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Kingdom Hearts


FAQ (Read before posting)

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pimp6005 Posted at: 18:44 Sep15 2005 Post ID: 413110
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have decided to make a list of frequently asked questions as it seems people keep asking the same question over and over again. As a slight convenience I have made a FAQ. (frequently asked questions)

Q) When is "Kingdom Hearts 2" coming out?

A) There is no official release date as of now. Trust me, I have email square-enix personally. All that they can provide are estimations. The most up to date release date seems to be somewhere between December 2005 and early 2006.

Q) Will kingdom hearts chain of memories be comeing out for the PS2?

A) Seems like a stupid question but you won't believe how many times I have anwsered it. The anwser is no! KHCOM is only available for the GBA.

Q) I hear there are 3 secret keyblades! The Anti-Key, Final Key, and lost heart. and How do I get them?

A) They exist but are not possible to attain. This is sadly only a rumor.

Q) What is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix? (the following anwser was provided by

A) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is the special extended edition of Kingdom Hearts that is exclusive to Japanese players only. It includes new and improved textures, the Simple & Clean theme song, the English Voice Acting w/ Japanese Subtitles, additional bosses and enemies and new weapons and magic skills.

Extra Features:

-New Bosses Including the US only bosses like Sephiroth, Phantom plus you will get to fight one of the cloaked figures seen in the Kingdom Hearts II screens.

-New Heartless such as the "Neo Shadow". Much like a Shadow Heartless but with longer reach. They can also be seen in the Kingdom Hearts Secret Trailer and Kingdom Hearts II screens.

-Extended plot including a cut-scene between Cloud and Sephiroth and the meaning of Kairi's presence at Destiny Islands. (spoiler) She was sent by Ansem to Destiny Islands as a child, to watch Sora maybe? Who knows? (end spoiler)
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