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ARDS Code Links, Hex Values, and Video Tuts.

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Waffersforever Posted at: 15:46 Jan13 2011 Post ID: 2954551
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The following links will guide you to SuperCheat's very own ARDS section for:

And soon to come, Black and White.

Also, the download links to Pokesav can always be found here .

As many of you that use the HeartGold/SoulSilver version of Pokesav have realized, there are no Johto locations to be found in any form or fashion in the program to create a Pokemon from Johto.
However, thanks to Austinanymous and his topic of the 46th hidden Hex value, we can easily fix this problem.

Austin said:
7E - New Bark Town
7F - Cherrygrove City
80 - Violet City
81 - Azelia Town
82 - Cianwood City
83 - Goldenrod City
84 - Olivine City
85 - Ecruteak City
86 - Mahogany Town
87 - Lake of Rage
88 - Blackthorn City
89 - Silver Cave
8A - Pallet Town
8B - Viridian City
8C - Pewter City
8D - Cerulean City
8E - Lavender Town
8F - Vermillion City
90 - Celadon City
91 - Fuchsia City
92 - Cinnabar Island
93 - Indigo Plateau
94 - Route 1
95 - Route 2
96 - Route 3
97 - Route 4
98 - Route 5
9A - Route 6
9B - Route 7
9C - Route 8
9D - Route 9
9E - Route 10
9F - Route 11
A0 - Route 12
A1 - Route 13
A2 - Route 14
A3 - Route 15
A4 - Route 16
A5 - Route 17
A6 - Route 18
A7 - Route 19
A8 - Route 20
A9 - Route 21
AA - Route 22
AB - Route 23
AC - Route 24
AD - Route 25
AE - Route 26
AF - Route 27
B0 - Route 28
B1 - Route 29
B2 - Route 30
B3 - Route 31
B4 - Route 32
B5 - Route 33
B6 - Route 34
B7 - Route 35
B8 - Route 36
B9 - Route 37
BA - Route 38
BB - Route 39
BC - Route 40
BD - Route 41
BE - Route 42
BF - Route 43
C0 - Route 44
C1 - Route 45
C2 - Route 46
C3 - Route 47
C4 - Route 48
C5 - Diglett Cave
C6 - Mt. Moon
C7 - Cerulean Cave
C8 - Rock Tunnel
C9 - Power Plant
CA - Safari Zone
CB - Seafoam Islands
CC - Sprout Tower
CD - Tin Tower
CE - Burnt Tower
CF - National Park
D0 - Radio Tower
D1 - Ruins of Alph
D2 - Union Cave
D3 - Slowpoke Well
D4 - Lighthouse
D5 - Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town)
D6 - Ilex Forest
D7 - Goldenrod Underground
D8 - Mt. Mortar
D9 - Ice Path
DA - Whirl Islands (Lugia's Chamber)
DB - Silver Mountain Cave
DC - Dark Cave
DD - Victory Road
DE - Dragon's Den
DF - Tohjo Falls
E0 - Viridian Forest
E1 - Pok�thlon Dome
E2 - S.S. Aqua
E3 - Safari Zone Gate
E4 - Cliff Cave
E5 - Frontier Front
E6 - Path to Tin Tower
E7 - Shinto Ruins
E8 - Hidden Tower
E9 - Pok�walker
EA - Cliff�s Gate

Set the 'Met at' section to number 3002, otherwise known as 'Farawayplace'. Then, in the 46th Hex value beside it, also underneath the region selection, enter the two digits for the place you wish to enter.
For example, I want to set my Poliwraith to say I caught it at the Dragon Den. I'd click in the box, and enter DE. DE would be the Hex for Dragon's Den, therefore, it would be entered as wished. There is a video below on how to do this task if you so wish to watch.

Below are some video tutorials I made for the liberty of your viewing. If you have some kind of Pokesav issue, perhaps one of the videos will help.
Also, be sure to check back regular, for there could be more video's added as time goes on.

Tut 1: How to use Pokesav

Tut 2: Making a Pokemon with the 46th Hex Value

If anybody has any further questions on how to use the 46th Hex Value or wants to request me making a video of how to use something correctly in Pokesav, please do ask.

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momoflyer6 Posted at: 23:53 Feb08 2011 Post ID: 2962687
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what hex values do you put in for shiny leaf?
and what do you put in for increasing the pokeathalon attributes?

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Waffersforever Posted at: 13:00 Feb09 2011 Post ID: 2962734
Posts: 672
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Currently, as it stands, there isn't a hex for Shiny Leaves and there is no way to increase Pokeathlon Stats. I doubt there will be either. Looks like you'd have to do it the legit way: Create juices and raises the stats and go hunt for Leaves in the grass~
Bow down to da Cookie Lord, lover of Steel types~<3

^Lubs to the mouse and Derek <3^
Choice Scarf+Hasty Nature+252 Speed EV's+Aggron= Scrap, my newest Aggron ;p
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Giratona Posted at: 17:07 Feb17 2011 Post ID: 2965067
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Wrong PlaceThink

« Last edited by Giratona on Feb 17th 2011 »
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808gamer Posted at: 23:20 May06 2011 Post ID: 2999634
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heres another tut i made

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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:39 Nov09 2012 Post ID: 3170938
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
3,332 views and only 5 posts? Dang people must really lazy.Eh
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