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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

A Disappointment

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guitargod1207 Posted at: 01:04 Jun12 2008 Post ID: 2276500
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Does anyone besides me think that this game is somewhat of a disappointment? I mean it's a great game and all with excellent graphics, but I think that it is a rather disappointing way to end the series. The command visor isn't used nearly enough to be necessary, Samus could've just pushed a button on her arm cannon like she does in the other Metroid games. I didn't like the lack of a switchable beams system. While it was good in games like Fusion and the original/Zero Mission, the Prime trilogy doesn't have the kind of game mechanisms that allow a stackable beams system to be, for lack of a better term, fun. Didn't you like it pressing the c-stick and switching between the Plasma Beam, Ice Beam, and the Wave Beam, or the Light Beam, Dark Beam, and Annihilator? They could've at least made it like Super Metroid where you can turn separate beams on and off. In my opinion, with a stackable beam system, they should have at least made a lot more beams. Also I didn't like having to hop from planet to planet. I liked to be able to explore every inch of one single planet on foot with nothing to assist me besides some elevators. And as for the suits, the PED suit was a nice touch, but i didn't like how it looked more like Galactic Federation equipment than Chozo technology. They should've had multiple suits, but instead we get just one and a lousy upgrade for it. All in all, Metroid Prime: Corruption was a great game, but I just didn't feel that it did a good job in ending the trilogy.

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Tracedude Posted at: 12:22 Sep27 2009 Post ID: 2740262
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I agree. I liked the beam system in the first two games, it made it more interesting. I also liked the suit upgrades from the first two games, like the Phazon suit. I loved the colours. I mean, hypermode was a good touch. But they needed more than that. In my opinion, I'd of liked to accually fly Samus's ship for fun. And they should have added online play. :/

EDIT: Sorry for the huge bump, just realized the date the first post was made... Terribly sorry.

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