're ready to take a shot on the goal, a gentle shake of the controller turns the touch screen into a one to one representation of the goal, allowing you to place shots with pinpoint accuracy and power dependent on how long you hold your finger down.

Touchscreen shooting is also a bit of a damp squib for similar reasons. When you're in front of goal and you've got defenders closing in on you, it feels alien to go through the rigmarole of shaking the GamePad violently to activate the new shooting mode, and then tapping (and holding) on the screen to aim your shot. It's worth noting that alternatively, you can press the right stick in to activate the mode, but it still feels overblown and needless when the alternative is to press a button that you already have your thumb on.

Another feature is touch screen passing. This reduces the dependency on AI in the game, so you can make the pass you want and place the ball into a space for a player to run to. You also get the option of ground or lob, based on the length of tap.

See the game from the player's on-field perspective and enjoy creative new approaches to take free kicks and penalties. Simply lift and look through the GamePad screen to aim the ball, put the desired curve on the shot, and let fly. Look to see which teammates are positioned for more risky opportunities.

Combined, features above advanced the series immeasurably, and if you're used to playing FIFA on Wii, it'll be like going through the Space Gate and entering a whole new universe. FIFA 13 on the Wii U is an exceptionally solid launch title for Nintendo's new console. It's smart and innovative use of the controls, silky smooth gameplay, and exquisite array of real-world football make it a winner.

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buyultimateteam Posted at: 01:22 Dec10 2013 Post ID: 3292606
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I want to ask you to how to know the seller is authenticated or trustworthy or not?
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