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Pokemon Sapphire

Special Request: Serious Gen'ers Only

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Amy May Posted at: 23:50 Jul18 2018 Post ID: 3445175
Amy May
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Hey there,

I'm seeking a member experienced enough in gen'ing to create a GameShark v3 (Action Replay) Box 1 Slot 1 inject coding of a low level Jirachi, to use along with my compatible Sapphire/Ruby (USA) M's & Anti-DMA.

... Preferably one somewhat similar to the likes of the level 5 one obtained through USA Colosseum bonus disk event (Sapphire/Ruby).

... If possible, OT: Amy May ~or~ OT: Supercheats (we're both members here after all).
- But if that isn't possible, an OT that's tasteful or to ensure "realness" factor, if that is a flagging issue in 3rd gen gaming.

... IV's: Hopefully not a piece of crap. I do vastly enjoy using my injects both in casual runs and during my game testing. xD

... Nature: Naive, if possible
(for dual attacking purpose when there's no atk split.)

... Shiny: No, I think it makes a rather ugly shiny. xD

In All Honesty.. I would do this myself, but experience has taught me I'm not very good at it.

- I'll be using it in my Sapphire/Ruby game testings, so it will get tested for full safeness beforehand... along with ensuring it has the ability to obey within the inject coding itself.

- I'll also be using that inject in my future Sapphire/Ruby Bad EGG tutorials, after fully testing it.

Please keep in mind, I'm doing this with much reluctance and weariness.
In the past, this place in particular, has provided me with the most misleading instruction/dangerous coding I've ever used in my emulators.

* I'm doing this in the hopes, that a member from here, will be the Cure to Why I'm So Jaded.
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