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Make FIFA Coins with Prime Time Method and 59th Minute Method

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clydeo Posted at: 01:23 Aug26 2013 Post ID: 3270064
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When is the proper time to sell and buy players to earn most FIFA coins in FIFA ultimate team? Once you haven't known yet, you can find some information online about the time when you should sell and buy players. I define it as prime time. It is simple to understand.

Logically, there will not be too many gamers in game when it is late at night and we all know that the majority of FIFA ultimate team gamers come from US or England. It means that we will need the time when the people in these two areas aren't playing in game. Once they are not online, there will be less competition. So you will win more cards at a much cheaper price. For example, if you are living in Eastern US, you could try to purchase cards from 10 pm to 6 am if you were up. Change the time zone to know when these time are and take this to your most advantage.

To sell the cards, you have to do the opposite. The best moment to sell your card will be during 3 pm to 9 pm when most gamers are in the day. You will get better chance to make more sales when there are more people are on. Although I used to make many FIFA coins overnight, but the most of sales tend to be done during daytime.

Another thing you should notice is that there will be more gamers playing during weekend. So once you will be gone at weekend, put your players for sale with the period of 3 days. You will be sure to have lots of FIFA coins income.

Another method to make FIFA coins is the 59th minute method. Veteran gamers might have been tired of seeing this method. However, it is really useful to totally new gamers. This method is effective of finding extremely good bargains to resell for FIFA coins. It involves visiting search pages, setting up BIN price, selecting for only gold players, and scrolling the page up till you get to the page in which there are cards at about 59 minute remaining while less than an hour. You have to keep scrolling forth and back through these pages here to refresh to find good bargains. Since the prices keep constantly changing, it is difficult to say at what prices the players will sell for. By finding out what works, you'll receive fair idea of this market.

The reason why this method is effective is because one hour is default auction period, so most people who just need to unload their players for cheap price will just select the one hour auction. You are right there picking it up. Obviously there is competition for greater offers, but what it all takes is the fast click and some good luck to earn as many fifa coins as you want.
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buyultimateteam Posted at: 01:20 Dec10 2013 Post ID: 3292604
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Great information.this will really help the user who doesn't know how to do trading of coins.these tips will help them surely.
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