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The story of your team on the ds pokemon games

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walkdog8 Posted at: 10:47 May31 2010 Post ID: 2850682
Posts: 40
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i know this has nothing to do with action replay codes, but you can (if you remember) tell me the story of your pokemon team and perhaps tell mw your friend code. im always lonly on wi-fi.

my story goes like this

this was my platinum team befor i put them on HG, now they kick buttocks

titanium (venusaur)-an online trade on the gts.
charizard-the only wild pokemon modifier code pokemon i have from platinum.
feraligatr-was a little japanese totodile then i evolved it.
empoleon-came all the way from pokemon pearl.
nidoking-was my favorite pokemon from the old gameboy pokemon games.
leafeon-hatched a ahiny eevee egg amd took it to moss rock on platinum.

thats my story, whats yours?
my friend code for heart gold:1291 0408 1829. Name: T.J.

beware of these six pokemon

titanium (venusaur)-lv. 100 non shiny
charizard-lv. 100 shiny
feraligatr-lv. 100 non shiny
empoleon-lv. 100 non shiny
nidoking-lv. 100 non shiny
leafeon-lv. 100 shiny
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Austinanymous Posted at: 11:09 May31 2010 Post ID: 2850688
Posts: 7,333
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Well if you know it doesn't belong here, why post it here? Moving to General Series board.
"i once killed an antelope, you should come over for dinner"
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Volke Posted at: 11:42 May31 2010 Post ID: 2850695
Posts: 9,334
Post Likes: 33

Empoleon - Chose Piplup as starter. Evolved twice.
Mismagius - Caught a wild Misdreavus. Evolved it.
Gyarados - Traded level 19 Magikarp from Diamond.
Mediacham - Caught and evolved a wild Meditite.
Weavile - Caught and evolved a wild Sneasel.

Sig and avatar by Ozzo. Thanks.

link removed.
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Dr_Logic Posted at: 12:50 May31 2010 Post ID: 2850727
Posts: 219
Post Likes: 0
My story goes like this, I used to have a team of ubers, Dialga, Giritina, Ho-oh, Kyogre, groudon and mewtwo. Then I came to a site called "SuperCheats" back in 07, and I found out what ubers were. After that my teams have changed on a consistent basis to form a counter to the current OU meta-game.
"I shall always be convinced that a watch proves a watchmaker, and that a universe proves a God." - Voltaire
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rhawk Posted at: 10:56 Jun01 2010 Post ID: 2850975
Posts: 387
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Blaziken (nicknamed Marshtomp to confuse people :P) - Starter way back in Hoenn, levelled up to lvl 100
Swampert - Same as above except no nickname and from Sapphire
Salamence - Another helper from Ruby
Gliscor - Favorite Pokemon ever, came from Diamond which I got in a trade
Rotom (B) - Another cool Pokemon, love how it can change forms
Roserade (nicknamed ACYDiC) - Really cool Grass type, migrated as Roselia from Ruby
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TheIron1 Posted at: 22:25 Jun11 2010 Post ID: 2854781
Posts: 3
Post Likes: 0
My team consists of Pokemon only found in the Sinnoh Region (My team is in Platinum right now, planning on installing HG or SS on my M3).

Infernape (nicknamed Pring, after an old friend of mine)- Starter. I knew it would have Fighting moves in the future, so I could use it against Rock-types too.

Luxray (Nicknamed Flash)- Caught in the early segments of the game, has pwned harder than any Electric type I have ever seen since then.

Golduck (Couldn't come up with a nickname Doh )- I don't remember where I caught this one, but he's still a vital member of the team. Thank god for revives..

Togetic (Nicknamed Omlet)- I got it from an egg Dawn gave me, but she was speaking in Japanese at the time, so I could never figure out why. Great special defensive, and Yawn makes things even more fun.

Starraptor (Nicknamed Ace)- Caught right before I faced off with the Veilstone Gym Leader. I had some troubles with defense on Psyduck, so she took over. A bit underlevel now.

Bibarel- Mainly used for HMs.

I'm stuck in the Distortion World, but I'm able to take out things 7 levels higher than me.. sometimes.
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hatershateme Posted at: 22:35 Jun11 2010 Post ID: 2854789
Mr. Forum Games!
Posts: 16,050
Post Likes: 4

Empoleon, leveled up for level 5 Piplup. Lvl 62
Salamence(Fav), my love from FireRed. lvl 100
Zapdos(Fav), fast and powerful, another love from FireRed. lvl 100
Machamp(Fav), always have been my favorite pokemon. lvl 98
Dialgia, just there for help just in case. lvl 61
NidoKing(fav) A remake of my Nidoking in Pokemon Blue, lvl 100

superbird5005 is Bae

Sig and Avy: Craizen

sphynxx said:Step aside people, Mr. forum games coming through. ;)

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WILLProductions Posted at: 17:30 Jun12 2010 Post ID: 2855110
Posts: 6
Post Likes: 0
My first Diamond team...

Torterra (Lv. 66) - I loved the look of Turtwig. It reminded me of my childhood love for Bulbasaur, so I chose it. Evolved it into Torterra (finally! at level 46, when it was STILL a Grotle.

Kricketune (lv. 61) - My first catch in my experiences in D/P/P. I always had a soft spot for the vulnerable little bug-types, so I caught it. Right up until lv. 61, I let it keep Bide. :3

Steelix (lv. 58) - I always LOVED Onix to death! When I realized you caught them early in-game, in the Oreburgh Mines, I couldn't refuse but stock up on 20 Poke balls, in an attempt to catch one. I got lucky too: Caught an Adamant Onix, on my first try! :D

Chatot (lv. 60) - I had a Buizel, but then I heard that a guy wanted Chatot for it. I didn't know about any new Pokemon on my first playthrough, but I saw a Chatot on the Pokemon cartoon about a week before, and I loved the squawking parrot ever since! Gotta love screwing around with its cry. :P

Pikachu (lv. 63) - I searched throughout the WHOLE GAME for a Pikachu, and I finally found one in the Trphy Garden! Then I kept catching them, and after about 18 Pikachu, I finally found one with a Light Ball! Then I bred accordingly, and got a Pichu with Volt Tackle. Then I evolved it into the beast it is today. :D

Floatzel (lv. 63) - After I traded my Buizel for the Chatot, I started to miss the little guy. I, then, caught yet another, and started grinding levels into it! It helped me in so many battles, and was a beast when I evolved it into a Floatzel with Ice Fang, Waterfall, Return, and Bulk Up!

« Last edited by WILLProductions on Jun 12th 2010 »
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tadpradel Posted at: 19:17 Jun28 2010 Post ID: 2861483
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 15
Post Likes: 0

Typhlosion: Started off with my wee little cindequil, grew him up big nn strong. Now he kicks a ton of *** in Soulsilver

Dragonite: Got dragonite as a dratini from the Dragons Den Cave from the old people. Named her Tallyho. She basically is my wrap up killer. Doesn't let **** get in her way :P

Omastar: One of my favorite from red/blue, had to add it to the team, got the fossil and brought it back to life in platinum (after 3 hours of searching). Evolved it, now its my 1hit KOer

Gengar; One of my favorite pokemon evar. Caught it as a level 6 Ghastly, and it basically guarenteed a win throughout the game. Now It's my frontier pkmn (wins nearly every game.) Super fast, and deathly strong.

Shiny Pidgey: Just caught it. Gotta evolve still :P But its good so far.

OPEN SLOT D: story still unwritten...
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ShadowStriker64 Posted at: 23:46 Jun29 2010 Post ID: 2861886
The Young Lord
Posts: 8,006
Post Likes: 3
Typhlostion:Nicknamed Blaze. Starter.
Scizor:Traded from FR to Ruby to Diamond to SS.
Quagsire:I needed a water pokemon and he had good defence.Even took down lances lvl 50 dragonite at lvl 43.
Garchomp:Traded from Diamond.Owns everything and everyone at battle frontier.
i forget hte last one.

-Less Cringey Stuff here -

Avy+Sig done by Cyn check out his Shop in the Graphic-Requests Forum if it still exists.

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