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God of War

God of War: Walkthroughs

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Aeon-Flux Posted at: 23:56 Apr05 2006 Post ID: 775443
AvatarSuper Mod
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God of War Walkthrough
Written by Aklite
Re-Ordered by: Aeon-Flux

1 - Glitches
2 - Ares


1 - Glitches

-I got an e-mail about a glitch when you do the underwater part, after
the nyads where you need to raise the platforms and get into the bottom
to get out of the room. When the platforms were raised, they would not
lower again. If anyone else has experienced this glitch, and know how
to avert it, please e-mail me and let me know.

-Twice in a row, on the last form of the last boss Ares, when I paused
it, the game froze. Both times I played the game, this happened. It is
incredibly aggravating, since you need to do both the other forms again.
Although I was able to do both forms first try both times, it was still
annoying to have to go through it again. If anyone else has had this
glitch, please e-mail me and let me know so I know if it is just my CD
or what.

-Someone e-mailed me about a glitch in the final room of the whole game,
after you beat Ares final form. They had 45 bars of red orbs, and
wanted to spend them all, and the game froze. So, it might be a good
idea after beating Ares just don't upgrade at all unless you saved at
that save point, since there is no reason and if the game locked up you
would have to beat Ares again.

-Same as the top glitch, except it was tried after saving and the orb
count went straight to 0 and locked up again.

-I got e-mailed about a glitch where in the room with Poseidon's statue,
when it was time to fight the enemies there, they were low on health,
and went into the cave behind the statue to get a chest, and returned to
fight, and after defeating a few harpies the game locked up. Actually,
I heard that saving a game, then going back to defeat the enemies will
cause the game to lock up.


2 - Ares

Ares Form 1- Difficulty: 12/20

This form is not too hard. Use Rage of the Gods right when the battle
starts. After this, use army of Hades and just keep hitting triangle.
Remember to use Army of Hades again after is dissipated for the first
time. This alone should be enough to defeat his first form. Use the
circle prompt when it appears, then do a couple of button prompts. The
key is to go nuts while in Rage of the Gods, because when you are
fighting regularly, you need to block and defend a lot, because he does
massive damage. You can use magic after rage of the gods is gone if you
want, because it will regenerate for the next form. Actually, if he is
not dead after you use rage of the gods, you can just use army of hades
the remaining 2 times you can, and block the rest of the time.
Defeating this form will give you Rage of the Gods again for the second
form. If you end up dying a lot, then you can get the chests and then
go back to save so next time you fight him, you will not have to get
them again.

Ares Form 2- Difficulty: 18/20

RIGHT when it starts, use rage of the gods. For Rage of the gods, start
with army of Hades, use that the second time when the first dissipates,
and the rest of the time for the Rage of the Gods, just use Poseidon's
rage. Once Rage of the Gods is over, DO NOT USE ANY MAGIC. There is an
excellent strategy I came up with. First, use physical attacks from
behind your family towards any enemies to keep them away. You want to
keep your health, and actually it is better for them to damage your
family, because you use little health, and it gives you a lot of Rage of
the Gods experience, enough to use it a second time. Ok, for this
strategy, use physical attacks till your family is at 1/3 or health.
Best physical attacks are Plume of Prometheus and Spirit of Hercules to
get them on the ground easily. Play a few times to get a technique
down. Obviously, go after enemies attacking your family, and use Plume
of Prometheus on large groups of enemies. When fighting enemies, be
sure to attack ALL of them instead of focusing on one at a time. Use
Plume of Prometheus all around to keep them down. A good way to fling
the enemies away is to use Triangle-Triangle-Square. Anyway, right
after their health is low, head right next to them and use Poseidon's
rage to get rid of the enemies around them. After Poseidon's rage is
done, heal your family immediately to full. You should have enough time
since the enemies are dead. Repeat the process. Fight with physical
attacks until they are low on health, use Poseidon's rage to get rid of
the enemies when that happens, and proceed to heal your family. Keep
doing this tactic till rage of the gods is full. By this point, your
magic should be about empty if not already, so here is what you do.
Keep fighting until the Kratos's with the Blades of Artemis come out.
Once it happens, use Rage of the Gods in the same way you did before.
Army of Hades twice, Poseidon's rage the rest of the time. You should
be able to win before Rage of the Gods is over, and if not, then there
should only be one, or at most, 2 enemies spawning at a time. Finish
them off to move on to the 3rd form.

Ares Form 3- Difficulty: 17/20

All but 2 of his attacks are blockable. When he dives into the water,
head to one side. Right when he pops up, bolt to the other side and
jump right when they crash together to dodge 4 pillars that pop up and
crash. The other attack is when he rushes his hand at you or something
like that, and that is unblockable and extremely hard to dodge. He will
use it in a few situations. First of all, you are using a combo, and he
blocks 3 attacks in a row, the game will slow and he will use it.
Second, he uses the Army of Hades and you are too close to him while
blocking it. Third, he just rushes at you and uses it. If he rushes
toward you, it is possible he will use it, so you may want to dodge
every time he rushes at you. If he is simply moving around attack-prone
and not actually rushing, he will not use this attack. To dodge it, do
not block, and when you see a hint of the attack, dodge-roll back.
Another move: while blockable, he may hit you twice with a sword, and
then shoot his back things at you, which will send you flying. His Army
of Hades is blockable, so don't worry about that. Anyway, with all that
being said, there is a tactic which is almost necessary to win. Walk up
to him, and after he attacks you and stops for a second to growl or
pause, keep holding L1 and hit X. It is best to do this when he roars,
though, because it seems to work well when you do that. You will hit
him 3 times and on the 4th the game will slow down into slow motion.
Please note you must be right next to him to do this right. Hit circle
at that time to get a prompt to tap circle. Tap it fast, and you will
do a sword combo on him, causing massive damage. Afterward he is
stunned long enough for you to get off 3 more hits at him. It only
takes 3 of these to win assuming you do not get hit, but that is hard,
because that stupid unblockable hand attack which may happen sometimes.
Here starts a pattern. After you L1+X and win the duel, then he will
dive in the water. After the pillar attack, he will rush at you again.
Wait till the last second to attack, and if you get hit, no big deal.
It does so little damage compared to what you are doing to him. Just be
quick to block if need be.

So basically, the pattern here is as follows. Dodge the opening move if
he uses the pillar attack, and after that he will charge at you. A good
tactic may be just to dodge ever time he rushes at you, and just wait
for him to start moving attack-prone. To dodge successfully, dodge in
the same direction that he is charging in once he gets to you. Be sure
to Hold X or it will not work. After you win the duel, attack him with
triangle. He will dive underwater after that, and do the pillar deal
again. Once again he charges at you, and the pattern repeats. If you
have trouble with those hand attacks he does that are unblockable and
hard to dodge, then just dodge whatever attack he does every time he
rushes at you, waiting for him to move attack prone. Then head back to
use L1+X. Practice this some and you will win. You can win this really
fast if you do not get hit.

After defeated, watch the final movies. After them, head forward into
the doorway.
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Rain Storm Posted at: 19:29 Apr07 2006 Post ID: 777886
Rain Storm
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 12
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Looks good, continue to add more walkthrough selections.
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Urban Legend Posted at: 11:50 Jun04 2006 Post ID: 853417
Urban Legend
Posts: 2,103
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i heard about a glitch of unimited red orbs, you have to kill a harpie that gts stuck and gives you unlimited orbs, it doesnt work i tried it and i couldnt do it.
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Aeon-Flux Posted at: 05:15 Dec27 2006 Post ID: 1243060
AvatarSuper Mod
Posts: 16,003
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I never heard of that, I might see into it.
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eminem180 Posted at: 21:08 Sep18 2009 Post ID: 2735640
Knock Madness
Posts: 159
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yeah i did that it was awesome
Is there a Mrs. Eminem180? Yes, and she's you, and you're just as beautiful as the day we met.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 13:21 Aug27 2012 Post ID: 3143988
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
The soilgder that is insane and wont release the bridge in the beguinnin how do you get past that
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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blueeyegamegirl Posted at: 08:03 Jun20 2014 Post ID: 3324213
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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Hi please i need help to get past this stage ,I just past the running blades and enter a big room,now how do I get that big ball to crach the door, and then there is the room with the floor that falls away how do I get past that.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 16:29 Dec08 2014 Post ID: 3362879
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Can't figure out how to throw arrows back at enemy in first god of war
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