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Pokemon FireRed

The "Make Your Own Pokemon Game" Game

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IceyHurricane Posted at: 23:53 Feb13 2013 Post ID: 3214934
Forum GuestMember
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Name: Pokemon Victory

Starters: Torchic, Squirtle, Turtwig
Legends: Main: Victini (Hence the name)
Latios & Latias
Reshiram & Zekrom
Palkia & Dialga
Groudon & Kyogre
3 Kanto birds
Arceus (After catching every legendary)

region: Straten
8 badges
After Beating Straten league go to Hoenn, or join Team Magma, Plasma, or Rocket

If went to Hoenn:
8 more gyms
3 more legends:
Elite trainer: Unknown, 6 lv100s
If joined an evil team:
All teams go to war.
Fight every other team
3 more legends:
Shiny Darkrai
All teams become 1 huge, evil team named Team U.E. (Stands for United Evil)
Take over Hoenn
Battle a new kid (Much like yourself at the beginning) Battle them through their journey
The ending
Chose Hoenn:
Become Hoenn Champ & Catch most of the legends
Chose Evil team:
Take over Hoenn league, and become the 4th E4 person (& Battle random challengers via normal gameplay, or Nintendo WFC)

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Forum Guest Posted at: 04:32 Mar04 2013 Post ID: 3221437
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name:Pokemon Legends
Gender:Byo and Girl Boy:AhA Thirsk:Mat
Pltadorn:Gameboid Nintensive DS
Legends:Mew Mewtwo Giratina Rayquaza Kyogre ARCEUS Articuno Zekrom
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Forum Guest Posted at: 19:26 Mar07 2013 Post ID: 3222412
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
This is my Pokemon game, and I am not finished with it much, yet.

Pokemon Amber, Jade, Stone

Trainers: (Ones I made Up, but this is like pkmn black but different.)

A boy named Kyle, A girl named Tori, and another Boy who is much much like Bianca from pokemon blck and whte, named Nick, but this time, these are your friends and you name them.

Starters I made up: Wasea, the baby walrus pkmn-Ice and Water.
Catus, the cat cactus pkmn-Bug and Grass.
Vocanol, used to be oraflo, the volcano pokemon-Ground and Fire.

Gyms- 1dark 2water 3normal 4poison+bug and rest are not yet discovered by me.
Other trainers like Youngster and Lass, the looks look different
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Forum Guest Posted at: 18:33 Mar08 2013 Post ID: 3222650
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
The pokemon game I made is pokemon sky there is three legendary. pokemon are mew MEW TWO and HO OH.YOU can a MAY or PROFESSOR OAK
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mrLeopold Posted at: 05:07 Jun08 2013 Post ID: 3251489
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So cute
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Forum Guest Posted at: 23:02 Jun15 2013 Post ID: 3253100
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name: Ultimate Pokemon
Pokemon: Kanto to Sinnoh region and new onez
Boy or girl
Starter: new electric , steel, or dark type
Legendaries: mewtwo mew 3 leg. Dogs and birds lugia ho oh groudon racquaza kyogre new couple ones
Systems: gbs ds

Battle your way through kanto to sinnoh gyms and elite fours. After, battle a new ultimate pokemon league in a different region. Fight team rocket and their new partners in crime along the way.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 13:18 Jun23 2013 Post ID: 3254585
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 20:25 Jun25 2013 Post ID: 3255142
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
pokemon moon and sun (i would have added more but i couldn't find a good sounding color for sun) a whole new generation with three new starters. Firelix witch is a dog with red and white fur and its ears are on fire. i know i kinda sounds like fedikkin ( forgot how to spell it) but i can up with this before even hearing about pokemon X and Y. Croakleaf witch is a grass frog (again sounding like a 6 generation starter. kinda) with a green print on its back in the shape of vines. Flyerdrop witch is water peacock with blue and lime green feathers and its head feathers have a vail of water around them. ( i know the names are dumb.) also new eeveelutions! eevees! eevees! EEVEES!!!!! ( i love eevees ) anyway this game adds 5 not 2 not 3 but 5 new eeveelutions! Cloudeon,Toxieon,Drakeon,Deuleon,and Caspreon. flying,poision,dragon,fighting, and ghost type eeveelutions! and many, many more pokemon. but now for the leadgondarys. ( witch i dont have names for yet) the moon leadgondary is a giant blue wolf with a creasent moon on its head a curled in its tail. the sun leadgonday is a giant lion with a sun star on its head and balanceing on its tail. these two live on the sun and moon and controls them raising them and setting them as well as moving them around the universe. and another thing i also wanted to add two more games to the line eclipse and apocolipse. in eclipse it is like the nomal sun and moon except for the end witch the sun and moon leadgondarys come down to earth and fight after a close encounter between the two and this fight causes an eclipse and the eclipse leadgondary come down from space and calms the two and blah blah blah. it sound a lot like the 4th generation line. anyway and then apocolipse is so crazy i think its impossible to even become a game. anyway to truely under stand this game you will have to play ether moon,sun, or eclipse. anyway you start out with one of the leadgondarys of you choise and one of the starters final evolutions agaiun of your choise. and a eevee all level 50 (except the eevee which is at level 25) and blah blah blah an apocolipse pokemon trys to distroy the earth and everything on it. and all the leadgondary pokemon and i mean all of them. im talking mew and mewtwo lugia ho oh rquaza. even arceus comes to fight and you find a surprise but youll have to discover it. but other wise all 4 of the games are amazing. if i ever make them or something i recommend you play them.
(sorry about bad spelling)
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Forum Guest Posted at: 01:54 Jul12 2013 Post ID: 3258465
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
pokemon shinyiron version : then pick a boy play as yourself costomize your charecter same thing for a girl : gym leaders : cheren bianca roxie burg elesa clay skyla and benga: starters oshawott piplup totodile mudkip squrtle bulbasaur chikorita treeko turtwig snivy tepig chimchar torchic cyndaquill charmander pichu and pikachu: story start your journey in nuvema town 3 years later in unova with your rivals dawn and brock start their journey with you it all start at your house were dawn comes in and says charecters name today is the day we start our journey together wait weres brock: brock replies right here guys: dawn says brock you neer change do you today is the day we start our journey: brock replys sorry dawn : your mom says kids come down the professor is here: go down stairs the proffessor will be waiting and of course brock hids on proffessor juniper and says ok then here is your pokemon you choose one dawn will chose piplup and brock will choose bulbasaur no matter what. then you go thank the proffessor and she shows you how to catch wild pokemon and gives you pokeballs to catch wild pokemon then she walks you on to acummula town were you meet team thunderrod who like team plasma tried to liberate pokemon they do that and you meet the mysterious charecters zerzas and serzas who will challeng you and brock to a double battle then the mysteriously disapear so you go in pokemon center with brock dawn and the proffesser. she will teach you how to opn up the pc boxes and heal your pokemon then leaves. as you go on to route two you encounter team thunderrod who will steel someones pokemon you brock and dawn go get that persons pokemon back and that person gives you the c-gear. you will go to striaton ceaty brock gos to challenge the gym leaders you and dawn will battle against each other and then brock goes and says he beat the gym learder challenging you to a battle to see who is stronger then dawn comes back and you challenge the gym then go to route three discovering team thunderrod was there hurassing the daycare man and took an egg then go too wellspring cave and they challenge you to a battle and leave then they give you the egg back and you take it to the daycare then the man thanks you and gives you a rare pikachu egg. going to nacrene city you will go in the gym and see team thunderrod taking a fossil from leonora the gym leader you will once again fight team thunderrod and leonara will thank you and give you a foossil you can choose from plume fossil or the cover fossil. then she will battle you for your gym badge then when you leave to pinwheel forest with leonara and dawn as you encounter the three legendary pokemon virizion cobalion and terrakion who will leave leonara will tell you about them then go to castelia city challenge burg beat him and you will win the third badge and burg will give you the liberty pass go to liberty garden and victini will be there waiting for someone to capture it . then go back to castelia city and go to route four visit relic castle where you will see pkmn train n and pkmn champion nate talking about team thunderrod and they will both greet you and dawn. the will tell you about kyruem reshiram and zekrom. they will go to nimbassa city and meet you at the feris wheel were you dawn n and nate. then you will go challenge elesa and dawn will cheer for you. then leave to route five with dawn were you meet brock and a new freind named may were they will challenge you to a double battle and after team thunderrod will be spotted stealing pokemon were you battle them then they rom of in their secret base in driftveil city city then you meet clay and go to find them in the pokemon world tournament getting into the plasma frigate but then ghetsis appears holding cheren hostage threataning to still his pokemon and he escapes ghetsis tells you about his and team thunderrods plans about dialga and palkia and manages to escape. cheren thanks everyone. then clay tells you he will be waiting in the gym when you go back to driftveil you encounter rood and n talking about ghetsises plans then rood greets himself with you and chalemnge you to a battle and then you go battle clay thenafter winning go to route six in the science resarch lab genesect level fifty will be waiting after capturing genesect go to chargestone cave the shadow triad will apear and battle you dawn and brock to a triple battle beat them then you will meat bianca and proffessor juniper who will tell you about chargestone cave the go to mistralton city team thundrrod will be there and n will be there telling ghetsis off and give you the dark and light stone wich you will reawaken with go challenge skyla beat her brock and dawn will challenge you to a gym battle beat them. the go to celestial tower ring the bellthe bell 3 times and raquaza will appear capture him go to iccirus city by twist mountain and inside elite four hugh user of the fire type pokemon will team up with you by beat serzas and zerzas in a double battle. the go to the icicle ruins regiice will be their capture it then go to iccirus city battle team thunderod two out of the 8 pods cyrus and zanks beat them in a double battle and go to to the gym brock will be waiting he will tell and inform you he got his seventh gym badge and challenge you to a battle beat brock then beat dawn then go to dragonspiral tower were n will be waiting with champion nate they will lay the light stone and get reshiram then they will tell you to get zekrom.then meet brycen and he will tell you he will be waiting for you . got o the gym beat brycen the go to moor of iccirus where may will be waiting showing you keldeo and capture it. the leave to the tubline bridge were you will encounter darkrai but then it will leave returning to its trainer one of the pods tobias tobias will battle you then leave go to opelucid city where your two rivals the ex champion iris and gym leader drayden draydn and iris will say that all eight pods left to victory road drayden will challenge you at the gym then say to look for colress pod number three you will find colress on victoy road and battle him got to victory road where brock and dawn will challenge you to a battle then go to the unova league beat all elete four hugh bianca grimsley and misty beat them go to the summitt where pod tobias has beat him beat tobias let him run up the castle both of your rivals will help you and find them then all the gym leaders will appaer challenging six out of eight pods then go up beat pod tobias and pod ghetisis then beat serzas and zerzas beat them in a double battle with n by using reshiram and zekrom against dialga and palkia beat them then they leave then beat champion nate the end
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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:09 Jul28 2013 Post ID: 3262766
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name: Pokemon Sky/Land/Sea
Starters: Cole (Ground-Grass), Firex (Fire), or Tseo (Water).
Avatars: Boy: black hoodie with pokeball belt, backwards white cap and jeans. Girl: green t-shirt and jean shorts with red stripes on the side, pokeball necklace.
Legendaries: Skyfyre, Bokelan, Ocepent, and a new unicorn trio, the main one is a pegasus. Then there's just a little space traveling legendary, Saturnio.
Rival: Zach
Champion: Tatiana
Story Line: The character starts out its journey like every other one, fighting rivals and gym leaders. But on the fifth gym, in sky, the sky will turn red and clouds will swirl around, you'll have to capture Skyfyre. In Land, a large fissure opens up in the earth and you'll have to capture Bokelan. In Sea, a tsunami will drown the cities and you'll have to capture Ocepent. After that, finish beating the gyms and you'll challengee the elite four (E4). When you beat them, as you exit you will confront Saturnio. Once you capture it, the game will be over and you'll have to finish the national Pokedex to get special pirzes/pokemon.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 07:15 Aug03 2013 Post ID: 3264442
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name: Pokemon Dark, Pokemon Light or Pokemon Shadow
System: Nintendo DS and 3DS
Main Character: Red, Green or Blue with their sprites.
Red - Green is your Rival and Blue is the Prof Aide
Green - Red is your Rival and Blue is the Prof Aide
Blue - Red is your Rival and Green is the Prof Aide
Region: You choose at the start, which decides the starters and who the prof is. Then after that once defeating the Elite 4 in that area you can choose where to go next.
Starter: Depends on chosen region, however at the start you choose your pokemon to save a riolu, in Light and Dark the prof takes it to look after it, in shadow you can choose to tell riolu what do and have him as your starter pokemon.
Legendary Pokemon: Mew, Mewtwo, Mewthree, Celebi, Lugia, Rayquaza, Regirock, Registeel, Regice , Regigigas, Three Legendary Birds, Three Legendary Beasts, Ho-Oh, Victini, Arceus, Xerneas, Yveltal, Darkrai.
Mewthree, Celebi and Darkrai are only available in the Shadow version.
Story: You are a young trainer on your journey to become the greatest pokemon trainer. Along the way you fight the criminal organisations specific to that region.
Pokedex: The pokemon originally in that region, when you travel to a new region you get that region upgrade and have to get them, once you have caught every pokemon from every region it is the national pokedex and you are announced the greatest pokemon master of all time.
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GamingLife Posted at: 15:02 Aug10 2013 Post ID: 3265889
Forum GuestMember
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Name: Pokemon Forever Alone.

Console: DS .

Starter: Only a Pichu, that is very strong and turns into a Raichu later on.

Player: A 10 year old boy or girl.

Legendarys: None.

Main plot: You are a 5 year old boy/girl and you meet a Pichu. The Pichu got attacked and you saved him. After 5 years, you start your journey, catching other Pokemon. After evolving your Pikachu to a Raichu, an event happens. The evil team (Dark Rises, who wants to turn the world to complete black) captures your Raichu. After finding their hideout, you use your other Pokemon to destroy the evilness of Raichu (because they were controlling his mind), after doing that a text box appears, it says "Your pokemon has die.". You go to a grave yard and bury them. All you have is a Raichu. You cannot trade, catch, breed any Pokemon now. You wonder about trying to find the legendary leaf to revive your Pokemon. Eventually, you find a place called "Stone Vally". You adventured in the cave, finding the leaf, but once you took it, a text box appears saying "Raichu has disappear.". You tried to escape the cave, but the exits are gone. You cannot use any escape ropes to escape. After using the leaf, a text bow would pop up and say "You cannot escape.". (Note you cannot box Raichu and only Raichu can walk outside with you.)

Hope you like the idea.
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super zekrom Posted at: 16:16 Aug10 2013 Post ID: 3265901
super zekrom
Posts: 233
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name: IceGray and RageGreen
story: the games starts out in the kalos region and the beingers are legendnaries which are: mewtwo celebi and go thourgh the professer thing and he ask which of these awesome pokemon. then the adeventure begins and you go thourgh kalos unova and hoen.

legendnaries (both games) MissingNO. Deoxys and white hand
legendnaries (ragegreen) Ghost MissingNO Rayquzza
legendnaries (icegray) fossil missingno kyrem

new pokemon: snalite (ice and bug) and steelflare (steel and fire)
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Forum Guest Posted at: 00:07 Aug28 2013 Post ID: 3270419
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon Apocalypse

Characters: Zombie Ash
Plot: Player needs to catch and eat all the pokemons and then draw em on your pokenotebook.
also able to have sex with the pokemons to add a new breed of pokemon
example Jigglypuff and you = zombiepuff
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Forum Guest Posted at: 22:58 Sep04 2013 Post ID: 3271853
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Ok...we all know that Nintendo does a good job with the Pokemon games. We laugh, we cry, we crap our pants in anger when that dang level 57 Dragonite beats our level 60 Charizard. But what if you could make your own Pokemon game? Here is my challenge. Make your own Pokemon game. Name what the game is called. What system its on. What the Legendary Pokemon is/are. What is the highest level you can go to. And anything and everything else you can think of. Ready? Go!


pokemon pink and purple version
for 3DS
Starters- leafeon, Vapooreon, flareon
Ledendaries- Kyruem, Mew, Mewtwo, the three lendegendary birds,Resiram, and Zekrom.
higest level 100
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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:54 Oct07 2013 Post ID: 3279310
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon bg (board game)
system 3ds/2ds
character: boy,looks like the boy sprite from pokemon gold/ girl, looks like the girl sprite from pokemon crystal
starters: girl: meganium lv50, suicune lv60, cubone lv37 boy: typhlosion lv50, enteilv60, sandshrew lv37
legendary: ho-oh, lugia
new pokemon: dittoly
you can collect more pokemon by defeating your opponent or you can buy them
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:59 Oct23 2013 Post ID: 3283769
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Game: Pokemon Megadeath and Megalife

Maine C.:boy+girl customize hair and skin color and aperints

Legendary : mew arceus 3shiny dogs megidark malayalight

Starters: fennekin absol gardivior

Max lv.: 200

New pokemon: rokini (psychic rock ) florch( grass fire )

Elete 4: Doreen, Rey Rey , [color=red][/color] dragonsa , crissindra, [color=purple ][/color] Iris

Gameplay may vary.

[color=pink][/color] good [color=red][/color] luck [color=red][/color] autumn?? Dancing
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Forum Guest Posted at: 17:59 Oct24 2013 Post ID: 3284066
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
name: pokemon central A/pokemon central B
game system: pokepad (a new game system only for pokemon that I made)
legendary's: all legends plus almanda/badargos, and esmolaith
starters: Branka, ciramp, and luddip (new)
highest level: 100
amount of new pokemon: 42+
amount of new legendry's: 3+
best part of the game: when your done with your journey in the aslith region, you get to go to the ship port and travel to the kanto, jhoto, hoenn, or kalos region. also, when you finish that place, you go to another place! if you finish all 3, you have new challenges back at the aslith region!!!
if you want more info, email [email protected]
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Forum Guest Posted at: 10:07 Nov17 2013 Post ID: 3288379
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Mudkip mudkip mudkipz

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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:13 Nov23 2013 Post ID: 3289586
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Pokemon Yellow Version
Region: Shonto( New region)
Character:Starter boy: Guy with a Pikachu hoodie and black hair. Starter Girl: Girl with a jigglypuff hoodie. Or custom made( Via a program or sprite color editor)

Starters: Pichu,Totadile,Treebonk(A new poke that looks like a tree but has legs and arms)

2 New pokeballs: Energy Ball( gives the captured poke a stats boost), Thunder Ball( Gives captured poke 2 lvls if an electric type
6 Badges and 1 thunder ring( Insta catch any electric poke and give all your electric pokes an huge stat and lvl boost)

New team: Team shock(Boss: Master Discharge, Top executive: Donovan of Shonto)

Crystal Town Gym leader: Dark Mist(Misty with dark eyes and a evil grin)

Storyline: You wake up in your family's moving van without your master ball that was left for you. While searching and asking around about it you meet Dr.Franken(Possible brother to ash's poke scientist) an Pokemon scientist. He is in need of assistance in defeating an squad of shock grunts and Donovan. When the Dr points you to his bag you pick up an enhanced pikachu. When you face Donovan you end up loosing and Donovan takes the pikachu. Franken explains why they took the pokemon (it will be explained later) and gives you a starter that you choose. While doing the regular training routine and stopping Team shock you learn about where your masterball went to. After you beat the 6th gym and the elite four( which are Team Shock elite members) you get 4 rings that means something. While heading home to tell your mom what happend you see that Team Shock grunts are all near it and that the house looks damaged. When you beat every grunt you see Donovan inside with your mother gone (He will explain some things then battle you). After you beat him he leads you to the Team Shock HQ. After getting in and beating a few people you confront Master Discharge who ends up being your father and ash, but just like the other gym leaders and misty he has black and purple eyes that leak purple smoke. Your mom is sitting their in a cage knocked out. When you battle him he throws out some legendaries and at the end he uses pikachu( his eyes are black and leaking purple smoke and he leaks black charges from his pouches) with your masterball and the same masterball Donovan had took from Fraken. After beating him you learn that your mom is your foster mom and that ash and misty had you but couldn't raise you like they wanted to. You become the champion and release ash from his dark energy.
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