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Pokemon LeafGreen

Pokémon LeafGreen FAQ: Look here before asking any questions!

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Master Volthawk Posted at: 14:12 Feb15 2007 Post ID: 1370449
Master Volthawk
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[center][b][u][size=20]Pokémon Leaf Green Frequently Asked Questions[/u][/b][/size]

Original Rules by ShadowGX, edited by Master Volthawk[/center]

Q: What is Netbattle?
A: Battle online. Go to and download it.

Q: How do you get Mew?
A: Get the Old Sea Map from a Nintendo event for Pokémon Emerald, which you will have a hard finding, or just get a cheat device. And no those events ARE NOT on the games.

Q: What about the other legendaries? Deoxys, Lugia, and Ho-oh?
A: Again tickets or cheats. For God's sake just use a cheat device. It saves valuable time and $$$.

Q: What's the best cheat device?
A: That depends on your personnal beliefs. I personnally prefer the Action Replay because it never screwed up my game like the GameShark did. Both are almost the same, with few differences, so it's a matter of opinion.

Q: Where do I get those at?
A: ...a store. I already said they weren't on the game, so where else would they be?

Q: How and when do I get Latias/Latios?
A: Cheats or trade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Q: If I get a cheat device, where do I get codes?
A: Sections of this site or pre-loaded codes. You could also Google search codes. There is also some recommendations in the user manual.

Q: How can I get all 9 starters?
A: To get Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, trade with other FireRed or LeafGreen games. For Chickorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, you can get them from Pokémon Colosseum or after you've completed the Hoenn Pokédex in Emerald. For Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, trade with Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Q: Can I trade from older games?
A: No.

Q: Who's the best starter?
A: Who's the best band?

Q: What's the best type of Pokemon?
A: Who's the best-looking person in the world?

Q: Why did you answer those questions like that?
A: Because that's pretty much what you're asking except with different scenarios. It depends on how you battle and what your tastes are.

Q: Which game should I get?
A: You're in the LeafGreen forum, right? Get that one.

Q: Does anything happen when you get all the Pokemon in the dex?
A: You get a certificate from some guy. Fun...

Q: What can you do after you beat the game?
A: Train and bore yourself to death.

Q: When does Diamond/Pearl come out?
A: It's already out, dude...go to the Diamond forum.

Q: What do you do to get the legendary dogs?
A: In FireRed and LeafGreen (for once, you're in the right forum). You can only get one per game file. It also depends on your starter. Raikou = Squirtle. Entei = Bulbasaur. Suicune = Charmander.

Q: What is an E-Reader and how do I use it on the Altering Caves?
A: An E-Reader is a card...thing that you can use somehow to get certain monsters, apart from Zubat, in the cave.

Q: Can you rate my team real quick?
Pikachu: Lv:210
Clefairy: Lv:255
Jigglypuff: Lv:199

A: No. Get some common sense, post an actual possible team at or under Lv:100 with move sets, evolve those bloody pathetic pipsqueaks, go to the Team Ratings forum.

~~~From cyber_john3000/DarkLyrics:

Q. Where do you Get the Ruby and Sapphire Gem?

A. Ruby gem is on Island 1. On Mt.Ember Cave. Two rockets are blocking the entrance and they will only leave if you beat them and you probably will be able to beat them.

Sapphire Gem: Ok..this one gem make's the game but more complicated and bit drastic. After you got the rainbow pass go to island 4. You must bring a useless water type pokemon so you could teach it the move Waterfall. Yes it is there you will find the HM Waterfall. After getting the HM..go up to the waterfall and you will find the Elite 4 member Lorelie traped by Team Rocket Grunts' Help her beat them and then she will ask you to save the other pokemon. Now you must go to Island 6. Now bring a pokemon that knows the move Cut. Now go in front of the door. Use the move cut and it will open. Enter the cave and go to the middle hole. You will end up on a dungeon with four different holes.Here's what you need to do. Go to the Top hole, then left,right and bottom and you will ended on a cave go to the hole and you will find the Sapphire gem but a scientist will take it from you and you MUST get it back. Now go to Island 5 and go to the Team Rocket's Warehouse. Beat all of them including the Scientist and after that he will give back the Sapphire Gem. Now take it back to Celio and the machine will be fixed and you can now trade to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/XD and Colesseum.

If you are trying to go back and try to challenge the Elite 4 again. You must be aware that they have been stronger than ever. Their pokemon's level change aswell as they gain new pokemon.


Well, that's about all of them. If this is a bit too harsh for you, then sorry, but I need to get through the thick heads of some newer members here.

« Last edited by Master Volthawk on Nov 7th 2007 »
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