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Pokemon Platinum

what is your pokemon platinum team

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koolkid27 Posted at: 16:00 May16 2009 Post ID: 2621527
Posts: 10
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Mine is. weavile aka phenom lv 100 its moves are aerial ace,brick break,night slash and ice punch
Raichu aka raikov lv 100 moves focus blast,double edge,volt tackle and surf
Dragonite aka dragoon lv 100 moves fly,flamethrower,outrage and hyper beam
Infernape aka ryu lol lv 100 moves thunder punch,shadow punch,grass knot and flamefthower
Gyarados aka hydro lv 100 moves hydro pump,surf,ice beam and hyper beam
Skarmory aka platinum lv 100 moves extremespeed,night slash,fly and brave bird
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poke.addicted Posted at: 16:05 May16 2009 Post ID: 2621532
Posts: 5,781
Post Likes: 3
Lol if you want to discuss what pokemon are in teams of other players, talk it in Pokemon Platinum forum thanks :D
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Stupid Nino Posted at: 19:17 May16 2009 Post ID: 2621642
Stupid Nino
Posts: 1,936
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Staraptor ( Legendary ) lv. 60
-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace

Gliscor ( Prpl Drank ) lv. 61
-X Scissor
-Swords Dance
-Aerial Ace

Azumarill ( Zu Zu ) lv. 61
-Brick Break

Alakazam ( Kazza ) lv. 63 I got it from the chick in Oreburg City
-Shadow Ball
-Calm Mind

Togekiss ( Doughboy ) lv. 64 I got it from Cynthia
-Aura Sphere
-Grass Knot
-Air Slash

Bibarel ( Barel Roll ) lv. 20
-Rock Climb
-Rock Smash
-Water Gun
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Pokemonhacker68 Posted at: 21:17 May16 2009 Post ID: 2621715
Posts: 2,342
Post Likes: 1
Infernape Lv. 58 Got from Rowan
Staraptor Lv. 54 Found on route 202
Luxay Lv 55 found on route 202
Gliscor Lv 54 found on rout 207
Gastrodon 56 Found in muddy bog
Togekiss 57 got from Cynthia, hatched in amity square
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lemonmocha Posted at: 13:24 May25 2009 Post ID: 2628491
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 4
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Hey my team is this (keep in mind i haven't even beaten the elite 4 yet) :

Gallade (Slash) Lvl. 48- Psycho cut/leaf blade/night slash/ice punch [item: miracle seed]
Luxray (Luke) Lvl. 49- crunch/thunder fang/thunder bolt/charge [magnet]
Rapidash (Blaze) Lvl. 49- flame wheel/poison jab/fire blast/bounce [flame plate]
Staraptor (Stella) Lvl. 49- close combat/fly/aerial ace/brave bird [sky plate]
Garchomp (Jawz) Lvl. 50- earthquake/dragon claw/sandstrom/crunch [dragon fang]
Empoleon (Quincy) Lvl. 51- aqua jet/surf/brine/flash cannon [splash plate]

so there you go. hope this helped anyone with this...problem? yeah. whatever. Smile
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StussyBoy-- Posted at: 02:54 May29 2009 Post ID: 2631447
Posts: 45
Post Likes: 0
Bearing in mind haven't beaten Maylene yet:
Ponyta Lv 30 Flame Wheel, Fire Spin, Take Down, Stomp
Bastiodon Lv 30 Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Take Down (Forgot Last Move)
Gabite Lv 30 Slash, Shadow Claw, Dragon Rage (Forgot Last Move)
Staravia Lv 30 Quick Attack, Endeavour, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack
Luxray Lv 30 Charge, Swagger, Spark, Bite
Croagunk Lv 30 Toxic, Revenge, Dig, Faint Attack

I'm happiest with my Croagunk, cos I've been trying to get him on pearl for ages and well, I couldn't Smile
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I've only just got Wi-Fi, so I am up for a battle or trade anytime:')!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 11:17 Mar30 2016 Post ID: 3405832
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Drifblim aka Montie Lvl 59
Shadow Ball
Ominous Wind
Silver Wind

Alakazam aka Merlin Lvl 59
Psycho Cut
Energy Ball
Signal Beam

Toxicroak aka Duster lvl 59
Poison Jab
Sludge Bomb
Brick Break
Dark Pulse

Magnezone aka Newton lvl 60
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon
Magnet Bomb

Garchomp aka Thresh Lvl 60
Dragon Rush
Dragon Claw

Empoleon aka Empress Lvl 61
Drill Peck
Ice Beam
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Warrior13 Posted at: 11:36 Mar30 2016 Post ID: 3405833
Jimo Dashen
Posts: 29,474
Post Likes: 1,056
Great team!
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Rodri5391 Posted at: 23:31 Jul29 2016 Post ID: 3417932
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
Post Likes: 0
1. Infernape lvl 100
moves: Strength,Flare blitz,Close combat, rock smash
2. Torterra lvl 100
moves: Cut,Rock climb,Earthquake,Leaf storm
3. Garchomph lvl100
moves: Surf Dragon CLaw,Dig,Crunch
4. Starapter lvl 100
moves: Fly, Defog, Brave bird,Close Combat
5. Luxray lvl 100
moves: Flash, Crunch, Discharge, shock wave
6. Lukario lvl 100
moves: Extremespeed,Dragon pulse, Close combat Aura sphere
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Aeon-Flux Posted at: 00:16 Jul30 2016 Post ID: 3417933
AvatarSuper Mod
Posts: 16,003
Post Likes: 97
Looks like a solid team!
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