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Pokemon FireRed

The "Make Your Own Pokemon Game" Game

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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:05 Sep09 2012 Post ID: 3148286
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon : The Ultimate Tag Team
System : NDS/64
Tag options :
Ash & Don,Ash & May,Ash & Gary,Ash & Barry,Ash & Paul,May & Don,Ash & Brock,Don & Zoey,Jessie & james,
"Your choice"
starters :
Charmander & Snivy,Evee & Lucario,Bulbasaur & Totodile,Chikorita & Scyther,Cyndaquil & Squirtle,poocheyena & houndour,Treeko & Tepig,oshawott & Piplup,Chimchar & turtwig,Meowth & glameo,pidgey & swellow,starly & noctowl,hunchcrow & skarmory,mew & mewtwo,zoroark & zorou,dratini & mudkip,
"your coice"
legendaries : all
max lv.: 300
total badges : 41
rivals : your choice & your choice
pokemon : all od and new
game type : online and home
total no. of battles and trainers : over and beyond 2041.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:08 Sep09 2012 Post ID: 3148288
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
In my last post I ment pokemon : all old and new first by mistake I wrote pokemon : all od and new.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 16:32 Oct20 2012 Post ID: 3163711
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Techylands or Brutishlands (bare with me on this on)
Main Characters:-
Boy/girl(Techyland) and Boy/Girl (Brutishlands)
Starter Pokemon:-
For the techy workd you have a choice of either an electric type, Voltagger or a steel type Gyrod.
In the Brutishland you get a choice of either a a fighting type, Cheppy of ground type Landmon. Both games starting pokemon have 3 evolutions although their names are undecided.
New Pokemon:-
The 3 great cyborg pokemon of Techyland and the 3 powerful brute pokemon of Brutishland as well as the new starter pokemon. All of the gens will be in this game.
Legenday Pokemon:-
The 3 great cyborg pokemon of Techyland and the 3 powerful brute pokemon of Brutishland as well as mew, mewtwo and mewthree
Techylands is a vast networks of city's and absolutely filled with people and life. Computer and electronical advancements far exceed anything we could imagine today and the people are all very intelligent.
Brutishlands is a majoritally a vast wastlands with the odd oasis but mainly has tribal settlements and oupposts with minamal people.
Pokemon Techyand
Ok you have noticed a rise in news about how the brutishland people hae been terrorising techylanders on the outskirt of thier vast city networks. You decide enough is enough and with the help of your best friend you obtain you starting pokemon and begin your training to help out your people but before you can get started you meet a stange boy, who talks to you about this secret training location. When you go to visit it you are kidnapped by some brutishlanders who take you to on of their outposts where you get into an argument. They claim they are the strongest people and ridicule you for being a techylander. You deicide in order to prove you worth that you could do anything these people threw at you and at that moment one of them comes up with and idea.She suggests that in order to prove yourself you must defeat all the 10 tribe leader in brutishland and then defeat the great Brute prophit who rules over the land. In your foolishness you accept this challenge unaware of the adventure that lies before you and the challenges you must complete. The kidnappers leave you at the outskirts of a settlement, with your pokemon and your only company and you must omplete this task in order to regain your pride and the pride of all the techylanders.
Pokemon Brutishland
For the Brutishland version its the same just opposite obviously, use your imagination a little.
Pokemon Brutishland

Max Level:-
All normal pokemon max out at level 100 but there is an item that allows you to over level by 5 but this only works on your starting pokemon.

Hope you like the idea, any feedback let me know. Smile
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Forum Guest Posted at: 18:19 Nov12 2012 Post ID: 3172118
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
NAME:Pokemon Light/Darkness
CHARACTER:boy or girl
STARTER:any of the 5 regions
POKEMON:Can catch all and no trade of any sort required
STORYLINE:Start out in kanto with a selection of bulbasaur,squirtle and charmander.After you pick your pokemon you find your (ASH) and you battle him with your starter.Then after that you walk in the grass and find mew and its talking to you telepathically saying that it wants you to be its trainer. Then you say I don't have any pokeballs. Then after finally getting your pokeballs you catch mew and set off on your journey.Your first
with team rocket is after you face brock.They say they want your mew but it uses psychic and gets them out of the way. Then after hard work and finally beating the elite four you get a ticket to the next region and you can then pick the starter in johto and etc. Then you become a pokemon master after beating the battle frontiers and the elite fours you can choose between being a gym leader or the champion of any of the regins.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 00:45 Nov21 2012 Post ID: 3174409
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 01:11 Nov21 2012 Post ID: 3174413
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
boy or girl eithe ash or may
any of 5 regions =starters
Mewtwo,Deoxys,Mew,Celebi, thats it all of it
Storyline= Starts at an unknown island with your parents and you find a ticket somwhere behind your house and a sailer ask if you want to go to either of the regions and you stay with that region until you finish that part of the game them he ask you for the other regions and you beat all the pokemon leagues in every region the ticket is called unknown ticket and in the end he ask you if you would like to go to FINAL Island and say yes he will take you there and you will see all islands fused such as faraway,mirage,and you know all the islands there are no legendaries until you go to the end and find a cave,lake,towers,and volcanoes in the cave you find land legendaries of land except groudon and heatran and in towers there are rayquaza and the flying pokemon in the lake is sea pokemon after you are done when you go to the sailer,oh you have to have strong pokemon against this talk to him and before that he stops and gets scared and the reverse wold opens cath dialga palia and giratina talkto him and he sais there is ruins in the back he tells you go to it and when you find it he will be there and a a very shiny darkness and lightness comes reshiram and kyurem,zekrom apear catch them and you will find out the best part the sailor character shines so bright and the vortex of pure chaos opens you see him disappear and ARCEUS GOD AND CREATOR OF POKEMON challenges you in the level of 200 and has a new signature move called divine judgement and other strong moves after get out and the boat has no sailor because he was arceus just go inside the boat and it will bring you back at unkown island and your done
Maximum level=999
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Forum Guest Posted at: 08:15 Nov24 2012 Post ID: 3175348
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon: Evolved
Platform: 3DS & PSVITA. Anxious
Genders: Boy Or Girl, once you pick your character you can set his colour (for personal settings) and his nature (changes the way he reacts to stuff, Example. losing to a battle. WARNING: THIS WOULD CHANGE THE ENTIRE GAMEPLAY!)
Region(s): Kyushu & Kansai (Yup, new ones!)
Starters: Eevee, Pichu, Vulpix. (all level 3)
Max level 100
Legendary(s): All including Mew! And some new ones such as Nexturo, Amkinsi and Hadrud.Thumbs Up
Story, pretty much the same as firered. Not Talking
Rival: An *******. Applause
Team(s): Pluto & Atom.
Battle system: same but you have to be quick if you want to get first move, and you can dodge attacks (but its hard to pull off.) Also, if you get beat the trainer gives you a tip, you dont black out but you cant progress unless you heal at least one of your pokemon.
E4: or should i say E5!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:52 Dec01 2012 Post ID: 3177155
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name:Poke'mon Rusty
Ok now here's mine
Character choices: Paul-Boy Or Misty-Girl
Starter pokemon:Water-Seal Fire-Groundon Grass-Seedot
Have up to 10 pokemon in your party

Able to change character's suits.
Able to mix poke'mon together to make new ones
If you can see other characters as real trainers in your adventure
And you can make a poke'mon guild.
When you beat the game it will let you make new maps and poke'mon
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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:57 Dec01 2012 Post ID: 3177157
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
O and that post pokemon rusty the max level is nothing it goes on forever and if you change andthing like the character it will not change clock timed events or game play this is like the book "Dairy Of The Wimpy Kid do it yourself book" You can change anything
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Forum Guest Posted at: 16:22 Dec18 2012 Post ID: 3185359
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
WiseguyViolinThinkSilencedSickShhhSaluteRockLiarDroolDancingCoolBrick WallBounceThumbs UpSpeak to the handSmileShamePrayNot TalkingEvilEhDohWhistleApplauseAnxious
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:05 Dec27 2012 Post ID: 3189354
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
anyone know the pokemon fire red "fight any pokemon" cheat?!?!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 21:56 Dec28 2012 Post ID: 3190127
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
name: POKEMON movie edition
starters and pokemon you have are based off the movie you are playing
system: 3DS/DS
movies are played like a game and are based off character settings during game play to download new movies you can connect to wifi after i see the movie and know the story line you start on the mewtwo movie and contenue from then with full orcistrated music on the 3ds on each movie and part Thumbs UpSmileEvil
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Forum Guest Posted at: 15:13 Jan05 2013 Post ID: 3195368
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon Grey Version (When you take all colors, you get Grey!)
Home Region: Sevii Islands (Post Ending/Obtain Nat. Dex - Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova)
Hero/Heroine: After taking a small personality quiz, you become one of any of the heroes/heroines from any the main games. (Who you become also influences your rival(s), and both of your starter pokemon. Other region starters become available in post-ending story events as well.)
System: DS/3DS

Storyline: (Made Simple)
Aspiring to become the greatest pokemon trainer ever, the hero sets out on a journey in the Sevii Islands to defeat the newly placed Gym Leaders on each island. Starting from One Island and Disincluding Nine Island, which was sunk beneath the Sea during a terrible storm. Once the hero has obtained their 7th gym badge, they will travel to Eight Island where the last gym leader has been lost attempting to catch Arceus at the Shrine of Beginnng. The player will be given the chance to catch Arceus and ddefeat the final leader. Then with 8 badges the trainer will be allowed to take the boat to a new area called Destiny Isle, where the hero can continue through Victory Road and the Sevii Leauge. Once the main story lin is completed, the hero can reach Kanto, Jotho, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova and can continue their journey. (The events that will happen there wll mirror the cannon for that region. I.e Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, however Team Discord, a new evil gang will replace the starring gang for each region.)

Pre Hall of Fame: Arceus
Post Hall of Fame: All (Including Mystery Gift pokemon)
After completing Nat. Dex: Mew

After the main plot is finished a feature called Nostolga Link will become available. This place will contain a Time Capsule, (For importing Pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green in Japan's case.) Gear Base, (For importing information from Gold, Silver, and Crystals PokeGear and bringing all pokemon an items over.) Pal Park, (For migrating Ruby, Saphire and Emerald pokemon and items, if they are held.) and PokeTranfer. (Which will allow pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 to be migratedd over.) This can be done through a free app that can be downloaded. This will allow you to bring pokemon over without needing a second 3DS. However WFC would be needed.

And of course trading will be kept in this game. ;D
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Forum Guest Posted at: 18:41 Jan21 2013 Post ID: 3201582
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Title: Clash of the three Beasts
Region: Lavia
Hero/Heroine: Gary/Misty
You start off at home, in your room, and you hear three terrifying roars, each one sounding different. You rush downstairs to see what your mom had to say about it, but she claims she didn't hear anything. You rush outside to see if anyone else heard it, but it's only you. You run into either Gary or Misty, depending which hero you chose to be. Gary/Misty claims she/he heard it too. You rush to Professor Oak's Lab, where he says that the roars were just a figment of you imagination. You nod, but Gary/Misty storms out angrily, sure that he/she is right. You start to leave when Professor Oak calls you over before you leave. You run over to him, and he asks you if you have a Pokémon. You say no, and he hands you a Poke ball. If you chose to be Misty, you get a Poliwag. If you chose to be Gary, you get a Umbreon. He tells you it's a Pokémon he caught, and he's giving it to you. You gladly take it, and he hands you a Pokedex and 5 Poke balls. He also hands you a gym badge case, and tells you to head to Floria town, where the first Gym Leader is. You start going to Floria town, when Gary/Misty confronts you. He/she is still upset, and calls you out for not backing he/she up. Then he/she challenges you to a battle, and you except. You win, and Gary/Misty storms away. You then start heading to Floria town.

The Floria gym leader is happily awaiting challengers in the Gym, so you head on in. You spot Gary/Misty currently battling the Gym leader, and is creaming the Gym leader. Gary/Misty eventually wins after you check out the Pokémon center and Poke Mart. After the win Gary/Misty spots you. Misty wishes you good luck, and Gary just ignores you. The Gym leader's name is Leon, and has grass type Pokémon. After you win, you get the badge, and head out of Floria town to the next town, Gellion village.

At Gellion village, you realize the Gym Leader, Zane, is very sick. You are asked to find a plant in Treewood forest that can heal the sickness. When you find the medicine, you hear one of the roar's again. You head in it's direction, to find a Rayquaza destroying part of the forest. You walk out to confront it, but someone else beats you too it. The person is quickly blown away by Rayquaza, so you try to confront it. You walk up to it, and it roar's. But then looks at you for a while, and fly's away. You shrug, and continue to get out of the forest. You quickly get out of the forest, and give the medicine to Zane. After defeating Zane, you get the badge and walk outside. Gary/Misty is waiting for you, and challenges you to a battle. You accept, and beat he/she. Gary/Misty claims that it was just dumb luck you won, and runs away. After that you head to Clacia town.

At Clacia town, you quickly do a quest for the Gym leader, Kate, by tracking down a theif and sending him to jail. You begin to challenge her, but Gary/Misty runs in front of you and asks Kate first. Kate agrees, and Gary/Misty happily runs into the gym to wait for Kate. You ask to battle her after Gary/Misty. She accepts, and you walk away. You look around the town until you come across a girl name Celest. She tells you that she has been hearing mysterious roar's, and you tell her about seeing Rayquaza. She gasps, and tells you a legend. The legend is three great legendary Pokémon will appear and start destroying the world bit by bit, and that it's unstoppable. Except, three warriors
with three legendary Pokémon that can save us will stop them. She tells you the three warriors will be able to hear the roars, and that you Gary/Misty and herself are the warriors. She tells you to watch out for the three legendary good Pokémon and that you have to catch one of
them. After that you battle the Gym leader and get the next badge.

Once you beat the seventh Gym leader, you find the three good Pokémon. Entei, Raikou and Suicune. You get to choose which one you want to catch, and catch it. After that you see that Gary/Misty was following you and catches one of the Pokémon that you didn't catch, and Celest catches the last one. You head to the last Gym leader in Frosnow village.

At Frosnow village, you beat the Gym leader Chill, and head to the Pokémon league. On your way there, You are called by Professor Oak to come back quickly. After that you head back to your town, which is on fire and completely destroyed. You, Gary/Misty and Celest get rid of all the fire, and you try to find your mom. You look around the whole village, and she is nowhere to be seen. Professor Oak tells you that the legendary Pokémon Groudon came and covered the town in fire and destroyed it and took you mom. You take Professor Oak's bike and start riding to a boat dock in Floria town.

At Floria town, you get on a boat with Gary/Misty and Celest and start riding to Lava Island where Groudon's cave is, when Kyogre confronts you. You get out your Pokémon and face Kyogre, who you defeat and Kyogre runs away. Gary/Misty heals you, and you continue to boat to the cave. At the cave, you realize Groudon went to the Eclipse shrine, so you follow it to there.

At the Eclipse shrine, Groudon Kyogre and Raquaza are waiting for you. You run up to one of them, and face them. You can either catch or defeat them. After you catch/defeat them, you head to the Pokémon League, where you face the champion Kion. After defeating Kion, a man dressed in black comes out. He claims he's been watching you, and he's the one behind Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza starting to destroy the world. Celest interrupts and claims that it was in the legend and he had nothing to do with it, but in his hands he held a missing part of the legend. Celest tears it from his hands and reads it. She tells you that the missing part was that after defeating Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza a great evil will come. You face the man in black, who has lvl. 80-85 Pokémon. After defeating him, he claims he will come back in 100 years and haunt your descendants. He then disappears, and you become the champion.

After finishing the main story, you will go one hundred years into the future and face the man in black again, stopping him from haunting your descendants. But this time, he has a whole crew who tries to stop you. You go from town to town, that looks way different, tracking the man in black. Each time you get to a town, either a girl name Krystal, a man named Ruff, and a woman named Valerie will confront you and challenge you to a battle. You obviously win. When you reach Frosnow, you finally face the man in black again and defeat him. After that you send him into a vortex that traps him forever in a frozen world. You then go back to your own time.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 06:35 Jan23 2013 Post ID: 3201966
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
SmileSoon I will be playing that
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Pokemanz Posted at: 12:49 Jan23 2013 Post ID: 3202050
Posts: 1
Post Likes: 0
Name: Pokemon Teal and Pokemon Crimson

System: Nintendo 3Ds,Nintendo Ds

Main Character: Boy or Girl (Customized)

Starters: Lodier, Salko, and Fridro (Custom New Pokemon)

Legendary Pokemon: Kolsade, Purenitar, and Lokai (And the originals after completing the 2 pokemon leagues)

New Pokemon: Whole New Gen.

New Enemies: Team Beige, and Team Ivory

New Region(s): Kochi (You can access the others one by one going down by boat after you beat the pokemon league(s) in each one

Gyms: There are 12 Gyms in Kochi and there are the other gyms in the old regions.

Elite 8 (Kochi): Juno (Water/Ice), Ishino (Bug), Kolina (Ghost/Poison), and Dragovich (Dragon)

(Second League) Laraso (Ground), Tredesco (Electric), Lispon (Flying), and Floriso (Random)

Champion: Jeroadia (Any Type)

Max Level: 150
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Forum Guest Posted at: 21:58 Jan25 2013 Post ID: 3202702
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
SmileSmileSmile i love all of these peoples ideas XD
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Forum Guest Posted at: 12:19 Feb03 2013 Post ID: 3208942
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
ShameShameNot TalkingNot TalkingWhistleWhistleWhistleAnxiousApplauseWhistleWhistleShameSpeak to the handThumbs UpSmileEhPrayPrayDohDohWhistleWhistleApplauseAnxiousAnxiousAnxiousAnxiousAnxiousfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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Forum Guest Posted at: 12:20 Feb03 2013 Post ID: 3208943
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 07:44 Feb08 2013 Post ID: 3212036
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Game Name: Pokemon: Street Rules.
What's it's like: If you combined the Grand Theft Auto Series, with the Pokemon Series, however with less cars.
Character: A ten your old kid (Yeah, Still keepin' that)Customizable
Region: The game is set in Kanto, the Pokemon crime hub.
Gameplay: The game starts out like any other Pokemon game, you wake up, go to the lab, get a Pokemon, rival gets one too. But with some major differences. You have a meter on the screen called the "Crime Meter" Which is currently at 0. You also notice when you press "A" on people, a health bar appears above them, and you get four options "Talk" (does what pressing A on people does in regular Pokemon) "Shove" (Moves them to the side, unless they are strong.) "Insult" (Makes the other angry) "Punch" (Harms Them, but they may punch back) Each one increases the crime meter, which is 0-100 (0 is angel on earth, 100 is worlds most wanted.) When you talk, the meter dosen't change. When you insult it goes up by one, when you shove, it goes up by 1, and when you punch, it goes up by 2. Eventually when your crime meter is above 50, the cops come looking for you. Cops will be posted at every town once you meter is above 50.
Battle Changes: Battling wild Pokemon is normal, however, when in a trainer battle, you can select from four options. Attack Pokemon (Does what normally happens when you press "Fight") Attack Trainer (Takes you to your four moves, but they attack the trainer) Bag (Does what "Bag" Normally does) and, Bribe (You can asks to pay a certain amount of money for a pokemon, for example, a lv.12 rattata costs 300 PokeDollars
Lance's Dragonite Cost 2,000,000 PokeDollars)If you manage to faint all the trainers pokemon. Or faint the trainer (If the health bar above them is red, or you can do this by beating them up, but I wouldn't try it on Bruno of the Elite four) Once this is done, you can rob them of there money, item, or badge.Evil
That's my idea, totally Bad, But totally fun.
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