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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

A stolen voice, two brothers, and a lot of jumping around. Let's play Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga!

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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 00:47 Aug03 2012 Post ID: 3135375
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Yeah, I don't mind it that much in the beginning parts, but it does suck later on. That thousand year door thing does suck a lot. I think I replayed that game three times just to make it to the final boss. I had to cheese it a bit by doing the danger mario trick.

Welcome back reader. No stupid title for this one, maybe for the rest of them.

Okay let's get going.

Come on!

Blah Blah Blah

Suitcase get

The suit case is our inventory. We press select to open it up. Within it we have see a pocket watch which tells us our overall time of playing the game and our coin count. On the side we see Items, Equipment, Bros. Info, and Map. The items page holds healing/battle, beans, and key items. The equipment page holds our Clothing(armor), badges, and accessories (it doesn't show up until you obtain an accessory, but I'll show you how to get those in a bonus session). Bros. Info gives us information our current stats, how much exp we have, our current health, and other things that have numbers on them. Map is what it says. At the moment you can't open it.

After getting 100 coins and having a short conversation we can finally leave.

You're late! What were you doing? Probably getting some from Peach.
Well? So?
Now we just need the Bowser baddies. Let me use my magic summoning words.
... ...
Where are they?
Luigi wants to join Bowser's baddies?
He really wants to join.
The gang is all here.
War har har!
"Your filthyness, boarding is now complete!"
"...Except for one deserter..."
Time to hunt this guy down.
The new recruit already gave up?

Great now we can move around. This time Luigi is following us.
The Bros. are controlled by the d-pad. Start switches who goes to the front. For now all we can do is jump around.

After a little walking around we see this block.
The Bros. block. The arrow points to where it will go after being hit. Line up the bros like I did in the image and once you hit the block the bro behind you has to hit the block. The block will go back and forth for about three to five hits for each twin, after that the block will go blank and will not give out any more coins. There are more blocks that involve the brothers to work together to maximize the number of coins they get, but I'll explain those when we see them.

Somebody is preventing us from making progress. What is it peasant?
Oh right we don't have photos for our passports.

Well how about some pictures?

Totally not lame.

Badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom

What am I a chicken?

Our first battle as two. As of right now we pretty much can't do anything together except use items on each other. I really don't know why one of the koopas even try to teach us.

After the fight we level up.

Every time we level up some if not all of our stats increase. I believe it's random for what gets an increase and by how much. In the image we have Hp, Bp, Pow, Def, Speed, and Stache.
HP are our Health points, it lets us take more hits before we get knocked out.
BP are Bros. points, bro points allow us to use do our combo attacks. Something we haven't unlocked yet.
POW is our power, the more power the harder we hit.
DEF our defense, more defense the less we get hurt.
Speed, more speed let's us attack first. I don't know if having a high enough speed will let you attack multiple times before the enemy does.
Stache, the higher the stache the higher our chances of landing lucky hits. Having high stache will also lower the cost of all items in shops and increasing on how much you get by selling items.
As you can see we have a Lakitu holding a bonus bar. Bonus bar increases one of our stats from 1 to 5. We get this bonus every time we level up. Using the bonus on one stat multiple times will reduce if not remove the chances of getting a stat bonus of 3 to 5. Switching to other stats will return the chances for that stat over, usually three levels.
All stats have a max of 999. The max level for the brothers is 99.

Oh boy another block

It lowered a crane?
And took away Luigi! Eh, he'll be fine.

We're nearing the Bean Bean kingdom.
Cartoonish eyes popping out? Either there's trouble or a very sexy lady is out there.
"Rawr! What now?"
It's not a sexy lady. =(
"Who would have thought you'd catch up to the Great Cackletta in even a hundred million years?"

Cackletta tells us where she will be later on.
Fawful takes control of this situation.
Fawful being modest

Now we fight him.

Fawful our second boss.
His Hp 30, Def 28, and Speed 20.
His primary way of attacking is using his vacuum helmet to fire energy balls to the brothers. Jumping at the right time will avoid his attack.
He announces his attack by saying "Fink rat." The color of the phrase will tell you who he's going to attack. When hurt enough he will say "Have you readiness for this?" The color will tell you who he attacks first then attacking the other.
After enough damage his helmet will break. He will run towards one of the bros. as his attack. Jumping can avoid or counter the attack.

After defeating him, he'll call his headgear back.

He doesn't seem to be happy about his defeat.

But he's happy now.

It's so pretty.

We'll see what happened to the ship and it's crew next time.

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steelersrock01 Posted at: 16:01 Aug03 2012 Post ID: 3135725
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This is great. Awesome jobs with the screens. I love this game.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 16:47 Aug03 2012 Post ID: 3135742
Village idiot
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Thanks! Here's the next session.

Part 3

Where were we?

Where's Mario?

Oh my god the explosion ripped him in half! If only I capped the image!

No wait he was just underground.

Well, let's get over this border

Whoa what a cool looking piece of art they got there.

Well, Well! Talk about a nice surprise! Check it out, Bro!
It looks like the famous Mario Bros. have arrived!
Blah blah blah Want to border jump? Yes.

Border Jump
The border jump is explained in game, but those who don't have the game. The border jump has the brothers on the side with both of them having three chances. The brothers have to jump over the rope several times in order to complete the crossing. If one of the brothers loses all of their chances you have to start over. Superstar saga has more games like these and all of them suck.

Just like the first Mario twins game.

Map get.

A green pipe. They act as our teleports to major areas. During my playthrough I completely forget to use them until near the end of the game.

We see our first enemy of the bean bean kingdom. I'll go over enemies in a bonus session, except bosses which I'll go over when we fight them.


"Hey! Mario! Help me!" Okay fatty.
"Look, keep your diet jokes to yourself" How did he hear me?

Fatter guy comes in to make fun of Bowser.
"I am Tolstar, the great and famed king of Stardust Fields!" Never heard of ya.
Makes fun of Bowser some more, many laughs were shared.

After some more talking we need to collect 100 BeanBean coins to get Bowser out of there, since our mushroom kingdom coins are only worth ten. Says a lot about the worth of the mushroom kingdom doesn't it?

Some walking around, we meet these guys.
They teach us how to do Bros. Actions
The Bros. actions we learn is the high jump and spin jump.
The high jump allows us to jump ontop of higher places.

The spin jump allows us to cross gaps that we could not reach.

After completing their training and gaining some coins we meet these guys again.
What they teach us is how to do bros. attacks. Bros. attacks are just a combonation of button presses that allows us to do more damage. We can change the difficulty of the move in order to use less BP, I think it also increase damage slightly. We unlock more Bros. attacks later on.

We come back to save Bowser from the evil clutches of Tolstar
"Finally! get me out of here!"
and Tolstar tricked us. If only we saw that comming.

Tolstar our second boss of the game.
Hp: 57
Def: 36
Speed: 17

This guy isn't so bad, his attacks consists of throwing spiked balls at us, just jump and you wont get hit. He sometimes throws bouncing spiked balls at you, he will announce this by saying "Nyeck", these won't hit you if you don't jump.
Once defeated he drops the coins you just collected for him and you gain a 1-up shroom. He gives 30 exp.

Tolstar is defeated, now to free Bowser.
"You, sir, have been griping far too loudly for some time!"
Hey it's one of the teacher guys! What's he doing with that match?
Well...that's one way to free him.
"M-MARIO!!! Green 'Stache!!!" I-It's not l-like I like you or anything, b-but"You gotta get the Princess Peach's voice back!"
It's all up to you!

I guess we should go ahead now.

But we'll see what happens next time!
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 14:22 Aug04 2012 Post ID: 3136126
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Part 4

"We have witnesses! Now confess, villains!" Never! Besides those buckets of fried chicken were just going to waste!
"What's that? You say you're Mario and Luigi?"
"Lies! Bald-faced lies!" But they're wearing mustaches...
"They're not lying...."
"They say they've come here chasing someone..."
"Sorry. See, our kingdom's prince was kidnapped"
"...Or so recent reports out of Hoohoo village claim. We have been looking for any sign of the perpetrator."
"According to eyewitness accounts, the prince's kidnapper wore an odd helmet and spoke of mustard and fink-rats...
That is all we have to go on."

That description sounds familiar, but it couldn't be Fawful because he never spoke of mustard.

"If you come across anything, please let us know."

After walking through Hoohoo village.We meet Fawful again.

But it seems he isn't so happy meeting us again.
While we can jump high enough to go over the angry statue guy we still can't pass.
Good thing there are some blacksmiths around here.
Though in order to get our hammers we need to get some Hoohoo blocks.
Since there's no easy way to get up the mountain we have to climb it.

After sometime, the brothers come across this statue. Seems legit.
The statue will not let us progress further up the mountain until we pass its test.
The test is pretty much using the spin jump going for the balls. This thing is timed and we will see more later on, every single one is just as annoying.

"....Now for your next challenge."
"You must defeat me!"


Hoohooros will hide inside pillars. You can not hurt it when it is hiding, but if you destroy the pillars before it gets a chance to hide in one you damage it. Hoohooros will spawn more pillars so attacking it with Bros. attack is best. Hoohooros attack is a laser beam that sweeps. Hoohooros' pillars will also attack, but can only attack one of the twins.

Hoohooros drops 20 coins and a 1-up shroom. It gives 30 experience.

"You have passed this test, too! Now you must face the test of reaching the summit!"

After some more climbing we finally make it to the summit and we see the Hoohoo block.
Our implied kick of the block has angered the beast.
Our lies has calmed it down.
"See, what happened is this: I saw Prince Peasley and followed him up here..."
"And then I saw that this egg had appeared! I was shocked! I was speechless! Which is rare! So anyway, I've just been here keeping this poor egg warm ever since! Yup, that's the deal. I think something will hatch out of it pretty soon! That's what happens with eggs! Oh it's here! it's time! Oh, wow! It's about to hatch! I can't take the suspense!

Oh my god what is that!? Oh it's Blabladons' nose.

Well, time to fight I guess.

HP: 80
Def: 30
Speed: 25

Dragohoho is our first challenging boss. His attack is to fire fireballs at the twins, watching how he tilts his head will tell you who he's going to attack. Dragohoho will spit out a large Hoohoo block, he will jump on the block to be closer to the bros so avoiding the fireballs will be more difficult. Like always, jumping will avoid the damage.
Dragohoho drops 30 coins and a super shroom. He gives 50 exp.

This is where the rewards image would be if I didn't forget to cap it.

Looks like Dragohoho is turning into his final form
Like always the final form is a strange and horrible beast.
Oh wait it's Prince Peasley.

As an apology for losing our sight we get this rose which allows us access to BeanBean Castle.

We return to the blacksmiths and gain ourselves some hammers.
Insert hammer time joke here.
Before we make it out of the mountain we ride mine carts.
This thing was very annoying when I was younger because I would screw up by getting hit too many times and not having enough gems, making me get sent back to try again.

Now we save and do nothing.

See you next session!
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CharizardMaster3300 Posted at: 18:12 Aug04 2012 Post ID: 3136200
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So many jokes I could make, so little time.

Sexy Lucario Signature found on

Keyblade21 said:The world doesn't hate you. The world is just an idiot some times.
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steelersrock01 Posted at: 21:58 Aug04 2012 Post ID: 3136224
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I always hated Dragohoho
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 12:49 Aug05 2012 Post ID: 3136439
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Part 5

Now that we're back. We get to moving only to be stopped at the next screen.

"We forgot to mention one thing!"
"We never taught you how to use hammers in battle!"
Ready to learn?
"Ouch try bein' nice will ya?"
They won't let us say no, but what we learn is just how to attack and defend with the hammers.


Eh, whatever.

With that, we persuade the gaurds to be let in.

Though it seems we didn't conivnce everyone. To prove ourselves we need to fix the plumbing.

After some plumbing we save Lady Lima...wait

"Foolish Mario Bros.!"

"Repairing the plumbing disables the beanstar security system." I'm still thinking of a way to make fun of this.

"Cackletta! It is the hurrying time!" Indeed we gotta get the moving.

"At last..."

"That thing that grant all desires... The dragon b- Beanstar...

"Ohhhhhh! Heroic Mario Bros.! Quickly, now! You must go to the Beanstar! Go!
"You must not let the Beanstar fall into the hands of evil!"

Something about Cacklettas' motivation

The Bean Queen shows up.

"Perhaps the three of you can sit down over tea to discuss the finer points of foreign policy!"

Battle time!

Queen Bean
Hp: 120
Def: 30
Speed: 90

Queen bean is a heavy hitter. Her main attack is to smash the ground causing a shock wave, hitting both of the Bros. If you attack and weaken one of her arms, she will have a faster shock wave attack, but it's weaker. Her second attack is to spit beans at the Bros. If you don't completely avoid them, the beans will go back and a beanie will pop up. Queen Bean will get closer if she has at least one of her arms up. Once weakening both of her arms, her crown will fall off so you can do some proper damage.

Queen bean drops a woo bean, mushroom, syrup, and one up supers; 16 coins are dropped by her, and she gives 154 experience.

After defeating the Queen Bean she does not return to normal, but hey we're the Mario twins so we help her out.

Seems that the Queen Bean consumed the Belly Blech and the only way is to save her is with the Chuckola Reserve.

We take the BeanBean brooch

As we leave the castle we get stopped by one of the Bean advisers.

Badge get.
Badges are equipables that have effects. Different ones have different effects. Unless you've played through the game several times and know how to get all of the badges, chances are you won't 100% the game. I didn't bother getting all of the badges because this isn't a 100% run, but here's a list

Luigi doesn't get one :(

Time to get going.

See you next time!

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CharizardMaster3300 Posted at: 07:12 Aug06 2012 Post ID: 3136657
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pwnthemonkeys said:We take the BeanBean brooch
As we leave the castle we get stopped by one of the Bean advisers.

These links are the exact same picture.

Sexy Lucario Signature found on

Keyblade21 said:The world doesn't hate you. The world is just an idiot some times.
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steelersrock01 Posted at: 11:48 Aug06 2012 Post ID: 3136745
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Maybe I didn't get as far into this game as I thought because I don't remember badges at all.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 18:24 Aug06 2012 Post ID: 3136839
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Welcome back readers, this session is a short one.

Part 6

If you have selective amnesia or like reading things in reverse order, we just left the castle and have headed out to chucklehuck woods to get the Queen Bean a soft drink to burp out that nasty worm which made her into a muscular beast.

We now return to your regularly schedualed program.

We get stopped by these jerks, but we get through.
This is amazing.
Seems that the trip through the maze changed Luigi a bit, unfortunatly for him we do not care.
Luigi changes back, his shapeshifting powers has perfected over the years...perhaps he's actually Cackletta. Need to keep an eye out on him.
"Oooooh! Boo!"
"Rookie! Shake a leg!"
This guy looks familiar.
Seems the Rookie might know who the twins are.
Though it doesn't matter, because we're going to fight!

Hp 100
Def 30
Speed 100

Popple is our Jr. Troopa of this game.
Popple has two attacks, a ramming attack, and a stealing attack. His ram attack isn't that note worthy, just jump to avoid it. His stealing attack on the other hand is something to worry about. He will go towards one of the twins and pickpocket one of their mushrooms, which he will then use the next turn to heal either himself or Rookie. Hitting him with the hammer will stop his attack. He will tell who he's going to attack if he's grinning or not, if he's grinning then he will go for Luigi, but if he doesn't then it's for Mario. For some reason he seems to fancy Mario when he's going to steal, but he will still rarely go for Luigi.
Popple will run away if Rookie is defeated before him, if you like getting more experience points and money then go after him first.
Popple drops 30 coins, a Green Pepper after defeat, and gives 50 exp.

Hp 120
Def 50
Speed 30

Rookie early on in the battle has only one attack, which is to throw hammers at the brothers. If you attack Popple, Rookie will immediatly throw three hammers at the bros. thus giving him two turns, you can deflect the attacks with your hammers. Later on in the battle, Rookie will gain another attack which is fire breath. Jumping will avoid damage.

Rookie drops 34 coins, a 1-up shroom, and gives 110 exp.

During the battle we learn an advance move. Shame I don't remember who learned it.
An advance move improves one of your bros. moves once you learn it. It changes the button presses and makes some slightly more difficult to pull off, but increase the attack and some of them has a potential of being an infinite attack, but the damage reduces quickly to 1.
To unlock an advance move you just have to do a bros. move perfectly enough times.

Popple wasn't happy about losing, in his rage he mentioned that he was also after the Chuckola reserve. If only he was a threat we would care.

Exclamation marks.
I don't understand.
What are you saying!
Speak english!
Are you even saying real words!
After some time, we got bored and went to get these guys free stuff, this might shut them up.
Unfortuantly the plan failed.

In despiration Mario and Luigi tried to use their hammers to kill each other to free themselves from this madness. As the pattern goes, it failed, but they did learn something new. When Luigi is in the back and smashes Mario, Mario becomes small allowing you to go through small entries leaving Luigi behind to wait. Smashing Mario will return him to normal. Smashing Luigi will sink him straight to the ground allowing him to go under gates and fences, leaving Mario behind to wait. Jumping will revert him to normal.

Time to get going.

See you next time!

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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 13:34 Aug07 2012 Post ID: 3137095
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Here's a bonus thing as an apology for something I can not control.


First on the list are Mushrooms. These are healing items that heal only one brother.

The order of healing is 25, 50, 120, and 999.

Next is Nuts. Nuts heal both brothers, but heal less than mushrooms. Both are useful in fights if you like saving on items and reducing turns.

Order of healing is 20, 40, 100, and 999.

Syrup. This restores our BP. If you're heavy into Bros. attacks, but suck at doing them in higher difficulties, buy a lot.

Order is 20, 40, 100, and 999.

1-Up Shroom and 1-Up Super. These are revival items. Supers are the most valuable and bosses usually drop these.

1-Up revives a twin up to half of their health. 1-Up Super revives a twin to the max and restores their British petroleum.

Golden Mushroom. Heals Max HP and BP. You get five of them throughout the game.

You can farm more from Fawful (second time) or the Popple and Birdo fight, you just need to use swing bros., get the GM, get a game over, and return to the castle instead of returning to the previous save. These things are not worth the time to farm.

Refreshing Herb. These heal status ailments.

Probably the most useless item in the game, since poison wears off in battle and all other ailments don't hinder that much.

Red and green pepper. These are battle boosting items.

Red boosts power, but makes them heavier. Green boosts defense, but makes them lighter. It really depends on how you use your bonuses to decide whether or not these things are important to battles.

Drinks and Accessories.

You know those beans that I didn't bother explaining in the LP? Well this is where you take them to.

There are four types of beans to find in the BeanBean kingdom.

Woo beans are found on enemies, mostly from Beanies and parabeanies.

Hoo beans are the most difficult to find most of the game. They are essenstial if you want to get everything in game. Hoo beans are found in invisible blocks, but sometimes are in visible blocks.

Chuckle beans are underground, you need Luigi to go underground to get them. These are almost as common as Woo beans.

Hee beans are rewards when redoing mini games. The better the score, the more beans you get.

There are seven kinds of bean brews that can be made here. Each brew permanently boosts a stat of one of the brothers.

The brew names are.

Woohoo Blend - 25 Woo beans to brew. Raises 4 HP
Hoohoo Blend - 25 Hoo beans to brew. Raises 4 BP
Chuckle Blend - 25 Chuckle beans to brew. Raises 4 Speed
Teehee Blend - 25 Hee beans to brew. Raises 4 Stache
Hoolumbian - 15 Woo and 10 Hoo beans to brew. Raises 4 Pow.
Chuckoccino - 15 Woo and 10 Chuckle beans to brew. Raises 4 Def.
Teeheespresso - 15 Woo and 10 Hee beans to brew. Raises a random stat by 6.

There will be a short scene after brewing a coffee for the first time. Each scene will then give you an accessory.

Accessories are extras that make the game a bit easier. Accessories are always given in the same order no matter what you brew first.

Greed Wallet - Doubles the coins won from battle.
Bonus Ring - Doubles the exp given after a battle, as long as no damage was taken.
Excite Spring - Holding the jump button will make whoever is holding the accessory float for a short time.
Great Force - Doubles damage.
Power Grip - Whoever wears this will never drop their hammer.
Cobalt Necktie - Doubles current stache points. Good for shops.
Gameboy Horror SP - Always get a rare item if the enemy drops an item.

Getting the Gameboy Horror SP early in the game is really important if you want to get the best stuff that the bosses drop.

But the most important part of brewing everything is to get this!

Words cannot espresso what I feel.

Early on in the game, other characters were to make an appearance, but were cut out last minute and E. Gadd was left to take the spotlight. Why I oughtta
These were the characters.

These were their texts for their visits (they're in order of accessories given).

Wario: Ah ha ha ha! Move it! Wow! Now that I?m here, this game?s finally gettin? good!
Cashier: Oh! Wario! What?s a bad dude like you doing here? Oh! I got it! You came to pay your tab from the other day!
Wario: What are you talkin' about?!? You tryin? to give me a bad rep with stupid rumors? I oughta...
Cashier: Aww, come on! Just pay up! I'll even take beans if you got 'em. Come on! You're a rich guy, right?
Wario: Uh... OK. Maybe next time. But... Don't you have free drinks for celebrity guest stars in this game? Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha! BLECH! AWFUL! Do you guys really like drinking nasty stuff like this? ...Losers. Ah! Whatever! Hope this covers your costs! Blech! Drinkin' that stuff made me wanna go shave my tongue! Uh-oh! Gotta go!

Wario would have given you Wario's Gold.

Fox McCloud-
Fox: Fox here!
Cashier: Hey! Aren't you Fox McCloud, the Star Fox leader? Are you here to taste our new juice? No way!
Fox: Uh...yeah. So why don't you serve me up a cup at your special guest star rate? What?s that? A call?
A call: Fox! Help me! Fox! Where are you?
Cashier: Wow! You sure are one busy guy... Er, I mean, one busy fox!
Fox: Thanks for the discount! Will this cover the rest? Mission complete!

Fox would have given you the Gold Ring.

Captain Olimar-
Take note that his text would have been thought bubbles instead of speech.

Olimar: ...I detect a strange, yet pleasing aroma drifting through the atmosphere of this cafe. It would seem to require further investigation...
Cashier: Wow! This is a rare treat! If it isn't Captain Olimar!
Olimar: What is this? Before my eyes stands a strange life form. It resembles me slightly, so I shall dub it...Marlio! ...Further investigation indicates that the drink that this Marlio holds is the source of the aroma. I shall now partake of its flavor. Why! Its flavor is most satisfying! Finding that such a drink could be partook of in such a place is a tremendous discovery, indeed! This Marlio creature exhibits what seems to be a longing expression... Perhaps it will react if I present it with something... I have just noticed a strange, unsightly green creature standing next to the Marlio... It could be a dangerous life form. I feel I should attack it before it attacks me.

Olimar would have given you the UV lamp.

Samus Aran-
Cashier: Whoa! A power outage? Yikes! Samus Aran! I see you're rocking and rolling as usual! ...Looks like your energy tanks are empty! Sorry, but can't you give your Hoolumbian to Samus? Oh! Feeling better?

Samus would have given you the baby...I mean Energy Tank

Excitebike dude-
Cashier: Hey? Is that the sound of a motorcycle I hear? Hey, buddy! What are you doin'?! This isn?t a drive-through! What? Are you thirsty or something? Fine, but no need to get so...EXCITED! Are your engines on full throttle?

Excitebike would have given you the Excite spring. Seems that was the only thing not left out of the finished product.

Cashier : Whoa! Link! The Hero of...what is it, now? Anyway, long-time, no see, buddy! What are you doing here? Did you get lost in a dungeon again? What? You're having trouble finding the fairy fountain? Oh... It?s game over, and your bottles are all empty? Are your hearts filled now, kiddo?

Link would have given you the Triforce.

E. Gadd-
E. Gadd : Hmm... My sniffer?s detecting the aroma of a new kind of juice?
Cashier : Oh! Professor Gadd! How?ve you been, sir? Are you here to try our new drink? You can ask those two there for Woohoo Blend!
E. Gadd : Oh! Just wonderful! A new blend! How about a try, youngsters? Hmm? This flavor fills the old bones with brimming strength! Yep, a drink like this?ll surely boost my spirits during ghost research. Listen, youngsters, let me thank you. I insist you take this. Hmm... I wonder what I should invent next...

E. Gadd would've given you the Gameboy horror. I guess this game was developed before the SP was announced?

If anyone wants to know more about the cut stuff, just ask.

See you next session.
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steelersrock01 Posted at: 14:50 Aug07 2012 Post ID: 3137116
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Very cool. Never knew about the extra characters that were cut out. And you may be able to fix your last post if take out the quotes.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 15:06 Aug07 2012 Post ID: 3137121
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Thanks, that did fix it. Though those replies are gone now.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 16:48 Aug08 2012 Post ID: 3137628
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Welcome back.

"I am Chuckleroot, protector of woods." And I am death, destroyer of worlds, are we just gonna quote stuff?
"Only some may pass. Some who find all three kinds of Chuckola Fruit."

Jumping on things is fun.
Though others don't agree.

HP 34
Def 28
Speed 37

Wiggler attacks by charging and that's about it. Hit his segments and make him yellow. When he's yellow attack the head. If the attack doesn't defeat it then you will have to do the process again until you do defeat him.
Wiggler drops a Super mushroom and gives 120 exp.

Boom go back to your momma!
AndIhave all the fruit.

Darn, if only our peripheral vision wasn't like that of most video game enemies.

Another joke
These jokes are horrible, just like mine! :D :(
"My name is....Bubbles. Then where is Buttercup and Blossom?
"And, I am pleased to tell you, this chuckola reserve..."
" yours to enjoy."
Wait what?

"That's no an ordinary soda!" *Gasp* It's diet!
Battle time!

Diet cola
Hp 600
Def 30, 53 when small
Speed 58, 100 when small

Chuckolator has two forms of attacks when it's big. It swings its' sword that launches slime, hammer take cares of that. Then it fires some bubbles, jumping avoids them.
When small it will ram into the bros. which has a chance to poison them.

Bubbles will sometimes show up and heal the drink.

Drops 1-up shroom and gives 260 exp.

Bubbles gets mad
and leaves us somewhere underground.
But we get out easily
I wonder where the waves will take us
Day 12, I've eaten all of the mushrooms, the sea has forsaken me, and I need to go to the bathroom.
We've hit land.
Now that we have the cola
We should give it to the queen.

The queen is now back to normal...I think.

After some wall of text we learn the Cackletta is in the Woohoo University, we'll head out there later.

See you next time.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 17:09 Aug09 2012 Post ID: 3137979
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Welcome back readers, I guess I didn't cap enough when I was capping like a week ago so you're going to miss out everything after entering the university, but before the making it to the boss fight, sorry.

The bros. made it to the university and hear the screams of someone.
More than one.
A lot of someones actually.
...I'll just get out of your way.

Sometime later
Good thing nothing of significant importance happened before we opened this door.
Another sometime later, but shorter.

"Prearations have completion"
"O Great Cackletta, unleash the voice of Princess Peach on the Beanstar when you are wanting to!" Then the robots kill Flawful.
"Peach-bots! Speak!!!
"Ho! Ho! Ho!"
Beanstar hates the performance of the Peach-bots, when it gave their review he gave them one star.
Ha ha huh?
"Wh-Wha-What happened?!? What is this???" I don't even.
"May we flee?"
How to feed your void. Stare at it, never blink, do this until you die.
Good work Luigi, now get lost.
"I'm going to knock you all the way back to the Mushroom kingdom!
Battle time!

Hp 300
Def 74
Speed 90

She's not that hard actually. Jump over the holes she makes or else you'll become heavy. She fires lightning, checking the hands will tell you who she will attack first. She will duplicate herself, if you attack ones that aren't real, will create little Cackletta bats that will go towards the bros. which will damage and possibly poison them.
Drops 100 coins and 1-up super. Gives 300 exp.

"H-How could this happen?!?!"
Well looks like the game is over now, see you guys in my next LP which is pro...

"CACKLETTA! Do not have worries!" Oh there's more.
"Watch! I am sucking up your energy with htis headgear!" Sounds just like the translated dialog of my he- never mind.
"Oh...Oh... Oh, Fawful!!!" Yep still sounds like it.
Outta no where Prince Peasly shows up to save us/
"Now! Quickly! To the fallen Beanstar!"
But what about Princess Peach's voice driving the Beanstar mad?

"The Beanstar suddenly came falling down of nowhere..."
"But having treasure fall out of the sky sure is lucky!"
"Only Popple the shadow thief could get such results, see?"
"You're amazing, Boss!"

"Time to scrap again, see?"
Battle time again!

Hp 250
Def 60
Speed 180
It's the same battle with more health.'
Drops 33 coins and a 1-up shroom. Gives 180 exp.
Hp 150
Def 50
Speed 100

Same battle, but will do Bros. attacks with Rookie. Their Bros. attacks will always hurt Popple.
Drops 33 coins and a red pepper. Gives 120 exp.

After the fight ends, one of the robots shows up to give us a victory song.
The Beanstar still hates the singing.
"Oh, no! Our treasure!"
Dog pile on the Beanstar!

Oh hey Rookie remembers. Well come on, out with it.

See you next time! The star blew up by the way.

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steelersrock01 Posted at: 10:15 Aug10 2012 Post ID: 3138133
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Good update. Props for taking the time to do all these links.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 11:54 Aug10 2012 Post ID: 3138162
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Welcome back the ten people who read this. This one is a really short session, I'll post session 10 later to make up for it. Right let's continue with this thing.

After the explosion we land on a beach.
Where's Mario?
There he is!

We saved him.
Our exploration of the island has given us Firebrandand thunderhand.
With the new found power for Mario, we fight one of the locals.
In fear of a retaliation, we make a break for it.
Oh, boy! Underwater bits!
This is more fun than the megaman X water level.
And that's enough of that.

See you next session!
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 23:58 Aug10 2012 Post ID: 3138405
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Welcome back for the double posting happy hour day! All posts for today come with one free yay!

Prince Peasly says "I have searched high and low for you two! I feared that you'd met a terrible fate!"
"Yes... It is true. The Beanstar split into four pieces."
"Of course, I would be most appreciative... But actually, I'd like you two to go to Beanbean Airport. Princess Peach is blessing our fair land with her presence!"
Wait, what?

We're here.
"Mario... other guy...""Please go to the runway up ahead."

"Oh! Masters Mario and Luigi! Queen Bean was most pleased by your efforts at the Hooniversity! By the way... there has been a slight hiccup in our plans to welcome Princess Peach."
"You see, nasty Piranha Plants have dug their roots into this runway."

Right so first we water the plantsthen we shock them to deathwhich makes the egg crack.

Now we fight.(using the hammer does nothing)
But first we dance!

Momma Piranha
HP 220
Def 60
Speed 40
I vaguely remember this fight. Her weakness is opposite of her color. Red is thunderhand and Blue is fireband. She spits something at you so hit it back with your hammer.

The plants will heal her just as long as they're the same color as Momma.

Mom Piranha drops 52 coins(for some reason she doesn't drop coins if she's blue, but only in the US version) and Spiny Badge A. She gives 400 exp.

We did it.

"Well done, Mario Bros.!"
The landing of Peachs' plane.

"Hush, everyone! Princess Peach, representative of the Mushroom Kingdom, brings greetings!"

"Mario! Luigi!!! Thank you so much for all you've done. I am so relieved tat the two of you are safe."

"You see... I must tell you... Princess Peach's voice... Was never stolen! This is the Princess Peach whose voice was stolen!"

Some lines of text later.

"Since we have come all the way to this land, I wish to pay an official royal visit to Little Fungitown...

Looks like we're gonna have to escort the princess, but that will have to be next time!

K bye.
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pwnthemonkeys Posted at: 13:23 Aug11 2012 Post ID: 3138570
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Welcome back to this stupid thing I'm doing, what's it called again?

So we go to the hammer smith place to get new hammers.
Then we meet Peach at the place to escort her to the town.
Since I hate her so much I will just skip everything till the boss.
Battle time, also screw you Peach.

HP 110
Def 130
Speed 55

Trunkle attacks by throwing boulders, hammers break. When attacked enough, it splits into four, keep an eye for the one who has the fruit in its' mouth.
Drops 188 coins, 1-up shroom, and 4 super shrooms. Gives 1030 exp.

Yay we did it, but at the cost of saving Peach.

I hate her so much. I'll see you next time!
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steelersrock01 Posted at: 13:33 Aug11 2012 Post ID: 3138574
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Yeah, I don't really remember these parts. I vaguely remember the Mom Piranha. Great job.
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