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Looking for a good set up for metagross?

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goodanna Posted at: 00:21 Mar10 2012 Post ID: 3099925
Forum GuestMember
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im working on building a new team, i wanted to include a good physical sweeper metagross.

i do not want a metagross with stealth rock as i will not be using it as an opener

i hardly ever use steel type pokemon, so i was hoping for some help... what i have for it right now is

Nickname: ???
Item: ???
bullet punch/meteor mash
Zen Headbut/meteor mash
thunder punch/explosion
100 Hp
210 attack
100 def
100 sp.def

i was hopeing for a bit of an expert on pokemon to help rework the moveset and evs, and anyone can help come up with a good name

i tryed asking about this on supercheats, but no replies so far.
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exploding typhoon Posted at: 15:24 Apr18 2012 Post ID: 3107879
exploding typhoon
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I'll give you a Metagross set I like, but I'm not sure if it'll fit what you're looking for, since I don't know the rest of your team.

Metagross @ Air Balloon

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Clear Body

EV's: 252 Atk, 148 HP, 108 Def.


Hone Claws/Stealth Rock
Meteor Mash/ Bullet Punch
Hammer Arm

This guy is fairly sturdy, and can deal out some damage. Hone Claws will boost your Attack and make Meteor Mash more accurate, which is always helpful. In addition, it also makes Hammer Arm more accurate as well. Or you could choose Stealth Rock, and make your opponent take damage every time they try to switch. If you decide on SR, I'd suggest using Bullet Punch over Meteor Mash, just for the reliability and priority. Hammer Arm can take out opposing Rock and Steel types that might be floating on Balloons. Finally, Earthquake tops the set off by giving you some great coverage, without having to worry about missing or recoil.
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I wanna spin around on a 45.

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WhiteDarkrai24 Posted at: 17:04 Jun22 2012 Post ID: 3122581
Posts: 8
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I have a few Steel-types, if you want to set up a strong, sturdy team of Steel-s. Mmkay, I have
Dialga Lv 1
Metagross Lv 50
Steelix Lv 100
Lucario Lv 50
Forrettress Lv 45

Steel-types aren't very well-known, and there are very few pokemon of that type.
I'll be willing to help, PM me for details on these pokemon.
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Tank178 Posted at: 00:09 Jun23 2012 Post ID: 3122665
Posts: 196
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A Metagross set to be a powerful (Physical) sweeper?


Nature: Adamant


Bullet Punch(to out-speed all Pokes)

Meteor Mash(very powerful and Hone Claws helps)

Zen Headbutt(Basically STAB)

Hone Claws(to boost your power and to make Meteor Mash accurate)
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Deuce1776 Posted at: 15:16 Jul13 2012 Post ID: 3129061
Posts: 15
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My favorite Metagross set is Agilitygross, oustpeeds most of everything that isn't Scarfed and smacks em damn hard :D

[email protected] Orb
252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
Nature: Adamant

-Meteor Mash
-Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Zen Headbutt

Ice Punch can be used for killing Dragons locked into Outrage and Gliscor, Fire Punch takes out Ferrothorn/Forretress/Scizor, Zen Headbutt gives you a secondary physical STAB and pretty good neutral coverage. Meteor Mash provides a great STAB with a chance to boost attack, and Earthquake is an amazing 100% accurate/100 base damage move that's basically a staple on physical sweepers.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:01 Aug02 2013 Post ID: 3264212
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
i am a hamster...
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buttfly Posted at: 21:43 Mar17 2014 Post ID: 3310295
Forum GuestMember
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why you looking?
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